Renzi In Trouble

Congressman Rick Renzi

Ouch! It’s not looking good for Congressman Rick Renzi, especially when your own party is backing away and Democrats have begun raising money for the seat.

Here’s Arizona Republic’s Washington Bureau, Mike Madden’s take on it.


  1. Granted, it does not look good for Rick. However, we’ve only heard one side of the story. Also, the alfalfa field was significant to the Fort, Sierra Vista, and Cochise County. It was not some random plot of land that Rick was trying help a friend unload. The lot is significant.

    So, while it appears that the GOP sadly seems bent on stabbing Rick, let’s take a look at Senator Diane Feinstein, who, it appears, has personally appropriated $1.5 Billion (yes, that’s “billion” with a B, just like Carl Sagan used to say “billions and billions”) to her own husband. Not a peep on that.

    Yes, it’s always best to avoid the apperance of impropriety–this may or may not cost Rick– but some people are mere amateurs when compared to others. Renzi’s been buried and has yet to be charged with anything. Feinstein is the master. Remember, that’s billion with a b. Read for yourselves and save some of the venom you’re spewing on Rick for Senator Feinstein.

  2. I agree but let’s remember that unlike the Democrats, we need to clean house when appropriate. There’s no reason why the GOP should give the American people (ie the voters) a reason to believe it is corrupt by keeping silent. The Dems are masters at that tactic.

  3. By the way, this blog is more than willing to hear it straight from the Congressman’s mouth. He has an open door to post any replies on Sonoran Alliance.

  4. Agreed. Let’s see all the facts.

  5. cactusmouse1 says

    This is frustrating to me because there seem to be no consequences for Jefferson (D-LA), Reid, and, as mentioned above, Feinstein. I only hear about the Republican culture of corruption.

  6. DSW has a valid point in not using the manner in which they deal with issue to become the standard we would choose. But, the law is not a political party, the media (while it may seem so) is not a political party, and the American perception of Republicans should not be tainted unfairly based on a double standard. Be it Renzi or next the next poor guy who steps in it; this isn’t about Renzi getting a pass because the Dems did something equal to or worse than this alleged act; it is about ALL being held accountable to the same level and intent of the law.

    Jefferson, Reid, and Feinstein or examples of the liberal media looking the other way while propping up anything possible to make a Republican look bad. They very much want to establish a Republican reputation among the American public of “do as I say and not as I do” as a counter to a value based and religious right majority.

  7. SonoranSam says

    Oh Puhleeze.

    No Democrat defends William Jefferson. In fact he was forced to give up key committee assignments and no one is trying to impede the investigation.

    The hot air about Feinstein, if true, deserves some examination. Of course, it’s almost amusing to hear Rs throw half-baked charges against her while ignoring the trillions of dollars that have been diverted to Republican cronies. Anyone remember Halliburton?

  8. “half-baked” puhleeze, check the link below. We shouldn’t forget Speaker Pelosi, Rep. Mollohan and Rep. Murtha in the ethics challenged category. There’s plenty of dirt to go around.

  9. “No Democrat defends William Jefferson. In fact he was forced to give up key committee assignments and no one is trying to impede the investigation.”

    Pelosi would have made him head of Homeland Security! If that is not an act intended to establish an image of innocence as a defensive tactic I don’t know what is. Oh Puhleeze!

  10. Pelosi was going to appoint Jefferson head of Homeland Security?

    Yeah, that’s not possible. Presidents make appointments to the Cabinet, Senate approves.

  11. Observer says


    Perhaps in an indication of your knowledge of Congress, Ann is not alluding to a cabinet position. Ever heard of the House Committee on Homeland Security? Pelosi wanted to put this crook on this committee.

  12. A quick note of clarification, not only did Pelosi want to put Jefferson on the committee, but the Democratic Caucus approved of the decision.

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