Remember when we were kids?

Kids these days, have it so easy…

And now here’s something we hope you really enjoy!


  1. SHANE!!
    That girl looks like I did then. Yipes. I think we’re the same age as I see you’ve the same memory I do LOL.
    Did you notice how the whole potatohead family there ( frame @ 37 sec) looks like current administration? Note Turbo Tax Timmeh in the middle, Hillary and Holder on the right?
    is that Gary Locke on left and Rahm Emmanuel far left ( no shock)

  2. Veritas Vincit says

    Remember when we were kids … and America was free? I do feel for today’s kids and those under 30 types who’ve grown up with the PC and Nanny State. I guess they’ll never know what they missed.

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