Religious Bigotry Alive in Arizona 8th – Corrected

We can see that religious bigotry is alive and well at the blog, Arizona 8th. Apparently, they didn’t like the fact that Senator Al Melvin exercises his religious liberty by reading his Bible and happened to mention it during an interview with the Arizona Capitol Times.

We can only imagine if one of the LDS elected officials had mentioned they read the Book of Mormon.

Ooooh how scary! Maybe some Christian might beat them over the head with it.

Yes, religious bigotry is alive and unfortunately well amongst lefty bloggers.

SA Bad – Correction and apologies: Arizona 8th deserves SA’s apology misreading the post please see the note from “SA” below…


  1. Wow, you really need to re-read that post. This is the first time I’ve heard anyone describe Arizona 8th as a “lefty” blog. I was unaware that SA linked to lefty blogs. Of course when you read their post you can see that they’re actually making fun of the PAChyderm Coalition’s ratings, where they have scored Al Melvin as the biggest RINO in the entire legislature (and no, I’m not joking). You can read all about that at

    Arizona 8th is simply being sarcastic when they point out that Melvin is guided by the GOP platform and his bible, thus he must be the RINO that the PAChyderms say he is.

    Their real point is that Melvin is a solid conservative, guided by the platform and the bible, and that the PAChyderms blew it on this one.

  2. Thanks Tim for the needed clarification. The 8th has been a conservative blog since May 2006 and it still is. I guess some people can’t spot irony if it staring them in the face.

    But, hey we got a link from SA out of the whole thing.

  3. The quote:

    “And frankly speaking, most of the issues that come up – it’s not a struggle for me. I have the Republican platform. I have the Bible.”

    I wonder which verses from the Bible he is reading?

    Love your enemy?

    Invite the alien to your table and feed him?

    Blessed is anyone who cares for the poor and the weak?

    As someone who also reads The Bible, I am always concerned when politicians tell me they read the Bible. There are parts of the Bible which can easily be misread which is why it is not uncommon for right-wing and left-wing regimes to want to ban it or if not to ban it, severly restrict access to its radical teachings.

    Of course, the Bible’s most radical teaching is that those who read it and follow its precepts must know that their first allegiance is to God and not to any earthly rulers.

  4. Another example of the crackerjack reporting here at Sonoran Alliance.

  5. SA apologies! A little sensitive on the religious rights area. Misread the post and responded with the same air of sarcasm. Maybe we can call it a double negative and redirect our efforts at the true anti-religious bigots.