Rejected! NBC Says “No” to Pro-Life Super Bowl Ad

Why am I not surprised that the paranoid-of-controversy big wigs over at NBC have rejected the incredible pro-life ad created by Apparently the ad involves “political advocacy or issues.” At the same time, NBC rejected an ad by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) because it depicted “a level of sexuality exceeding our standards.” Yet PETA is probably one of the most controversial advocacy organizations today. Remember when PETA compared the killing of chickens to the Holocaust?

While we would agree with NBC’s assessment that the PETA ad is clearly sexually explicit, we’re surprised that they said nothing about the ad being “political advocacy or issues.”

The big question is whether one can honestly criticize the beautiful ad put together by It is a positive and inspiring ad that criticizes no one and affirms a comittment to perserverence and overcoming odds.

I’m just waiting for the folks over at NBC to bleep out Kurt Warner’s victory speech.


  1. That pretty much stinks. I hope that the rejection may lead to more coverage by the media because of the controversy. It could lead to more buzz for free. Save the money, and use it to put out another great video.

  2. I did hear about it on KFYI this morning.

    Adrock is absolutely rockin’….Forward it to everyone on your email list and post it to your facebook page. Blast that thing FREE OF CHARGE to millions. Who needs the overpriced air time when we can make it a real and continuing message.

  3. A beautifully done ad celebrating a successful man or an ad supposedly about animals that implies sexual activity with veggies??? Hmmm PETA or Catholic Vote?
    Only NBC would be confused. I hope CatholicVote Raises money to sue NBC. Supposedly they were told that NBC did not want to run political ads, yet PETA was told they could run the soft porn ad if it was toned down a bit.

    And the beat Goes On…

    Forgive us Father for we have all sinned…

  4. Tucson Vice says

    Yes. Because a comercial is really going to change minds. Yes.

    And suing is a great idea. Lets just hope the gang at doesn’t feel like suing FOX Sports for refusing to air the pro-choice spot.

  5. I’m not sure that I see how the PETA ad involved “political advocacy or issues.”

    As I understand it, the PETA ad was entirely devoted to encouraging people to become vegetarians. They may have used sexuality and claims about sex to that end, and you may or may not agree with them. But it’s not taking a stand on any political candidate or issue, right?

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