Red State’s Brian Faughnan makes the case for Hayworth, against McCain

Red State

Excellent assessment on RedState by Brian Faughnan regarding the upcoming nationalized primary between John McCain and JD Hayworth. In his piece, “Arguments I Never Expected: Hayworth Is No More Conservative than McCain,” Faughnan disputes and derails the charges McCain has been throwing and trying to make stick to Hayworth through a series of radio ads.

Attacks have ranged from JD Hayworth being a big spender to being best buddies with convicted lobbyist, Jack Abramoff. Faughnan’s post easily shoots down each of McCain’s falsehoods revealing them as nothing more than “let’s hope the voters never fact check the true record.” Better yet, Faughnan goes on to show how McCain’s assertions are nothing more than an effort to avoid his own miserable and unstable record.

To me, the central question Arizona primary voters must decide is who is going to represent them better in the Senate for the next 6 years. Do they want to elect someone with a strong record of adherence to conservative values, or do they want to elect someone who seems to have been an adversary as often as he has an ally? As I pointed out earlier, Arizona conservatives who support John McCain know that if he is re-elected, they will regret their vote sometime in the next 6 years. Will it be because of cap-and-trade, or amnesty, or taxes, or Guantanamo Bay, or terrorist interrogation, or – who knows – traditional marriage?

Do Arizona conservative really want to play Charlie Brown, and fall for Lucy and the football… again?

To have your eyes opened, head over to Red State and read Faughnan’s piece for yourself.


  1. kralmajales says

    The attacks on Hayworth by McCain supporters says one thing and one thing only…

    Hayworth has him very very worried. If he didn’t McCain would simply ignore him like most Incumbent Senators do when they have a primary challenge.

  2. I would think with all that money in his account McCain really doesn’t have too much to worry about. JD has no money, no name ID outside Maricopa County and a very liberal record in Congress to deal with. I’m not so sure JD isn’t worried , he doesn’t have a job or income.I heard he has $700.00 in the bank now that is just a shame.

  3. Dee Ann:

    If national commentators are any barometer, J.D. has more I.D. outside Maricopa Co. than within it.

    Media involvement does that!

    Also keep in mind that this is the first serious opposition McCain has faced in twenty five years. Hence he immediately went negative!

    Kral’s right on this one. A seasoned campaigner would ignore a challenger, but a “silver spooner” and “spoiled brat” would throw a tantrum!

    And that’s exactly what we’ve witnessed from “The John’s” camp!

  4. I just think someone intelligent would consider any challenger serious and go to work on counter measures immediately.As for the media, I just don’t put much stock in that one.

  5. Carlist, I mean, you could be right I just don’t agree with your assessment of where this race is right now. I’m worried JD will get buried in the end.

  6. Dee Ann:

    I guess we travel in different circles.

    Everyone I talk to can’t wait to volunteer for Hayworth and from what I gather no one is tearing down the doors at McCain hdqtrs!

    I see another Florida in the making!

    A McCaniac is sinking vs. a Conservative for that Senate seat and I predict the same will happen here!

    The state and country, for that matter, are NOT trending Left!

  7. Iris Lynch says

    From the south east end of AZ (not Tucson0, I assure you JD is well known and liked. I have not polled, but I can tell you that I have yet to meet anyone in the Republican circles who wouldn’t LOVE to have JD over Mc Cain. There is a poll that Russell Pearce sent via an email and it shows JD winning over the 4 candidates and Mc Cain losing as a dismal last.

  8. JD is well known and liked here in the southern part of the state. He was our Lincoln Day keynote speaker several years ago – arrived early and stayed late so he could talk to the folks, impressive!

  9. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We all have work to do if our boy is going to win. Hayworth needs money to fight the McMachine.With 27 million in the bank and fundrasing ready to begin with Palin and others, we have a tremendous disadvantage to overcome. I am up to the challenge, hope you will all join in..

  10. Someone is using my name. I did not post any of these. It is really cute how some jerk thinks they are funny.

  11. Did you all hear that J.D. is speaking at the Lake Havasu City Lincoln Day dinner on February 20th? See

  12. What is going on? I posted the last to entries as DeAnn and it came out DeAnn says.

  13. This is easy. It comes down to money. McCain will have lots of money and JD will not. He even says himself he expects to raise $3 million or so. McCain could stop today and still have him beat by $2 million.
    When it gets to the thick of it, JD won’t have enough gas to get over the hill.

  14. JD doesn’t have to match him dollar for dollar. We the people are fed up with McCain’s lies. We the people will not put up with more dead police officers because of McAmnesty. We the people will not put up with illegal aliens stealing our jobs. We the people will NOT put up with more McCain!

    Let’s see how Johny’s fed problem works out.

  15. Stephen Kohut says

    At the Pinal GOP meeting McCain got 2, count them 2, signatures to get his name on the ballot. I was at a training meeting today with about 20 PC and the Senate primary came up. PC’s for McCain? Zero. Who were they supporting? JD or Deakin. McCain has very little support in the PC ranks that I have seem. It is pretty consistent in the various meetings and groups I go to. McCain will have to pay to get signatures to get on the ballot, pay to GOTV, pay … The bulk of the PC’s will be going for the challengers not McCain.

  16. McCain has already qualified in Pinal County.

  17. McCain has all the signature requirements for all Arizona Counties by more than triple the requirement from what I am told.

  18. How could he get that volume of signature’s so quickly? Is he that popular and we just under estimate him??

  19. Memo to John McCain’s mother:

    We are through holding our noses!

  20. #4 Deann – consider any challenger serious? I haven’t heard any radio spots from McCain about Jim Deakin or Chris Simcox. McCain is running scared and he should.

  21. Onward, I hope your right. I recieved this though and I’m scared.,,

    Hayworth’s campaign released a polling memo Friday morning showing McCain leading Hayworth 49 to 33 percent among Arizona Republican primary voters. The poll also showed a plurality of primary voters – 49 percent – identifying McCain as a “moderate,” with 50 percent identifying Hayworth as a conservative.

    “John McCain is vulnerable to a challenge by J.D. Hayworth in Arizona’s Republican primary election for U.S. Senate,” pollster John McLaughlin wrote in the polling memo. “His support on the ballot is below the 50% threshold for strong incumbents against J.D. Hayworth, and his moderate political views and Washington agenda are out of step with Arizona Republican primary voters.”

    Not missing a beat, the McCain campaign responded by releasing a poll Friday afternoon showing McCain with a 59 percent to 30 percent lead over Hayworth. The Public Opinion Strategies survey also showed 82 percent of GOP primary voters in the state view McCain favorably. Hayworth’s favorability stands at 60 percent.

    “Senator John McCain continues to enjoy broad support across Arizona,” McCain campaign manager Shiree Verdone said in an e-mail. “[He] is confident the voters of Arizona will again return him to office as they have done in the past and he is working hard to earn their continued support. “

    A Rasmussen Reports survey conducted earlier this month found McCain leading Hayworth by a 53 percent to 31 percent margin.

  22. This article was published by Politico yesterday.

  23. Onward, Why are we bringing McCain’s mother into this? I’m not sure I would do that if I were you.

  24. Roger’s reference to McCain’s mother goes back to the presidential election. His mother knew he was disliked and people didn’t want to vote for him. The alternative being worse, she made the comment the voters need to just hold their noses and vote for him. A lot of us did just that, but no more. I am tied of voting against someone. Now I can vote for some one.

  25. DeAnn –

    I never mentioned anything about McCain’s mother. Perhaps you meant to address your comment to Roger.

  26. Let’s not forget:

    “I have to tell you. Sen. Obama is a decent person and a person you don’t have to be scared of as president of the United States,” McCain told a supporter at a town hall meeting in Minnesota who said he was “scared” of the prospect of an Obama presidency and of who the Democrat would appoint to the Supreme Court.

  27. Those posts about McCain’s mother was not from me. Sonoran Alliance needs to fix this problem or their blog will be worthless.
    Anything that doesn’t sound conservative or that has profanity in it will not come from me. One of McCain’s pathetic loser friends is having too much fun.

  28. Actually only a couple of posts on this page were from me. I am not worried about J.D. raising money. He will go national and the money will pour in like it did for Scott Brown.

  29. Actually, I better not mention Scott Brown since McCain helped him get elected.

  30. #29 is psuedo DeAnn.

  31. #30 is psuedo DeASnn.

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