Reason Number One Arizona Requires Identification at the Polls

On Tuesday, a judge in Ohio sentenced three pro-Obama activists for voting illegally in Ohio in 2008. The three were paid staffers for Vote Today Ohio, a non-affiliated PAC, whose purpose was to register Obama supporters in Ohio. Two of the three were residents of New York and one of California.  All three registered and voted on the same day under a loophole in Ohio law that allowed immediate registration and voting for a period of seven days in October.  The judge fined each of them $1000 and gave them a 60 day suspended jail sentence. (Columbus Dispatch Article).

Two other voters were convicted of illegally voting in Ohio a couple of weeks ago. Supposedly, there are another fifty prosecutions in the pipeline.

This incident should put to rest any complaints that Democrats have about Arizona requiring identification at the polls. If Ohio required identification at the polls, these three probably would not have voted illegally (or at least it would have been much harder for them to vote).

If Arizona is a battleground state in 2012, there will be groups like Vote Today Ohio and ACORN trying to pull these same tricks here in Arizona. Requiring identification at the polls makes this type of illegal activity more difficult. Maybe, that is why Democrats fought the passage of the voter identification law with such vigor.

Hat tip: Brad Smith.


  1. or they don’t like stealing yet another thing from Native Americans, their vote, instead.

    its not requiring id at the polls that people balk it, its the stupid protocols that were put into place by Brewer. P.O boxes should be allowed.

  2. Antifederalist says

    Um, Travis,…you’re a Dim, aren’t you? P.O. Boxes? Are you serious? Why? So anyone can acquire a PO Box anywhere and vote all over the country, distort election results and dilute the voting power of locals? Brilliant idea there, Swifty. Scumbag leftist groups like ACORN would be giving every communist they could find multiple P.O. Boxes so they could swing a win out of close elections. But, hey, that’s what you leftists want anyway.

    There’s little difference between diluting the power of the local electorate and limiting the franchise. Think about that next time you leftists cheer groups like ACORN.

  3. no you dolt. you still need a state-id , with a P.O box though. not too smart eh?

    DMV already has procedures for duplicate P.O Boxes, but navajo land street addresses are NOT recognized by the U.S Postal Service, so ALL OF OUR ADDRESSES ARE P.O BOXES!

  4. Veritas Vincit says

    P.O. boxes are easy to pad the voter rolls with… my favorite ploy? Old folks homes. A *community activist* say from ACORN visits and “updates” all the clients in the home and sends in the registrations. When the voting cards come back, the activist slips a low paid worker $50 to collect and hold the mail. Then the activist goes and picks up the absentee ballots, votes them and sends them in.

    Don’t laugh, its been done in Pinal County before.

  5. Veritas Vincit says

    Used to work real good before Prop.200 and voter ID. Back then the activist just had to get a copy of the guests of the home who’d passed away during the past 6 months then send in an absentee ballot form with a new address.

  6. Ha! Travis a Democrat! Hilarious.

    That’s what I love about the Republican Party – even the slightest bit of unorthodoxy (or percieved unorthodoxy) leads to an immediate accusation of Democratic-ness or worse… RINO-ism!

    It’s like watching John Carpenter’s “The Thing”.

  7. Iris Lynch says

    Ergo, The Klute, being called a Dim as in Democrat is name calling? VEDDY INTERESTING.

  8. For you people, I suppose it is, as I’ve seen it used everywhere from FreiRepublik to here.

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