Read The Bill!

This is a critical week when it comes to federal legislation – in particular, health care. The federal government, under the control of liberal members of Congress and the Obama Administration are on a mission to take over yet another area of our lives.

The organization I work with, Americans for Prosperity, is beginning a campaign this week that targets members of Congress who’s modus operandi lately has been to vote “Yay” on anything Nancy Pelosi tells them to – even if it means NOT reading the legislation. In the days leading up to the upcoming August break, Madam Pelosi may again try to thrust a vote on members of Congress before they return to their districts and begin to hear from their actual bosses, we the people.

Patients United Now, a project of AFP, has released the following ad which asks members of Congress, “Did you read the bill?”

With 1/6th of the economy at stake, Arizona’s five congressional Democrats ought to put HR 3200 on their Required Reading List. And I would encourage you to contact each of their offices and remind them who they work for and that reading legislation is part of their job requirement.



  1. Why wouldn’t the three remaining Republicans in the AZ delegation not be required to read it as well?

    Are they just voting “no” because it came from the Democrats?

  2. Rosco P Coltrane says

    Our congress votes on hundreds, sometimes thousands of pages of legislation EVERY WEEK. Reading a bill before voting on it must be a requirement for EVERYONE – republicans and democrats alike, senators and congressmen alike.

    See for their Read The Bills Act campaign which would make it a law for all congressmen to read ALL the bills they pass.

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