Reaching the voters.

     A visit to the Pima County Fair last Friday revealed a surprising scoop by the Tim Bee over Gabrielle Giffords. The Bee campaign had their own booth. At first it does not seem like a big deal but the Pima Democratic Party booth did not appear to have any Giffords promotional items. The big hint that Bee was working the fair was all the Tim Bee balloons tied to baby strollers. The fairgrounds are located on the far east side of Tucson, well situated to reach CD 8 voters. Congratulations to the campaign and volunteers for an excellent retail politics showing.

     The other candidate in the race, Independent Derek Tidball, also had a booth and was there in person. Several Republican activists keep telling us that Derek will get out of the race but he is still running. When asked, Tidball said he was in the race for real and had no plans to get out. He informed us that the campaign just passed the $5,000 threshold and would soon be filing their FEC report.


  1. Thanks for the update on Mr. Tidball. I look forward to reading more updates on his progress now that the FEC filing ready to be turned in. He’s the only hope true conservatives in this region have, and I wish him all the success possible.

  2. Derek is not going to quit the race. He is a good person, and I hope his candidacy gains some traction. He will be a valuable addition to the campaign and should enrich whatever debates occur prior to the election.

  3. …and until he shows signs of actually being able to beat Gabby, Tidball will be the recipient of glowing praise from Mr. X4MR.

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