Raul Grijalva: Supports ObamaCare

I guess we know where Congressman Raul Grijalva stands on Obama’s Health Care plan. That would explain why he won’t be conducting any town hall meetings and listening to his constituents.


Incidental Note: If you really want to get rid of this guy, you need to get out and work for Ruth McClung. The campaign needs volunteers and donations. Please join me in working on Ruth’s campaign by contacting the campaign at www.Ruth4AZ.com. Let’s make it our mission to get rid of those who won’t listen to the people they’re supposed to serve!


  1. Tucson Vice says

    He won’t show up because the red shirted, tin foil hat wearing lunatics that scream at cars in front of his office are obnoxious. There is no advantage to showing up and getting shouted at.

    Tabloid melodramatics. Typical.

  2. Veritas Vincit says

    Gee Tucson Vice, sounds like the ACLU, SEIU and others we’ve seen at public rally’s in your city plaza before.

    Seems Tucson is loaded with that lefty lunatic patchouli reeking demographic segment.

    Guess they don’t like it when they’re receiving the goal and down punt eh?

    As for Raul? He’s an insult to Arizona. Of course he supports ObamaCare – it won’t be his health care program.

  3. Desert Rain says

    So Tucson Vice, doesn’t that bother you? This new health care program is good enough for you, but not your own congressman. He’ll continue to have choices in his health insurance, but you won’t.

    I can see it now – all the caring of the IRS, and all the competence of the US Postal Service. Gosh, where do I sign up?

  4. Tucson Vice says

    Vince: You haven’t persuaded me. I don’t understand sports references. I’m not a football kind of guy.

    Desert rain: Research.

  5. Rep. Jeff Flake (CD-6) is having a Congressional Q&A Monday, August 10 at 6:00 P.M.

    Chandler Heights Community Room
    4040 E. Chandler Heights Road
    NE corner of Lindsey & Chandler Heights Road

    RSVP to Mr. & Mrs. Mow at ljrjaz@cox.net

    This event is not posted on Flake’s Congressional Website.
    Info is only being given to those who call his office and ask about it.

  6. Curiously missing from all the heated posts and comments on the Sonoran Alliance are anyone’s individual experiences with our current health care system.

    Obviously we all, no matter our political views, get sick and also need routine health care.

    I actually would be interested in learning, not in rhetoric, but in personal terms what experiences, good and bad, people have had with their medical care and what they think needs to stay the same and what, if anything, should be changed.

    If you are happy with your medical care now, I’d be interested.

    Rather than rhetoric, personal stories are valuable in this debate. I hope none of you ever have gotten really sick, but we all do.

    I’ll tell you this one experience I had in May when I was in the Valley. My brother got very sick with constant diarrhea. He’d had a kidney stone removed at an East Valley hospital about a month earlier, but then he got an infection from the surgery and had to be rehospitalized because he was very ill with a high fever. They cured that, but 10 days out of the hospital he had this new problem.

    I took him to the ER and he was admitted for a third time. It turned out to be C. diff, a hospital-acquired infection he’d gotten during his last stay.

    The social worker/case manager told me to make a big stink, say I was a New York lawyer (true) because – nobody basically saw him the whole first day – otherwise he wouldn’t get much attention. I did so, and suddenly my brother did get attention.

    He complained of a bad headache. After getting the tests and treatment for his infection, we thought he’d be released Sunday night but then the doctor came in and said they were going to do an MRI and CAT scan on his brain because of the headache.

    Was that because they’d had family complaints from a lawyer? Or was it a real problem? We were a little scared they thought something was wrong.

    The tests proved negative totally, and he was released the next day and is now better.

    He has good health insurance from a large national corporation, but he noticed the MRI and CT scan cost his company $9,000.

    Wasn’t that a terrible waste of money? Can’t we do something about that kind of unnecessary test? Or should they have done it, to remove the possibility of a serious brain problem?

    Beyond all the left/right rhetoric, there are individual stories like my brother’s.

  7. Grijalva is a nothing but a communist.

  8. Veritas Vincit says

    Good thoughts Richard… I could write a book about my very positive experiences with health care both in Arizona and with Kaiser in California – both of whom I credit for still being alive; bringing my wonderful daughter into this world; saving my father and numerous friends of mine … and the list can go on and on.

    Even Kaiser Permanente in the 70’s and 80’s.

    Only hassle I ever had with health care was with the VA and Navy back in the day. But that I suppose was “government health care” in the truest sense.

    The bills are HUGE because of the malpractice insurance. My neighbor is a doctor and once he showed me his annual insurance bill. My rates would be high too if I had to cough that up annually.

    Malpractice lawsuits are out of control because of lawyers, stupid judges and jurors who can’t keep emotions out of an impartial judgment.

    Should there be penalties for malpractice? You bet! What’s a life worth? How many court cases are out of proportion to the injury? Look at our Vets returning from (name the conflict)… what did they get for medical malpractice under government health care? What does a stupid woman get for spilling her coffee at McDonalds??

    Go figure. I’m putting up a major piece on this Health Care issue Wednesday (or Tuesday? can’t remember and you know what they say).

    For a problem (not crisis) that impacts less than one fifth of our population, this over-a-thousand page legislation that no one on Capitol Hill wrote is way over the top.

    as for Grijalva? He and the Representative from Samoa are glued to Ted Kennedy’s hip. What does that say about him?

  9. Desert Rain says

    Richard, I work in a major hospital in the valley. I can’t tell you the number of illegals that come in to the ER daily for the most inane problems – one mother said her baby’s breath smelled like yeast so she brought him to the ER!

    Of course, an urgent care would be much cheaper but they require money up front. Since an ER is federally mandated to treat patients whether they can pay or not, it’s a no-brainer for someone who is unemployed.

    An application for AHCCCS is immediately started and hopefully will be accepted so the hospital will receive payment. If not, they’ll be forced to absorb the loss, pass it on to the rest of us, or lay off staff members as they struggle to stay open.

    Maybe the reason your brother had to wait so long to be treated was because the waiting room was full of people who know how to game our system. Ah, the folly of unintended consequences.

  10. Desert Rain says

    Hey Vice, exactly what do I have to research? What I said above is absolutely true – federal employees (i.e., government workers, including Congress) and the unions will get to keep their insurance – that’s 8 million people – but the rest of us will eventually be forced onto the government option. That’s been the plan all along, and you’d know that if YOU took the time to research. Google Rep. Jan Schakowski of Illinois or your Dear Leader, both of whom are on various videos saying exactly that.

  11. Tucson Vice says

    Re. Search.

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