Raul Grijalva: ‘All or Nothing!’

We know where Congressman Raul Grijalva stands on Obama’s federal takover on health care. According to a PR News Wire report:

Rep. Raul Grijalva, D-Ariz., and Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., both leaders of important House caucuses supporting a public insurance option, will join health care expert Jacob Hacker and Campaign for America’s Future co-director Roger Hickey on a conference call on Thursday to discuss a new report that details the reasons why growing blocs of House members refuse to support a health care bill without a public insurance option.

The report details how a strong public health insurance plan is critical to successfully achieving the goals of national health reform — lower costs, higher quality and guaranteed health security for all Americans. The paper evaluates the different proposals for health reform advancing through Congress for their potential to satisfy the president’s goals for health reform. Reps. Grijalva and Ellison will discuss efforts to secure a strong public health insurance plan. Hacker will discuss his new report, which details key elements of a strong public plan in the House and Senate bills and why an alternative proposal, insurance cooperative, are destined to fail.

Grijalva’s position is backed up by a recent press conference that was made available on YouTube:


Ultimately, Raul Grijalva had made up his mind on the Obama health care proposal. Andit’s not just that he will vote for the full-blown version of nationalized socialized medicine, he’s out on the stump leading te charge for it.

So for all you consitutents in Southern and western Arizona attending Grijalv’s so-called town halls, no matter how adamant or outspoken you are in your opposition to the plan, Grijalva doesn’t care what you want or think. He’s going to vote to force you into nationalized rationing of health care while he continues to receive his congressional top-of-the-line health benefits.

And that doesn’t mean stop showing up at the meetings. If you’re mad as hell, you still need to attend and voice your opposition. But I would also encourage you to help retire Raul Grijalva by getting involved with a grassroots campaign like conservative, Ruth McClung.


  1. Veritas Vincit says

    Yet another “business decision”

  2. kralmajales says

    “He’s going to vote to force you into nationalized rationing of health care while he continues to receive his congressional top-of-the-line health benefits.”

    Total conservative BS.

    A govt healthcare ‘option’ is just that…an option.

    And, well, again we have govt. healthcare in the form of Medicare, which I am sure, like Dick Armey, you oppose.

    AARP will hang you all this fall…just wait.

  3. Most employers will, to save money, bail on providing health insurance so long as the government option exists. You can rail against corporate greed or the evils of the private sector, but it will happen. That will make government the de facto provider of health care, which will be a disaster.

    And yes, an attempt to amend the health care bill to ensure that Members of Congress have to live under the same strictures was defeated. They would retain their very generous health benefits. Elitism is alive and well in the halls of Congress.

    I actually respect Girjalva even though were polar opposites politically. At least he’s an honest liberal (in the modern sense of the word.) I once met with a staffer of his who stated that Mr. Grijalva’s goal while on the Ed and Labor Committee was to ensure that every school employee in the nation from the janitor to the superintendent is unionized. Bad idea, but it’s honest.

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