Randy Graf update.

david-goliath.jpg      I usually work with news that is already posted on the web but I am going to give a Randy Graf update based on “unnamed sources.” I hope I do better than the MSM.

     Graf was at a lunch today in Tucson with Karl Rove. A major local Republican Party supporter spoke in strong support of Graf and urged everyone there to write checks. The campaign has been very busy with fundraising and getting Randy to events. Fundraising is apparently going well. There is a high level of energy at campaign HQ and lots of national attention being paid to this race.

     Randy has an effective new radio spot out there on the airwaves. A woman’s voice talking about the need for a common sense but serious approach to border security. Speaking of border security Gabby is catching a little flak from the left for her “get tough” ad.

     This afternoon I heard an independent expenditure radio ad by the Minuteman PAC attacking Gifffords as soft on illegal immigration. Apparently they are also running a TV spot. So now she is getting hit from the left and the right. Not a fun position in which to be. I wonder if she will keep touting her mythical 19% lead after a week or two of those Minuteman ads?

     Speaking of polls, a new one will be released this Sunday on the Tucson Weekly blog. Of course we will cover that when released with a story and link. The poll has supposedly been done for a few days and they are sitting on it.

Friday 9-29-06, 10:05 pm


  1. Yesterday on FoxNews “Special Report” show, when the Mark Foley debacle was being discussed, Major Garrett mentioned that the Dems counted on picking up DeLay’s seat in Texas and AZ CD 8.

  2. Oro Valley Dad says

    Well, they are wrong to think that.

    I polls were correct then Goldwater would be the Republican nominee for Governor.

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