Rally at State Capitol Friday with Joe the Plumber against Brewer’s sales tax

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Meet Joe the Plumber at AZ State Capitol
Rally against Brewer’s proposed 18% sales tax

Dear Arizona Taxpayer–

This Friday, March 26, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, several pro-taxpayer
organizations will join with citizen activists at the Arizona Capitol
to rally against Proposition 100–the 18-percent increase in the state
sales tax that will be on the May 18 ballot.  Special guest speaker Joe
the Plumber will be there, and we will hear statements from several
officials and candidates who oppose raising taxes in the middle of a
tough recession.  AFP Arizona will deploy its gigantic inflatable ATM
bank machine to tell tax-hiking politicians that Arizona families,
workers, and businesses are Already Taxed to the Max!  Details below.

AX THE TAX — Rally Against the Sales Tax Hike

Vote NO on the Prop 100 Sales Tax Hike on May 18!

Special Speaker:    Joe the Plumber

Date:  Friday, March 26

Time: 11:00 am to 1:00 pm


Host(s):  AFP Arizona, Ax the Tax Committee, National Federation of
Independent Business, PAChyderm Coalition, Arizona Free Enterprise
Club, The 2010 Project, North Phoenix Tea Party, Mesa Tea Party, East
Valley Tea Party Patriots, et al

Location:  Arizona State Capitol, Senate Lawn, 1700 W. Washington,
Phoenix, 85007


RSVP:  Tom Jenney,
tjenney@afphq.org, Thayer Verschoor, axthetax@cox.net

Public Officials & Candidates:  Write to
axthetax@cox.net for
information on joining the Ax the Tax Committee and opportunities to
speak at this event.

More info/flyer:

More taxpayer events at
www.aztaxpayers.org Scroll down to Upcoming
Taxpayer Events, under “What’s New.”

For Liberty,


Tom Jenney
Arizona Director
Americans for Prosperity
Arizona Federation of Taxpayers)

(602) 478-0146.

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  1. Alicia Gegner says

    18%? How can a one cent increase be 18%?

    Well, I did the math. The sales tax in AZ is a combo of state and local taxes. If you pull out the state share and add one cent, it is an 18% increase. Just what we need – more taxes. Why don’t we just give all we make to the government and beg them to give us enough to eat and maybe a tent like Sheriff Joe so we have a place to live.

    The only way we can grow our way out of our recession is to lower taxes at all levels. It always works – always.

    Here is what you can do – I have already done this. There are folks running for the state legislature who want you to sign their form. Ask them how they feel about raising the sales tax. If they say they don’t like it, but we have to do it, STOP! Do not sign their form. Politely tell them you will not support them, and leave the scene. Then go find a real conservative to vote for who will help all of us regain our freedom and prosperity.

  2. We all need to thank Brewer for proposing the tax increase. She showed her true colors and gave Martin a huge edge in the race. When he wins, we all need to thank her.

  3. I am going to vote no on Prop 100. All this budget balancing is a bunch of bull. I receive nothing from the State of Arizona.
    The only people who receive anything from the State are freeloaders.
    They should be lowering taxes anyway. That’s how you create jobs and build up our economy.

  4. I was going to say, you don’t need a college degree to know increasing tax in a recession is always a bad idea. Martin has a college degree and is against this tax. Brewer doesn’t have a college degree and thinks the tax increase is a good idea.

    Hmmm… I guess you DO need a college degree to know!

  5. Most people won’t realize that it’s not a 1% tax increase, but an 18% one. The governor and her cronies are a deceitful group of people. We need to oust them all in November.

  6. So AzJAck, children in schools, disabled children, DPS officers, national guard members, prison guards are all freeloaders. There is a need for government and it has to be paid for. You can be a conservative and still think that the sales tax may be needed. I haven’t decided how I will vote but your argument that all people who receive anything from the state are freeeloaders is not a winning argument.

  7. Add to Arizona taxeas are the new ObamaCare taxes, effective IMMEDIATELY.

    No healthcare services or healthcare changes or improvements promised effective immediately, just the TAXES.

    No wonder the Democrats are so giddy and laughing so hard. “YES, we CAN raise taxes and give nothing in return and the nincompoops are HAPPY we’ve screwed them.”

    Pelosi, “We break down this door and more legislation to follow.” Translation, “Now we’ve figured out how to soak everyone, we’ve got more methods to remove money from the citizens.”
    More taxes.
    OBama approvingly said his father was in favor of 100% taxation.

    We’ve got a ways to go to make that Dream of My Father a reality, so the Democrats are hustling.

    SO, tax tax tax.

    Wave at Pelosi’s tax-payer funded jet as she wines and dines her way back and forth across the USA. Obama just can’t survive without $100 a pound steaks for dinner.

  8. Okay everyone, clarification time: The sales tax is increasing from 5.6% to 6.6%. Not from 5.6% to 18.0%.

    The new tax rate is about 18% greater (6.6 / 5.6 = 1.18) than the old tax rate.

  9. The ironic feature of this tax proposal fiasco lies in the fact that Jan was persuaded to push for a sales tax increase by her McCainiac advisor and (confessor?), Chuck Coughlin.

    Now McCain and Kyl have come out against the tax hike and left Brewer out to dry! (Of course AFTER she endorsed “The John”!

    The governor has shown poor judgment in choosing friends! Especially those with a quarter century track record of proven self-centered duplicity!

    She seems to have a case of terminal naivete!

    A good cause for office removal!

  10. Everyone here remembers the Voter Protection Act – 1998 proposition 105. It essentially prohibits the legislature reducing funding for protected programs, requiring cuts to be focused on the others. It has been defended on the grounds that the funds collected for these programs are distinct from the General Fund, but there’s no real consequence to that distinction: the money still comes from state taxes and fees. Those sources of state revenue are merely locked into prescribed spending.

    This is why Gov. Brewer can’t cut state spending as dramatically as Martin insists: cuts can’t be distributed to reduce their impacts on affected programs. In this case, it seems that the choices are between cutting into muscle (critical Arizona programs such as public education), borrowing (which has greater costs in the long run and sets bad precedents), and the temporary tax increase.

  11. Stephen Kohut says

    K-12 education spending is not muscle, it is an featherbedded boondoggle loaded with pork and waste. If you take what we spent per child in the dark ages of 1970 when kids had hot lunch, sports, arts, band, AP classes, etc. and adjust it for inflation we should be spending $4000/child today. What do we spend? $9400/child, 2.5 times as much for an inferior product. Private schools spend $5500/child today and turn out a better product for 40% less. Private schools have 3 teachers to 1 admin. Public schoold have 1 teacher to 1 admin. Any wonder where all our illspent tax dollars are going? Cut 40% from K-12, education in the same manner as private schools and we’ll get a better product for less while dealing with the budget a the same time. What a two for one special!

  12. Your analysis neglects the mechanism of change. You propose cutting the budget 40%, but the effect would not be the removal of dead wood. The administrators you mention have contracts and the benefit of a system dependent on the current organization. A reduction in funding would instead hit less committed costs: the hiring and retention of non-tenured teachers and the resources available to teachers and students.

    There is waste in the education system, but there must be a less dislocating way to achieve the needed changes.

  13. Stephen Kohut says


    It takes guts, a meat axe and a lot of hacking and you start at the top with the crap that maintains the mess below it. When the vested powers that be are gone and the ratio of teacher to admin is 3:1 it’s there. Any business execute that has done turn arounds know how its done. It’s not for the faint of heart. That said, it’s how you clean out a disaster.

  14. Chilisize says

    What do we need schoolin’ for anyways? Joe the Plumber aint got no schoolin,’ and he’s a big shot now!

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