Rachel Maddow show covers the new republicanville.com social networking site


  1. And did you see his whining about it afterwards?

    Over at “Daily Uprising”:

    “Tonight Rachel Maddow of MSNBC did a full story on Republicanville.com causing millions of her viewers to go to our website. I believe that she reported on Republicanville for the sole purpose of crashing our social network. While I am flattered that she reported on Republicanville, I believe her intentions were malicious and served no one in the end. This is the second time MSNBC has reported on Republicanville this week and the second time they have crashed our server. This just proves that many Liberals will do anything to censor Republican’s free speech in this country.”

    It’s Rachael Maddow’s fault Charles Jensen can’t keep his servers running. The fact that he doesn’t have the bandwidth needed to keep his website operational is “censorship”.

    People like Charles Jensen would probably curl up into a ball and soil themselves if they ever had to deal with actual censorship.

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