I hate to say it but there is no group of people more incapable of fighting and winning a battle than Congressional Republicans. In fact, I think that “doormat” and “weakness” could be descriptive planks in our party platform. This is especially true of my Republican colleagues in the United States Senate. If we ever hope to get any part of a Conservative agenda enacted our side needs to learn how to stand up to the Democrats—including using some of the same dirty tactics employed by Democrats. But fighting won’t get the job done if it isn’t accompanied by a desire to actually defeat, and sometimes punish, the Democrats—just like they do to us. “Elections have consequences.” 

Unfortunately, too many Republicans (Moderates and McCain types mostly) are more interested in getting along with Democrats. There have been plenty of recent examples of our side fleeing the field of battle at a critical moment. Does anyone remember how McCain wouldn’t let his campaign staffers utter Obama’s middle name? Or how Bush quashed investigations into Clinton’s criminal conduct with his “New Tone”? And who could forget how Republicans in the senate wouldn’t fight to hold a proper impeachment trial of Bill Clinton? We meekly back down every time. 

To the above list Senator Jeff Sessions is about to make another contribution. Last week during the Sotomayor confirmation hearings he said: “I will not support, and I don’t think anybody on this side will support a filibuster.” He followed up with: “I’ll look forward to you getting that vote before we recess in August”. To round out the niceties Senator Patrick Leahy, the Democrat who chairs the Judiciary Committee, responded: “Thank you, Jeff, I appreciate that.” In that short exchange we have summarized the prevailing Democrat-Republican behavior pattern of the last three decades. Why say something so stupid? Maybe Sessions should give him his lunch money too. 

What reasons would persuade our side not to filibuster Sotomayor’s nomination vote? Are they the same reasons that caused the Democrats to filibuster Bush’s judicial nominations? Have Sessions and the other Republican senators forgotten how radical, bigoted and thoroughly unfit for judicial duty Sotomayor truly is or are they that fearful of cloture? Regardless of how Al Frankenized the U.S. Senate has become it does not relieve Republicans of their duty to exert every possible means to keep a person as dangerous as Sotomayor far away from the Supreme Court.  

Quit running from the battle! 

The constant weakness and retreating by top Republicans has demoralized our party’s base and cost us the last two elections. We need to get some backbone. Republicans need to get into the fight. We need to fight Democrats every single step of the way. 

Hopefully the next health care plan will included testosterone therapy for Republicans in Congress.


  1. Sky Hawk or by whatever Moniker,
    I read your post, I feel your pain and your frustration.
    But that is not enough.
    It is not getting us to the promised land.
    You hear?
    Elections have consequences.
    It started after the 2004 successful Bush/Cheney election when the sad remnants of the John Birch Society and the warmed over brothers of the Klan a.k.a. the Biblicans also known as the Religious Right hijacked the Republican Party.
    From there it went down to a hand basket.
    I am talking about the 2008 Election.
    Mow we are struggling, do you wonder? Do you Get It ? Will you get it ever?

    Judge Sotomayor will be confirmed by a sizable Majority.
    The Republican Kabuki Dances during then hearings will be noted as that. Thankfully Jon Kyle maintained some, albeit restraint decorum.
    Jeff Sessions made a fool of himself.
    Elections have consequence! Remember?
    To the rest of your posts, like filibuster etc. barking up a wrong tree or display of our omnipresent impotence is not going to save the day my young friend.
    Al Franken is in, our guy is out, you hear?
    Keep on barking behind a fake name you effn coward.
    You have no plan, you have nothing to offer.
    Step up, or shut up.

  2. Too bad the Republican Legislature runs from the battle against the Tyrant Brewer. Rather than even standing to fire their two shots, the would rather take the path of least resistance and lay down. It makes me ashamed to be a Republican

  3. Too bad the Republican Legislature runs from the battle against the Tyrant Brewer. Rather than even standing to fire their two shots, they would rather take the path of least resistance and lay down. It makes me ashamed to be a Republican

  4. Horst,
    A man that runs a nudist colony should not be talking about what is wrong with the Republican Party. I know, why don’t YOU and McCain start a 3rd party and leave the Republican Party to people who actually believe what the party platform stands for. Then we will be able to attract conservatives back to the party.
    Your comments about “warmed over brothers of the Klan a.k.a. the Biblicans also known as the Religious Right” is so wrong. I am proudly a Christian and I am NOT a bit racist. I do, however, have biases against dirty old men running naked around young children.

  5. Auntiefed says

    I see nothing wrong with saving a filibuster for another issue and giving Sotomayor an up or down vote. The chances of success on a filibuster are minimal and making the full Senate vote on the nomination allows Republicans to see where their senator stands. To paraphrase Sarah Palin, it’s not running away from the fight, it’s just advancing in another direction.

  6. Arguing over the fillibuster is pointless. They would start it and then the Dems break it 2 seconds later… The dems are united on Sotomayor and its not like she is replacing Scalia. She is replacing another liberal. If it is going to shift the balance of the court you would have a point. But it doesnt change a thing

    If you want to complain about Liberal judges getting through be mad at the GOP that confirmed her 96-3. Here you will have probably a 70-30 vote. And how can you count collins and snowe anyway…

  7. ooh and the 96-3 vote was for Ginsburg….

  8. This is hilarious.

    During the Bush years, conservatives were of the mindset:


    And now it’s:


    You guys have been pegging the hypocrisy meter these last few days to a point of a warp core breach. Bravo.

  9. kralmajales says

    Oh god PLEASE filibuster Sotomayor. Yet another nail in the GOP coffin.

  10. DeAnn, I am sorry to learn you suffer from Body-phobia. Unfortunately I can’t help you here I am not a psychiatrist.
    Try exorcism.
    You do not need to worry about children who grow up in a cloth-free environment. They overwhelmingly turn out to be well adjusted and become outstanding adults.
    If you absolutely must worry, worry about those that grew up in proximity of Warren Jeff, Tony Alamo, or somewhat closer to home in Tucson, the Reverent David Valencia.

  11. Skyhawk, let me explain what is happening.

    Most of the GOP Senators understand that Sotomayor is not even particularly liberal and her confirmation will likely do little to change the court.

    Unless the hearings revealed she likes to barbecue puppies or something, it was a forgone conclusion that she is going to get confirmed.

    Having said that, the GOP wants to still use this opportunity to throw some red meat to various factions in the base which will help when they are asking for money. The first segment of the base, I guess you are an example, are the people who actually think any non-conservative justice is an existential threat to the country. The other segment that this has appealed to is the segment that just likes to see white guys beat up on a minority women – we can call this the Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III wing of the party.

    I think they have probably done a great deal of damage to the GOP with this spectacle.

  12. Rosco P Coltrain says

    The reason republicans are not fighting these Washington battles is that they have the same agenda as the democrats – to destroy freedom and the constitution to concentrate power into the hands of the tyrannical few.

    It doesn’t matter who is in charge in Washington – government keeps getting bigger and bigger, freedoms keep eroding. Republicans and democrats are united on that front, they just have different ways of implementing their treason.

    Now with the classy, hypnotic salesmanship of Obama, everyone is giving it one last push into total tyrannical rule before his spell wears off completely. And since it looks like Obama’s popularity is waning prematurely, we’re likely to get a manufactured crisis (as predicted by Biden, and running a little late) in the next few months.

    Bush gutted our freedoms in the name of keeping us safe, the Washington republicans rallied around him like lemmings. The huge anti-terrorist apparatus is being turned around and pointed at We the People. Of course it was always supposed to work that way.

    If you want to help return this once great nation of ours to the bastion of freedom that it used to represent, nominate/elect candidates whose priority will be to repeal the laws that have ground our constitution into dust and prosecute those who did the grinding.

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