Quayle Introduces Bill to Stop Obama’s Immigration Power Play

Ben Quayle

PHOENIX, AZ– On Monday, June 18, Congressman Ben Quayle introduced the “Prohibiting Back-Door Amnesty Act of 2012”. This bill prohibits the Department of Homeland Security from picking winners and losers and blatantly ignoring our laws.

“President Obama’s decision to alter our nation’s immigration laws undermines border security and our entire immigration system. It is disappointing that the President of the United States is so desperate that he has to launch backdoor amnesty orders in an attempt to pander to voters.”

“The American people want their border secured and that must be accomplished now, as I have insisted for two years. The president has refused to honor that plain duty of his office, and now seeks to exercise power he does not have for his own political purposes. His first obligation is to the Constitution, and all of the American people, and not to his re-election calculus.”

“My bill, the ‘Prohibiting Back-Door Amnesty Act of 2012’ will nullify the immigration policy changes outlined by President Obama and Secretary Napolitano. In addition to stopping these policy changes, the bill will also prevent any similar executive overreaches from occurring. It’s time to send a clear message to the President that his clear disdain for our nation’s laws and reversal on border security enforcement will not be accepted.”


Congressman Ben Quayle was the first to introduce legislation to counteract Obama’s immigration edict. He continues to gain attention for his leadership on the issue of immigration enforcement and border security. The immigration enforcement advocacy group “Numbers USA” recently granted Rep. Quayle an ‘A’ grade, ranking him the highest in the Arizona delegation.



  1. AnObservation says

    Gee…Ben Quayle didn’t have a problem with Obama’s amnesty plan a few weeks ago: http://seeingredaz.wordpress.com/2012/06/17/ben-quayle-taking-his-amnesty-cues-from-obama/#comments

  2. I really think Quayle is barking up the wrong tree on this one. First of all, nobody is capable of securing the border. It’s way too long, and we don’t have the people or resources to do it. Quayle knows that. He is bringing it up as a precondition to make sure that immigration reform doesn’t pass.

    As far as the president overstepping his authority — I see quite a bit if precedent for far reaching executive orders — from the internment of Japanese Americans during world war ii, Lincoln’s suspension of have as corpus during the civil war, the desegregation of the armed forces by Truman, to name a few. I don’t believe that Ben Quayle has ever read any history, and the bill that he introduced clears any doubts that I had about that.

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