PV Mayor Cordially Invites You To A Reception with Sheriff Joe

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Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker Invites You to a Reception with
Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio

For more information please see the invitation below or contact
Emily Graham at egraham@RoseAndAllynPR.com or 480.208.4795.

For more information about Vernon Parker or
to contribute to the campaign, please go to www.Parker2010.com.


Paid for by Vernon Parker for Congress


  1. Good to see Arpaio is endorsing Vernon Parker.

    I want to elect Republicans that are tough on the border and take the threat of illegal immigrants seriously.

    Joe Arpaio is a patriot that is standing up to the open-border crowd. Vernon Parker definitely has my vote.

  2. Does anyone know why Arpaio is supporting Vernon Parker? Sheriff Joe has an eclectic group of political pals.

  3. He is supporting him because Jason Rose runs both campaigns.

  4. http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2010/03/21/decide-health-care-victory-america/

    The leftists are trying to game this poll by pushing it on their lefty web sites.

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  5. Can I drop off my contribution to Jim Waring when I’m there?

  6. Reality:

    All Waring contributions can be dropped off at MacDonald’s!

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