Putting Sexual Orientation Right to Bed-Please

by Gayle Plato

My SA brethren seem overly concerned about sex lately. I just wanted to note that I’m finding the chat off point. Taking this to the truly conservative perspective, I feel discussion of sexual choices does not belong in any public workplace, forum, or societal gathering. That reality is a con game from the left. We are all buying in friends.

As a conservative, I truly feel that the trending to discuss sexuality is a liberal rights movement trick, coming out of the National Organization of Women, and much ado about freedom of choice. This whole thing is about getting it all out there and talked up. If we talk freely, then we must allow choice.

Perez Hilton is a gossip columnist with a foul mouth, and I have no clue why he would ever be invited on any pageant to be a judge. That fact alone adds to my distaste of pageants. I also think this was all basically planned. It’s worked and the lack-luster pageants, losing ratings and interest, just received a ton of free press.

The sexism of the stupid judge, is equal to the sexism of the young women who go through months of training, spray tanning, double-stick tape in unmentionable spots, and lots of question prep to sound like a person with depth.

The girls are accomplished and some fairly intelligent. This is a huge scholarship competition and I truly understand the desire to try out. The adulation is real; and the pull for all girls to be Barbie never ends.

But as a school counselor, seeing lots of pre-teens, and teens, with eating disorders, suicidal over boyfriends or their acceptance, sexually active as early as 4th and 5th grade, and worried that they would be too ugly, I see the sexism promoted as vile an act as the stupid judge pushing his activism.

Miss California deserves credit for standing up for her beliefs. I am saddened though that she paraded a round in a tiny bikini, letting the world judge her body not as an athletic aspect of a wellness campaign, but as a sexual entity. Do not tell me that any of those girls would win a thing if each had all the same skills and beliefs and came out a size 14, wearing a bikini. NEVER. Yet, a size 14 IS the most typical of American women. Regardless if the size is good or bad. For some that would be big, but for others, it would be healthy. Pageants are not about healthy though are they? If they were, then the girls would offer athletic competition in work out clothes, or exhibited skill in an athletic area of expertise.

If the pageants are going to push sex, then do not get all uppity when sex sells. Do you think the pageant didn’t know Perez Hilton would ask a controversial question? Does Anderson Cooper like tea bags?

Good for Miss California, but next time you preach ‘values’, try a competition about brains, fitness, talent, and poise. Until the bikinis verging on pornographic with camera shots from a peeping tom angle are dumped, I am not going to get all hot and bothered about this entire media scam.

As for gay rights, as a true conservative I say this: Keep your bedroom yours and do not involve me. I do not tell you if I am gettin’ some, and frankly, do you really want that broadcasted or even referenced over the Xerox copier or Bunn coffee brew? Why does anyone need to discuss orientation at all? I am oriented to want Clive Owen or Russell Crowe to show up, but I don’t think that really matters to your day now does it?

Provocative talk, push of agenda, and even the fact that one blip of space was wasted about pseudo-wholesome girls or queens with gossip blogs, shows me that the NOW nags got their way and we are sexualizing every day talk.

I am going back to writing of economics, something rambling like usual, and maybe a political topic or two. But you know what, if I type it all in my slinky jammies, I promise not to tell.


  1. Trish Groe says

    Thank you.

  2. Absolutely spot on!

  3. Auntiefed says


  4. Tad's Lads says

    I think you’re onto something in pointing the laser pointer at the National Organization for Women.

    I am also curious if anyone knows how many of the major glamor, teen and tabloid magazines that young girls read and view are run by women editors and publishers? Like Vogue and that group.

    So how much of this sexual pressure on young girls comes from dirty old men in high places and how much comes from greedy women and their political cronies with an agenda?

    Any of you with teenage boys might know by now that the sexual roles of 50 years ago went out the window with the 20th Century.

    But here’s something to consider; The House of Representatives just passed a Hate Crimes law that could be applied by an over zealous interest group to Gayle’s blog above. Think about it.

  5. Tad- let em try baby let em try– 🙂

    I’ll just stand on the corner talking to myself with a sandwich board on, saying will offer snark for chicken nuggets.

  6. leftyMariana says

    I cannot agree more.
    As for the over zealously interpretation of the Hate Crimes law..any law can be interpreted one way or another.

  7. Kenny Jacobs says

    It’s hard to imagine the effort to gain marriage equality for same-sex couples (gay marriage) as being about:

    “Keep your bedroom yours and do not involve me.”

    Anti-gay attitudes and whatever motivates them are increasingly less popular. Not because of a sinister campaign, but because people who know gay people don’t buy into the old fearful rhetoric from the right-wing of our politics.

  8. Veritas Vincit says

    There you go again Kenny… saying stuff you know nothing about. Try thinking for a change.

    Attitudes haven’t changed all that much. Sit with a group of male teenagers sometime when there’s no teacher around and listen to what they think of gays.

    It has to do with outside pressure, not acceptance. Back in the 50’s my father just said of Hans and Millis (a gay couple living in LA our family knew through my great aunt), ‘… they’re just peculiar that’s all.’ and dropped the subject.

    Why is the Progressive Left obsessed with talking about their sexuality in the first place?

  9. Playmaker says

    The whole family just finished reading your post. Well said.

    We tossed up some high fives in your honor.

  10. Tom Buggeln says

    Hey Kenny!

    What is so “gay” about sexual disfunction?

  11. Thanks to EVERYONE who wrote me directly or at facebook. I received more direct mail from this piece than ANY other… seems we are all sick of bikini values 🙂

    Blessing all! GP

  12. You made some Good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree.

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