Pullen Wins Race For RNC Treasurer

Arizona State GOP Chairman Randy Pullen has been elected as the new Treasurer of the Republican National Committee.  This will give Pullen a seat on the RNC’s Executive Board, working alongside new RNC Chairman Michael Steele.  The increased visibility for Pullen and his involvement in national fundraising is also expected to be a boon to the Arizona State Party.  Congratulations to Chairman Pullen!


  1. Great news. I wonder how much help Chairman Pullen received from the congressional delegation?

  2. In attendance says

    Congratulations RNC Treasurer and AZGOP Chairman Pullen; and there’s still one day left in January. Get this guy a Cardinal’s uniform!!

  3. Love4RonPaul says

    Randy Pullen did not receive congressional delegation help he just sold his soul like Blagojevich.

  4. GOP Boomer Gal says

    Congratulations, Randy!!

  5. Love4RonPaul: Do you just like to write nasty things about people or do you actually have an actual allegation to make? Who, for example, did he sell his soul to? And what, exactly, are the particular details that indicate that he even sold his soul to anyone?

    To everyone else: Randy Pullen has achieved another well deserved victory. He will be a boon to both the Arizona and National Republican Party organizations. Congratulations Randy!

  6. Fiscal_Hawk says

    Congrats Chairman Pullen! Things are looking up for the State GOP.

  7. Congratulations Chairman Pullen! This win will give greater clout to the State Party for fundraising, helping counter the absolute abandonment of our party by our congressional delegation the past two years. It is an honor to work with such an outstanding individual for the conservatives of this state.

  8. nightcrawler says

    This position is a good fit for Randy given his business experience. I believe he will do a great job as treasurer. Congratulations..

  9. Cool! Things are looking up for conservatives in the Republican Party. With Michael Steele in charge, maybe it is time to start supporting the RNC again.

  10. Congratulations, Randy!!

  11. Goodyear GOP says

    Don’t worry about the fake Ron Paul poster. The RPers in the state really like Pullen and supported his re-election as State Chairman.

    Nice to see that someone from Arizona can win national office. Congrats Randy!

  12. Pullen Played Dirty says

    Yea great job Randy!!!! Now you can bring the same dirty and criminal accounting to the federal level!! By the way hows that FEC investigation coming??? Randy is the reason the congressional delegation has pulled out the last two years… They realize that the racist immigration views of randy will not help so does the mainstream party!!! They just elected the most moderte republican as chair… randy’s views will clash with those of the national party and will do more harm to it.

  13. Congratulations Randy! PPD give it a rest.

  14. Very interesting, PPD. His “views will clash with those of the national party and will do more harm to it”?

    Odd, considering the “national party” just elected him to his position.

  15. Who is right? The Washington Times is reporting Pullen lost to Louis Pope. What is going on ?

  16. PPD “racist immigration views”

    (By the way, there are many races. Mexican is not one of them. Just a technical correction for the hurlers of that particular unfounded insult.)

    Phoney racist charges, where have we heard that before? Oh yeah, Tony Bouie, Nathan Sproul, the whole Horst Kraus camp.

    The majority AZ GOP just endorsed Chairman Pullen’s proactive work for border security and sovereignty. The RNC just endorsed Pullen for Treasurer. PPD must be having just an awful day.

  17. Pullen Played Dirty says

    Tortoise quit spreading your lies….. Washington times is reporting Pullen LOST. Hopefully soon Pullen will also be arrested for FEC violations and accounting fraud. He is being investigated. Then the next step is to get the hard line whackos out of the way such as Haney and Husband. We as a party can not be an anti-immigrant only party that is why we continue to lose

  18. PPD
    You are making yourself look pretty silly and nasty. Take a hot bath and relax. You are going to have a stroke.
    In the meantime, the hard line “whackos” will continue to work and win elections.

  19. Iris Lynch says

    Poor PPD. Full of vim and vinegar and only a blog to talk to…anonymously.

  20. Veritas Vincit says

    To post #12 & #17:

    “…racist immigration views”

    Get a life. That is sooo worn out. No one is “anti-LEGAL immigrant” Can you read? Oh, and there is no “race” of Mexicans – they are a nationality (who comprises just under 50% of those crossing the southern border illegally).

    When you strike the US flag and hoist the Mexican flag (Apache Junction H.S.) is that not a “racist” action?

    Come here legally to *become* a US Citizen and fully participate in the American Way bringing your diversity and culture to share with us… but DO NOT come here to take and steal away what others have built and worked for.

    Come here to work, then return home. Do not come here to commit crime and mayhem through your drugs and human trafficking.

    No Amnesty for law breakers; but allowances made for border partners.

    There was (and is) a unique culture along the southwestern border, but unfortunately greed and politics has made a disaster of what once was beautiful.

    Comments such as those made by PDD in posts #12 and 17 degrade, they contribute nothing of value.

  21. pullen played dirty says

    I have never said all the Republican party is anti legal immigrant. Just the extreme right like Haney, Buster, Husband and Pullen. What I said was we needed to focus on other issues if we wanted to succead again as a party on a national level. Do you people not realize how bad we lost in November because of the stupid rhetoric. Why do you also think we elected the most moderate chairmen in the history of the GOP (Steele). I love how you also fail to address Pullen losing the race for national treasurer and the current investigation that will put him in prison

  22. PPD sorry to burst your bubble but just received a text from our new RNC Treasurer Randy Pullen confirming the election.

  23. Upon hearing this news, I sent my contribution form into the party with an $80 check. I’m not a high roller like you guys, but I’ll chip in my part!

  24. Veritas Vincit says

    Kudos to Randy!

    we just have to work on Steele’s understanding now of the 2nd Amendment…

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