Pullen Releases Endorsements From 300+ Grassroots Leaders

Making the list even more impressive?  They are all State Committeemen who can actually vote for him!

“I’m deeply humbled by this show of support and I’m encouraged that our message and record of building a stronger party and electing Republicans across the State is resonating so well.” said Pullen.

Pullen also announced that he had secured the private endorsements of more than 170 State Committeemen.  “Many of these folks have jobs or positions that prevent them from publicly endorsing and several have indicated that they are concerned that they would face negative political consequences for publicly endorsing me.” said Pullen, adding “That is an unfortunate part of politics but I respect and understand their position and I’m still delighted to have their support.”

If every eligible vote is cast, it will take 510 votes to win tomorrow’s contest.

Disclaimer:  This list was complete as of 6:00 p.m. Thursday evening.  Anyone who added their names after then do not likely appear on this list.


[Sonoran Alliance has removed these names out of respect for the individual’s privacy.]


  1. Excellent! Looks like the AZ GOP is in excellent hands for the next two years as well.

  2. Surprise PC says

    This list is very impressive but seems incomplete to me. I know for a fact at least 30 or 40 additional state committeeman from LD4 support Randy but their names are not on the list.

  3. This looks like an endorsement from SA. In fainess, as Haran stated, it should be noted. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander…right Bob?

    BTW, Randy is posting names that have not endorsed him.

    On another note, why is the County Party – Haney and Husband using County Party resources to help Randy? Not only is that unethical, but it might be illegal.

  4. Forlife, whose names are posted who didn’t actually endorse Randy? Mistakes can happen, so let us know what you found.

    As for Haney and Husband, they can use County Party resources to communicate with State Committeemen in their county. It’s not like some LD chairs aren’t using THEIR resources.

    What, in particular, strikes you as illegal or unethical?

    Certainly, if the state party could actively support a candidate for governor in the PRIMARY in 2006, I find it hard to believe that Tom Husband or Rob Haney are doing anything they need to be worried about.

  5. Even with all of these endorsements, it will still be a close race. EVERY vote will count again as it did 2 years ago.

    The Congressional Delegation and Chamber of Commerce have pulled out all the stops to get every State Committeeman vote possible for Lisa James. That has been a higher priority for them than getting Republicans elected in the general election.

  6. Can Brett Mecum vote? It seems unusual that an employee of the party would be endorsing a candidate for chairman.

  7. I noticed Randy landed the endorsement of Randy Pullen too.

  8. I personally think that it is highly inappropriate for Mr. Mecum to endorse a candidate in this race.

    I also think it is inapppropriate that a state party employee would use his position as executive director to campaign for Mr. Pullen.

    I hope that there is no funny business during the election, but it is hard to have faith when Mr. Mecum is the the one overseeing the process.

  9. If Mecum is a State Committeeman, then he has the same rights of participation as anyone. Helen Purcell is running the election and she is not a State Committeeman, nor has she endorsed anyone. So must of these complaints are just whines and smoke. Boo Hoo kids, see you at the big show.

  10. Maricopa SC says

    I think that its Mecum’s choice to campaign or not to campaign. He gets to take that gamble. Should Randy be re elected, he can secure himself a job. Should Lisa win, he may lose his job because of his choice to back Randy.

    But, it is the right of the Chairman to hire his own ED (in this case Mecum). Therefore, Mecum is fighting for his own job.

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