Pullen on the Pedals!

Randy Pullen on the Road

I got a call today from Arizona Republican Party¬†Political Director, Brett Mecum, on the status of Chairman Randy Pullen’s ride across Arizona. (Do these guys know its August?!?!)

Saturday, Randy Pullen started his trek at the Grand Canyon and today is now in the vicinity of Wickenburg. He’s already made quite a few stops and met with people along the way. The reception has been great and Randy is making his reports via the AZGOP Blog.

Take a moment and check it out but also make sure you get your pledge in in order to fill the coffers as we head into the General Election. Photos of Randy’s ride are also available by clicking here.


  1. Pulin A. Part says

    I miss the good old days when the party could raise real money. I can’t wait for the next fundraiser – Arpaio getting a pedicure for pledgea.

  2. I miss the old days too. Matt Salmon as chairman, Nathan Sproul working out of the state head quarters, and lots of money. We lost 2 congressional seats and some legislative seats. Anyone want to talk about the governor’s race? Sure glad we did not nominate Goldwater, he might be gotten creamed at the ballot box. The NRCC tore apart a Republican in the primary and Salmon said nothing publicly. Oh, the good old days. Yes, Pullen is a failure for sure because he has not raised and spent money like days gone by.

  3. OMG, let’s not get started on the woe is me complex. (I know you chronic complainers are gonna start in.) This is supposed to be fun. What do you think the Dems are doing to raise money? Drinking Tofu shakes and listening to Emily Bittner-DeRose introduce some post-modern, Bush-bashing, PETA advocate recite some poem about opening up his wrists as global warming melts the polar icecap and we all drown from algae-blooms while John Edwards’ love child becomes the next Paris Hilton clone?

  4. Richard Wayne says


    Woe is all of us. The state party seems unwilling to speak up about the internal treachery by our Congressional Delegation and illegal worker apoligists in a vain attempt to curry facor with those groups who are attempting to decimate the grass roots volunteers as well as conservative candidates for offices at all levels ot the political arena.

    The ride we are being taken on resembles the last ride of Jimmy Hoffa, not the bicycle stunt of Randy Pullen.

  5. concerned citizen says

    It’s MeCum not MeCHum.

    Thanks for catching the typo. – Corrected.

  6. Richard, you’re losing it. No, you might have actually lost it already. Maybe the folks at the top forgot to cc you on their emails or include you in their phone calls because they just didn’t realize what a VIP you were. Maybe they aren’t playing it all out on the front page of the newspaper because a Party tearing itself apart doesn’t exactly inspire the confidence of the voters.

    Or maybe, they’re actually dealing with it their own way, quietly, like they should.

    You guys quickly forget that this is the same brass-balled party chairman who took on both Senators and one slimy Congressflake and said “Hell No!” to their amnesty bill. There’s a time to be public and a time to be private. Our chairman knows the difference, and thank goodness for that.

  7. Big Sister says

    If John’s description of “The Chairman” is accurate, that seat better be soft.

    That’s about the only thing I can find to smile about in this whole charade.

    I’m more reminded of another “chairman” who ruled with internal metal. He was a failure at providing what he had professed, but his failure could not be pointed out for fear of death. His followers were rabid in their attacks of anyone who dared question the validity of his rule, did not live with a strict adherence to his principles and boast to the success of his empire.

    Opposing voices were called out as crazy or unpatriotic. Anyone from the “outside” was rejected as threatening and the enemy of progress. He was propped up and supported by the manipulation of reality while the people starved and their strength minimized.

    Oh yea, he also rode a bike!

  8. Richard Wayne says

    I am in between the last two comments. He did attack when it was to his advantage, but he did not stay the course. That is patently obvious. Not an attack, just the facts.

  9. Richard Wayne,

    The one thing I probably agree with you on is that the party needs to be strong and slap Nathan Sproul around. Any contracts the party does have with Lincoln Strategies needs to be immediately severed. They also need to get on the phone with the RNC and make sure they sever any contracts and have nothing to do with him and his firm.

  10. nightcrawler says

    Come on folks..Lighten up. Give the man his due. He is riding 500 miles in the summer desert heat on bicycle. How many of you pot bellies could do the same ? I tip my hat to Randy on this one.

  11. GOP Boomer Gal says

    Can’t wait to meet up with him this Thursday at Pima County NW Headquarters.

    I won’t be on a bike, though.

  12. Conservatius Maximus says

    it was a lot better when the party chairman was also a lobbyist, brow beating legislators to support bad solar energy bills ran by Lucy Mason. Man, those were the days!

  13. He looks like a fruit.

  14. Why are we so bent on attacking fellow Republicans? Yes, it was a bitter battle between the supporters of Lisa James and Randy Pullen, but an election was held and someone had to come out a winner and it was Randy. Now is not the time to form a circular firing squad but agree to disagree and get back to our main objective – get Republicans elected!
    Vote for your favorites in the primaries, but do not forget a Republican will get elected in the primary, but our main objective is to win the general. I may not agree with the primary winner 90% or even 50% of the time, but I more than likely will not agree with a Democrat even 30% of the time.
    Let us quit destroying our candidates, otherwise the Democrats will prevail. Every family has it’s own favorites (for Pete’s sake, my husband likes the Pack and I’m a Bronco fan) but we will not let this destroy us. Get back with the program,people and do our job, forget petty name calling and work to keep Arizona Red.

  15. Oh, and by the way, I am an American first and a Republican second. We should be allowed to disagree with our elected officials, after all they were elected to represent us. We took care of that King business in the 1700’s.

  16. just curious says

    just curious if anyone else finds this completely embarrasing.

  17. DoubleDecaf Latte says

    As a red-blooded Republican “fruit”, I resent azJen’s comment that: “He looks like a fruit.”

  18. Just curious,

    Spandex is not a good look for many people.

  19. Great article. I currently own a 1994 Bronco but im looking to pick up a 1968 Ford Bronco. Anyone know a good place to look?

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