Pullen Endorsed by 18 County & LD Chairmen


Grassroots Republican Leadership Supports Pullen

Phoenix, AZ – Randy Pullen, Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party announced the support of the following 18 Republican county and legislative district chairmen today:

Hal Davidson (La Paz County)
Gail Griffin (Cochise County)
Rob Haney (Maricopa County)
Marty Hermanson (Pinal County)
Buster Johnson (Mohave County)
Becky Nutt (Greenlee County)
John Rhodes (Graham County)
Zack Taylor (Santa Cruz County)
Donna Alu (LD-26)
Ed Hedges (LD-15)
Pat Kilburn (LD-29)
Patricia Oldroyd (LD-19)
Constantin Querard (LD-16)
Steve Schallenberger (LD-9)
Timothy Schwartz (LD-13)
John Stevens (LD-14)
Lyle Tuttle (LD-4)
Paul Whetton (LD-18)

“Randy Pullen has done an outstanding job as Arizona Republican Party Chairman and he has taken an active interest in Arizona’s rural counties,” said John Rhodes, chairman of the Graham County Republican Party. “Two years ago, I supported his opponent, but after watching the tireless work and effort that he has put into the Party, getting Republicans elected all over the state, I think we need Randy as our chairman for another two years and I wholeheartedly endorse his re-election bid.”

Pat Kilburn, chairman of the Legislative District 29 Republican Party, seconded Rhodes’ comments, “I supported Lisa James two years ago, but after watching Randy work with all sides to ensure Republican victories, I saw that we had a party chairman we could be proud of. I’m happy to support his candidacy for re-election and look forward to working with him over the next two years.”

“Pinal County was able to win several historic races this year. The support, attention, and resources that we received from Randy Pullen’s state party were critical to our efforts. Randy Pullen has my thanks and my support and I’m ready to work with him as we move the Arizona Republican Party forward,” said Marty Hermanson, chairman of the Pinal County Republican Party.

“I am extremely grateful for the continued support of my candidacy by the grassroots leadership of the Arizona Republican Party,” said Pullen. “With the help of our county and legislative district leadership, we will continue our march forward and win elections from the court house to the state house and everywhere in between.”

For more information on Randy Pullen, his accomplishments as chairman, his vision for the future, and other endorsements, please visit www.randyforchair.com.


  1. Saddlemaker says

    There is a document going around that says I’ve endorsed Randy Pullen.

    “I have not and have sent an email asking him to remove my name from it

    Sorry for any confusion.

    Harold Hough Chairman LD-29”

    How many other endorsements is Randy using without permission?

  2. Conservative Guy says

    Saddlemaker is Harold Hough?

    Note the curious use of quotation marks.

    “It depends on what the meaning of the word is is,” right “Saddlemaker”?

  3. GOP Boomer Gal says

    Harold Hough is Chairman of LD 27. Hmmmm

  4. It’s too bad that someone has challenged Randy Pullen for re-election. Randy has been friendly and fair with all factions of the party, done an excellent job as state chairman and, represented the grassroots of the party, and all he gets in return from the country club, party elite, is to be challenged for re-election by a paid political operative who is endorsed by Washington elites in our Congressional delegation.

    Keep Our Chairman as Chairman – Re-Elect Randy Pullen as Arizona Republican Party Chairman.

    Bob Haran,
    LD 6

  5. “There is a document going around that says I’ve endorsed Randy Pullen.

    I have not and have sent an email asking him to remove my name from it

    Sorry for any confusion.

    Harold Hough Chairman LD-27”

    I have also recieved the “I didn’t endorse him” email from Harold and that is how it should read……

  6. Bob,

    Do you have any idea of how out of touch your circular logic is?

    First of all the statement that “he has been friendly and fair with all factions of the party”; that is just plain wrong. I’m not going to trash the guy but I disagree with good reason!

    Excellent job? You have got to be out of our mind! The last two years has nearly bankrupted the party. At least he didn’t sell the building for cash flow, that long timers and Dodie Londen worked hard to pay-off.

    Country Club , party elite? Who is that? Not me, not my family, and not my fellow PC’s and SC’s. But, we will fight to take our party back from the likes of self-appointed thought police who think they control conservatism.

    Paid political operative…you have got to be kidding! Because she has been paid to run campaigns, raise money, and get out the vote she is now unqualified for this unpaid position? Get over it.

  7. Wake up Republicans, open your eyes and see, they’re trying to take control of the Arizona Republican Party away from the grassroots and give it to the country club elites.

    I can’t understand how any Republican who claims to support immigration control and enforcement can support Lisa James, she is not only supported by the greedy business interest of the Wake Up Arizona Coalition, who are determined to block employer sanctions, she is married to them, her husband, Gordon James, is an original member of the Wake Up Arizona Coalition.

    Wake up and protect the party, re-elect Randy Pullen as OUR chairman. Let them know, we can’t be bought.

    Bob Haran,
    LD 6

  8. Habit4ming says

    I don’t need to be told, nor do I even care, who endorses Pullen or James. I want facts.

  9. “Randy has been friendly and fair with all factions of the party” I disagree. I’ve volunteered at HQ, Randy was not friendly and didn’t give us the volunteers the courtesy of a hello. It is just common courtesy to say hello to people when you walk in the room (especially when there was only 2 of us) So much for reaching out to the grassroots. By the way this was in Oct 2007, not a real busy time. No excuses for Randy on this one.

  10. Bob Haran has never once spoken to Lisa James, even though she has invited him to speak to her. He is just doing what Russell Pearce tells him to do. I am sick of these far right nuts bashing Lisa James. Lisa is a great person and a great choice for AZ GOP Chairman. Anyone who has worked with her knows she is the best choice.

  11. Hey what happened? I read this earlier and it was 19 …now it is 18. Is this like his other endorsement list that disappeared when people saw their names on it…without their knowledge?

  12. Maricopa PC says

    Mr. Haran, are you an SC or even a PC? I understand that you are from LD 6. But, Bob, its too bad that someone such as yourself feels that you can be abusive to someone who has tried to reach out to you. I think that it is the honorable thing to talk to Lisa James if she called you. You can politely agree to disagree.

    Also, this does not make sense “Washington elites in our Congressonal delegation”. Since when is being endorsed by YOUR Congressmen a bad thing. WHAT are you here for, if you don’t support our elected Republicans? We in the GRASSROOTS work hard to elect them to represent our ideals and beliefs in Washington. If you refuse to support them, then you don’t belong to the GRASSROOTS who have worked so hard to elect Republicans. Not sure who you support- perhaps Ron Paul?

  13. Goodyear GOP says

    18 names? On one press release? James could have gotten at least 12 press releases out of a list like this!

  14. Take a look at Lisa’s web site, plenty of grassroots, just regular people, listed as endorsements. Lisa realizes the importance of all supporters.

  15. Harold Hough says

    Just a clarification on some of the earlier comments. As an LD chair, I decided not to officially endorse anyone. When the letter was brought to my attention yesterday, I just wanted to make it clear that I hadn’t changed my position and was making official endorsement. That’s why I sent the email out to some in Pima County who were probably baffled by the endorsement.

    I contacted Randy Pullen and he quickly called me back and agreed to quickly send out a correction. It was just a mistake and he acted as an honorable gentleman in correcting it quickly. I do not consider it an issue.

    I encourage anyone who is voting Saturday in Phoenix to focus on the issues and candidates. We have two good people who are willing to give of their time to lead the party for the next two years. Let’s focus on that and put together a team that will help us win in 2010.

    P.S. I’m not Saddlemaker. In fact, this is my first post on Sonoran Alliance.

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