Pullen: Democrats Reject Will of American People

For Immediate Release; Monday, March 22, 2010

Phoenix, AZ – “Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Congress have rejected the will of the American people and have once again put narrow political gain above sound public policy,” said Republican National Committee Treasurer and Arizona Republican Party Chairman Randy Pullen.

“Democrat Arizona Members of Congress Harry Mitchell, Gabrielle Giffords, and Ann Kirkpatrick have chosen to take the all too familiar destructive path to the Europeanization of America’s healthcare,” continued Pullen. “They have turned their backs on the hardworking men and women of Arizona and America and voted in favor of big, intrusive government. Even more shocking is their vote will give government bureaucrats unprecedented control over personal healthcare decisions. As we have seen happen with Social Security and Medicare, the Democrat’s rosy financial projects will soon turn to ever growing deficits and crushing debt for our children and grandchildren.”

“The time for frustrated Arizonans to cast their votes will soon be upon us. No doubt, they will remind Mitchell, Giffords and Kirkpatrick in November that their vote tonight came with consequences.”


  1. Cola drinker says

    Be careful what you wish for Randy. Even if the will of the people favored socialism, would that make it right?

  2. The consequences of an election. This is what Ameirca has to expect electing Democrats into office. Without a single Republican vote on the bill shows that the bill, though signed into law, will be reformed when Republicans take back control.

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