Pullen Announces 16 State House Endorsements

For Immediate Release: January 16, 2009
Contact: Randy Pullen

Pullen Announces 16 State House Endorsements

Phoenix, AZ-Arizona Republican Party Chairman Randy Pullen today announced the endorsement for re-election as Chairman from 16 members of the Arizona House of Representatives. Included in the endorsements announced today were State Representatives:

  • Hon. Frank Antenori (LD-30)
  • Hon. Cecil Ash (LD-18)
  • Hon. Andy Biggs (LD-22)
  • Hon. Tom Boone (LD-4)
  • Hon. Judy Burges (LD-4)
  • Hon. Steve Court (LD-18)
  • Hon. Sam Crump (LD-6)
  • Hon. Doris Goodale (LD-3)
  • Hon. David Gowan (LD-30)
  • Hon. Nancy McLain (LD-3)
  • Hon. Steve Montenegro (LD-12)
  • Hon. Frank Pratt (LD-23)
  • Hon. Doug Quelland (LD-10)
  • Hon. Carl Seel (LD-6)
  • Hon. David Stevens (LD-25)
  • Hon. Jerry Weiers (LD-12)

“Randy Pullen lived up to his promises and made it the priority of the Arizona Republican Party to elect strong Republicans to state offices,” said Rep. Frank Pratt (LD-23). “As legislators, it is important to have our state party dedicated to working for Arizona Republicans.”

“Republicans in Arizona bucked the national trend and gained seats in both houses of the state legislature thanks to the hard work and dedication of Randy Pullen and his team,” said Rep. Judy Burges (LD-4). “I’m excited to help Randy continue building the Republican Party and winning races over the next two years.”

“Randy Pullen brings integrity, principles and commitment to our candidates to the office of chairman and I enthusiastically endorse him for a second term,” said Rep. Steve Montenegro (LD-12). “We have larger majorities in both the State House and State Senate, thanks in large part to the brains and the brawn that Randy Pullen and his team brought to our campaigns.”

Pullen said he was humbled by the support he was receiving from state legislators and from Republicans across Arizona.

“I look at the next two years as an opportunity to build on the successes we achieved in 2008,” said Pullen. “There are those who seem to spend all their time looking for things our party or our candidates might have done wrong, but I believe there are far more things we did right. As Chairman, I want to make people proud to be Republicans again. I want to make Arizonans proud and excited to join the Arizona Republican Party.”

Since first taking office in 2007, Chairman Pullen and the Arizona Republican Party have:

  • Successfully expanded Republican majorities in both the State House and State Senate;
  • Successfully elected new Republicans to county and local offices across the state;
  • Successfully increased the number of elected Precinct Committeemen by more than 300 Republicans statewide to record levels;
  • Successfully added more than 5,000 net new donors to the Arizona Republican Party’s donor file, an increase of more than 26-percent;
  • Successfully helped pass a stronger and more conservative national Republican Party Platform;
  • Successfully made it the official policy of the Republican National Committee to instruct Congress that first and foremost, America’s borders must be secured; and,
  • Successfully made it the policy of the Republican National Committee to encourage state governments to stop investing in companies based in nations that sponsor terror.

“I’m proud of our accomplishments these past two years, but I’m even more excited about the opportunities of the next two,” Pullen said. “It’s a great time to be an Arizona Republican.”


  1. A diverse group, both ideologically and geographically. Mods and conservatives, Mohave County to Cochise County with plenty of stops in between. Not too shabby. How many does Lisa James have?

  2. Duke the Dog says

    Her website lists seven. Tobin, Reagan, McComish, Mason, Koponicki, Hendrix and Crandall.

    Keep in mind Reagan and Koponicki voted for Janet’s budget last year as two of the four Republicans that crossed over to support the gimmicks and spending. She might want to rethink keeping their names up there.

  3. Where are his ringing endorsements from Joe Arpaio and Thomas? Those 2 men are dangerous.

  4. That’s an impressive list…not a good day for Lisa James.

  5. Farrell Quinlan says

    Just to set the record straight, Rep. Bill Konopnicki did not vote in favor of Janet’s budget last year.

  6. Fiscal_Hawk says

    Randy is kicking butt and taking names!

  7. Quinlan is right. It was Mason and Reagan. So the math is right about her having the two remaining House members of the Napolitano 8, but the wrong name was used by Duke.

    Of course, if you want to go back, Konopnicki was a key vote for Napolitano passing her bloated budgets in prior years as well, so while he was okay in 2008, his prior record left much to be desired.

    And to answer Buddy’s question, neither Arpaio or Thomas are State Representatives, so I wouldn’t expect to see them on this list and neither should you!

  8. Duke the Dog says


    My Mistake. The four in the House that enabled Janet’s out of control speanding were Burns, Mason, Hershburger and Reagan.

    My apologies to Mr. Konopnicki for sticking him in with that crowd.

    Fact of the matter is both Reagan and Mason, the only two turn coats remaining, are supporting James (the other two, Burns quit and Hershburger got beat) are no longer in office.

    The grass roots clearly sent a message that they don’t want any tax and spenders in office.

    They will send the same message that they don’t want a chairman that subscribes to the tax and spend philosophy.

  9. Goodyear GOP says

    You know, I would assume that most politicians would stay neutral in these sorts of contests. So I’m relatively impressed at the number of folks Pullen got to sign on. They have to know that McCain won’t be happy with them, but they signed on anyway.

  10. GOP Spartan says

    From the list of state legislators Randy has assembled, I can tell you most of them really don’t give a thought to what McCain will think.

    They ran as true conservatives; McCain ran as a moderate. It wasn’t until conservative Sarah Palin got on board did the S.S. McCain pick up steam.

    The guys on that list won, McCain lost.

    If anything, McCain should take notice of whet these legislators think. They seem to have the pulse of the grass roots. Based on the poor legislation he helped pass with the likes of Kennedy, Feingold, and Lieberman, and his shamnesty proposal, he’d be lucky if he could even find a pulse.

  11. I would like to see Randy run against McCain in 2010 and have Lisa as Chair raising money for him in the General.

  12. Randy Pullen has done an outstanding job as Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party under one of the most difficult times for Republicans and he as earned and deserves the support of all true Republicans.

    Keep our chairman as chairman, keep Randy Pullen as chairman.

    LD 6

  13. Saddlemaker says

    The reason McCain endorses Lisa is because she can raise the money at the State Level to get him re-elected in 2010. Why do we have two Democratic Congressman in Districts with Republican voter advantage? Was the huge voter turnout effort by Tim Bee in LD-30 and LD26 responsible for our state candidates victories?

  14. Hey Saddlemaker,
    Does John McCain endorse Lisa James? He may have two years ago, along with every other member of the congressional delegation, but their endorsements are noticeably absent from her website. Anyone know if the delegation is endorsing or staying on the sidelines?

  15. It wouldn’t surprise me if the congressional delegation stayed on the sidelines when their involvement just becomes a distraction and creates more controversy.

    I followed the race chairman’s race in ’06 and I’m pleased to see Lisa keep a positive tone and talk about pressing onward rather than rehashing old business. We have much to be grateful for in how ’08 turned out at the state level and much to work for so that 2010 is a success. Voter registration, enthusiasm and coalition building are what’s needed in addition to money, money and more money. Lisa can bring what’s needed to the party.

  16. Veritas Vincit says

    Mr. Farrell, just to keep the record straight, Bill Konopnicki voted 2x (or 3) with the Governor on the budget – only in the last round coming up on re-election did he not vote with Janet. Everyone in the executive office building knows that Konopnicki was the most frequent Republican visitor to the Governor’s office in the past two sessions.

    Had James been visable and fully supportive of Pullen following the last election for Chair, she would have increased her following for this run.
    Oh, and the delegation is staying out of sight on this one because it was their presence last time that cost Lisa the Chair.

    Look at what McCain did quietly in LD11 going into the Primary Election to change the PC composition. Does that give you a clue as to where Kyl and McCain sit on this election??

  17. Charlie Brown says

    Where’s the annoucment about MCRC secretary race?

  18. Saddlemaker,

    You must live outside of LD 26. Bee got slaughtered in LD 26. The turn out effort there was run by Senator Al Melvin. Melvin was also smart enough to run as a solid conservative. Bee had a pretty good voting record and did everything possible to run away from it. He also wanted nothing to do with the state party and made that clear. Bee raised plenty of money, the POTUS even came to town for him and Bee still lost be the same spread as Randy Graf. Sorry, you can not pin Bee’s loss on Pullen. Maybe you should talk to Nathan about why Bee lost.

  19. 11th Commandment says

    Once again, I appreciate the tone of the James supporters. Keep it up, add the money, and we can build a party that we can welcome people into and be proud to promote to all who can fit into our big tent.

  20. “the tone of the James supporters”? You mean the Nathan Sproul supporters because make no mistake, electing Lisa James will be putting Nathan Sproul into the AZGOP office.

    I’ve seen this movie before. Please, no more Nathan and his crowd.

  21. Saddlemaker says

    You need to re-read the canvass report from LD-26.

  22. Nathan Sproul has just issued a memo stating that Randy Pullen is not representative of the overall electorate in Arizona.

    Sarcasm off

  23. I wondered when good ‘ole Sproulie would chime in and give us his two sense.

  24. GOP Spartan says

    Sproul doesn’t give anyone two cents, he takes it. He charges you thousands, bleeding your campaign dry while giving crappy advice. Just look at his record.

    He also makes a lot of money laundering money through state and county party coffers for campaigns all over the country. He’s the GOP’s equivalent of Norman Hsu who somehow found ways to get waitresses, dishwashers and mailmen to cough up $2,300 for Hillary.

    The guy is slime and bad news for the GOP.

    Toxic is actually a better word. Anyone within a mile of Sproul is going to be tagged with his political reputation. Everyone; candidates, activists, McDonald’s franchise owners, etc., just need to stay as far away from him as possible.

  25. Saddlemaker,

    Please tell us the details. I did look at certain precincts. Take 310. Melvin beats Cage, 1,098 to 765. Bee over Giffords by 1 vote, 909 to 908. How about in 262. Melvin/Cage 747 to 464. Bee/Giffords 645 to 515. If you ask me Bee did not motivate the conservatives to vote for him. I would love to see the overall LD 26 canvas.

  26. 11th Commandment says

    Anyone who really knows Nathan Sproul would never say the things that were just written after my post. No facts were given, just random hate talk, vague accusations and irrational jibberish. Judge for yourselves folks. This is part of what I mean about the tone. I’m not going to deny that there haven’t been sharp elbows on occasion, but just look at the facts, the tone and the demeanor and then think about what the Average Joe would think if they read this. Growing a party is going to take a lot of effort and a lot of Average Joes. No rational average voter wants to be part of this childish bickering. We must give people a vision and some positive reasons to join our effort. This is not the way. If there are facts, they can be given without the juvenile jabs. The discussion needs to be on a higher level. The fact that this site is obviously packed with Pullen supporters and has such a negative, nasty tone is telling.

  27. Chairman Pullen has been a tremendous support for the policies and principles of the grass-roots Republicans that put him in office two years ago. He supports our concerns as opposed to our congressional delegation who votes against our stated wishes time after time. (Amnesty, etc.) I’m sure Ms. James would do a good job, but her tactic seems to be representing the congressional delegations views to the party faithful vs. representing the views of the party faithful to the congressional delegation. Go Randy!!!

  28. Veritas Vincit says

    Big Tent? Is that what “R” means, inclusive of all points of view?

    Lets see, something about he who stands for nothing will fall for anything comes to mind.

    Going technical, anyone ever learn about the Law of Group Polarization?

    Essentially we can see this Law in action by the radical shift to the Left in the Democratic Party.

    Ironic now that its been spoken of in these pages, that Jon Kyl has endorsed Lisa James. What a surprise.

    The surprise is that McCain is silent at this point.

    Perhaps because Kyl has already made it known that he’s not seeking re-election in 2012 but, McCain is running in 2010. Could this have anything to do with their actions?

    Both Kyl and McCain are the history of the Republican Party – we need to cultivate the future – not keep old (white) elephants on the shelft for the voters to reject again and again.

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