Pseudo Republican Hispanic Group Seeks to Recall Senator Russell Pearce

She’s back…

Today, Dee Dee Blase of Somos Republicans filed paperwork forming a political committee to recall State Senator Russell Pearce. The committee, using the name Arizonans For Better Government, is based out of a P.O. Box based in Scottsdale (document). Senate President Russell Pearce serves in Legislative District 18 which only covers west Mesa. A total of 7,756 valid signatures must be collected by May 27th in order to force the recall for the ballot.

Today’s committee announcement was probably in the works as Somos Republicans anticipated legislation forcing clarification and enforcement of the 14th Amendment. That legislation was introduced today and likely triggered the recall. As much as Senator Pearce has been on the forefront of efforts to tighten illegal immigration law, he is not the prime sponsor on the legislation. Instead, Senator Ron Gould and Representative John Kavanagh are the prime sponsors along with multiple co-sponsors. No recall efforts have been launched against either Gould or Kavanagh.

At the heart of the legislation is the Fourteenth Amendment, Section 1 which states the following:

“All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”

The operative clause in that section is “and subject to the jurisdiction thereof.” Many anti-illegal immigration advocates believe that birthright citizenship should not be determined based on one’s GPS location at the moment of birth.

Blase is no stranger to confrontational politics. On the Somos Republican website, visitors will find constant verbal attacks on conservative Republicans such as congressional candidate Janet Contreras, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery and Governors Jan Brewer and Sarah Palin.

Recall campaigns are extremely difficult to win first, in obtaining the number of valid signatures and second, through winning in the election process.

Having worked in west Mesa legislative campaigns, I believe this effort will fail and may actually be more of a public relations stunt to bring exposure to Somos Republicans cause.

Good luck Dee Dee but I will be supporting the efforts of Senator Pearce and the Arizona Latino Republican Association.


  1. Halina, are you part of the Libertarian movement who is working on the non partisan recall Pearce efforts? While Randy Parraz claims to have almost 10,000 in their race to get their signatures, I believe your tri-partisan approach is a great strategy.

    • javier angon says

      why would any self repecting hispanic want to be a republican. the party of no can have my no-vote. I am progressive not regressive. republicans destoyed our country under Bush and continue trend under Obama. look what is happening with the debt ceiling. They would rather bankrupt the country to stay in power, than negotiate a deal.

  2. You have to hand it to DeeDee’s attempt to replicating Eminems song, except she titles it: “Will the real republicans please stand up”. I believe she is making fun of Rachel Alexander, Pearce, Brewer and the rest of the people who are afraid of competition.

    Will the Real Republicans Please Stand Up?

    May I have your attention please?

    Will the real Republicans please stand up?
    I repeat, will the real Republicans please stand up?
    We’re gonna have a problem here.

    Y’all act like you’ve never seen a Hispanic Republican before.
    Disgust shows on your face as you call me a “self-hating” minority.
    Because Pearce is an outspoken racist who can’t hide it anymore.
    You’ve got them too, but yours are in the closet waiting to stab you in the back and feed you scraps.
    Pearce says he welcomes “Operation Wetback”, when Obama’s the one deporting your grandma, your grandpa, your mom and dad.

    Pearce, Hayworth, Brewer and Hayworth are worried because there are a million of us that look like me.
    Who cuss like me, who dress like me; lean back and act like me.
    It might be a good thing but it is not quite just like me.

    How did we get here?
    All of a sudden we are infected with scared little fear mongering isolationists.
    Wearing their tin foil hats and actually believe aliens are invading us.
    Dixiecrats are using this opportunity to dust off their confederate and Nazi flags.
    What a mess.
    We have a bunch of wannabe secessionists responsible for creating a bunch
    Of unconstitutional laws meant to create panic to a bunch of Hispanics.

    Whatever happened to the NAFTA and CAFTA capitalists?
    Any more free enterprise thinkers?
    Do you really want to pay an ag-jobber twenty dollars an hour?
    You were crying a few years back when you had to pay five bucks for a gallon of gas.
    Are you really willing to pay five bucks for a gallon of milk?
    I’m starting to feel like Ronald Reagan when he said “I didn’t leave the Democratic party. The party left me. ”

    Cause I’m Republican, yes I’m a real Republican
    All you other Republicans are just imitating
    So won’t the real republicans please stand up,
    Please stand up, please stand up?

    Cause I’m Ms. DeeDee, yes I’m a real Republican
    All you other Republicans are just imitating
    So won’t the real republicans please stand up,
    Please stand up, please stand up?

  3. Not only is DeeDee “conservative enough” for the Sonoran Alliance, she gets blasted by Leftist Liberals for being a Republican.

    No wonder you all can’t get along. Extremists are ruining it for the country on both sides.

    I can’t wait to hear the debate between DeeDee and uber Liberals (Three Sonorans) at noon Arizona time.

    Here is a brief history of how this debate came to be.

    Somos Republican’s Deedee Blase has been very active lately since she is basically fighting all things Republican today. They do not like SB1070, HB2281, they want the DREAM Act passed, etc.

    So I asked Deedee one day, why be a Republican?

    Somos Republican is spending all its energy today fighting the extremist agenda from Republicans. They are fighting against the attack on the 14th Amendment, and now she even wants to recall Russell Pearce. So why be a Republican?

    Before I give you the short answer, I have to preface this by saying that Deedee agrees with the Democrats on all these issues that affect minorities or immigrants. Prop 107, SB1070, etc.

    So why be a Republican?

    Simple answer: Because Democrats are baby-killers (abortion).

    What does Deedee think about the war, or the death penalty, and does that conflict with the pro-life stance of the Republicans?

    Listen at noon below to find out!

  4. Typo: It should read “Not only is DeeDee NOT “conservative enough” for the Sonoran Alliance, she gets blasted by Leftist Liberals for being a Republican.

  5. The Avenger says

    DeeDee is great, the more she stirs the pot, the longer it remains the issue, hence energizing the Tea Party while exposing the RINOs, and further keeping Leftist Dems from power.

    Keep up the good work DeeDee! ;-0

  6. ProudLegalImmigrant says

    Somos Republicans is a RINO front group with liberal values, liberal agenda and an open borders group. Do not be fooled by their usupation of the term ‘Republicans’ in the name of their organization. ALRA (Arizona Latino Republicans Assn.) is the REAL DEAL: conservative Republicans, legal Latino’s who support and follow immigration laws. ALRA membership is growing astronomically. They’re having meetings and forming new chapters across Arizona every week!! So while Somos Republicans is busy collecting siggy’s for a petition, ALRA is busy growing their organization.

  7. ……………..
    Saguaro Says:
    January 30th, 2011 at 11:12 am
    Typo: It should read “Not only is DeeDee NOT “conservative enough” for the Sonoran Alliance, she gets blasted by Leftist Liberals for being a Republican.

    Well, the “People’s Republic of China” is NOT government by the “People” for the people and it isn’t a republic. So, names are very easy to aquire and abuse, especially if “confusing” is part of the political strategy.

    So, the rule is: “Ye know them by their fruits.”

    Recall? “Racist!” Really?

    What’s this?
    “Y’all act like you’ve never seen a Hispanic Republican before.”

    Yoo-hoo! Ya’ll act like you work on Leftist stereotypes of Republicans, not real people. Ya’ll. You know, ya’ll. Yeehaw. Ya’ll.

    I think I want to start my own group:
    African Francophones:
    “Nous Sommes Republicans!”

    Our group identification slogan:

    “Nous sommes plus noir, plus pauvres que les Hispanics, mais nous sommes les immigrants qui avons rempli tous les documents!”

  8. And ya’ll in French is “vous.”

  9. And of course, anyone who raises a point of debate with “Nous Sommes Republicans” doit etre “racist.”

    Africans are by culture very conservative, and millions heavily rely on cattle herding, so “Nous Sommes Republicans” is a natural partner with the cattle ranchers associations, sharing much much in common.

  10. So, who’s the woman out of Chandler who just filed recall papers against Governor Brewer for some mush-mouth about mismanaging the budget?

    Recall for (D) Sheriff Dupnik and suddenly all sorts of recalls against(R)s !

  11. I just emailed DeeDee, and discovered that she is not going to Texas. She is staying in Arizona, so the xenophobes can stop wishing now.

  12. That’s interesting, answering a question that wasn’t asked.

    Did you email her to ask her for some transparancy in her funding?

    And helpfully, in a neighborly sort of way, remind her that “Dixicrats” were all Democrats.

    She doesn’t seem to want “Hispanics” to be stereotyped, and that’s very correct of course, so she would then of course not want to be hypocritical and employ stereotypes in her discourse, either, right?

  13. Yes. She has money and she is using her own money until people decide to help. She is not waiting for funding, she is getting right in there and taking care of business. Whoever said she was moving to Texas is full of it. She was born in Texas, not going to Texas. I saw this on her Facebook, and it comes from one of the most prominent Conservative news media outlets in the nation. They (National Journal) seem to get it, the Arizona Republican Party doesn’t.

    “Somos Republicans, gives voice to a grassroots base in the same way that the tea party movement did for others. It has no outside money and cannot claim, as yet, any tangible political victories. Yet Somos Republicans is rallying the increasingly angry conservative Hispanics who are more fed up with Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., for his retreat on immigration than they are with Obama for his inaction.”

  14. ……………..
    Saguaro Says:
    January 31st, 2011 at 9:10 am
    Whoever said she was moving to Texas is full of it.

    When you can show us all whoever said that we’ll concur. The only thing noticeable above referring to Texas was the comment that Somos Republicans is a multi-state operation, Texas being one of the states.

    So, is Miss DeeDee like, a rich, country-club Republican to be able personally fund Somos Republicanos in several states, out of her own deep pockets?

    Nous, Nous Sommes Republicans, voulons savoir.

  15. There are pseudo Republican clubs in Pima County who are not Hispanic–it’s kinda the same thing.

  16. Let’s see, Somos Republicans in Iowa is on record as supporting Obama’s DREAM Act.

    Well … Iowa, Colorado, Texas, Arizona … and when push comes to shove, Somos pushes for the goals of DEMOCRAT Liberal Left at the expense of REPUBLICANS.

    Speaking of expenses, Somos Republicans seems to not want to discuss from what source it gets its money to fund multi-state activities. Transparency is a big issue these days. Where is it?

    So how come it’s half Spanish and half English? Spanglish?

  17. Nous avons trouve une chanson qui bien exprime l’essence de Nous Sommes Republicans:

  18. The Lou Show also dedicated some time to Somos and Dee Dee. Here is that show:
    Live Broadcast by Ustream.TV

  19. Saguaro Says:
    January 30th, 2011 at 11:10 am
    No wonder you all can’t get along. Extremists are ruining it for the country on both sides.
    Let me fix that for ya:

    LEFTIST Extremists are ruining it for the country by ignoring normal electoral processes and disrupting normal electoral processes.

    Pearce hasn’t done anything wrong. Sheriff Dupnik HAS. But one notices the attacks on a Republican and silence on the Democrat.

    If DeeDee was as sincere as she claims to be, she’d be VERY concerned about an ARBITRARY and politically-influenced application of the law by the sheriff. People tolerate a lot in life, provided they see that everyone must abide by the same rules. Once a sworn official dispensing law is discovered to openly favor one over another, is grossly prejudiced against a group, tensions and conflicts manifest.

    Dupnik has damaged the prosecution’s case against a murderer, and smeared innocent people. He HAS failed his oath of office, and has invited threats and attacks on innocent people.

    Pearce hasn’t done anything wrong. SB1070 simply asserts existing Federal law. DeeDee’s recall stunt displays a gross hypocrisy – so what if she manages a recall against Pearce? Even if SB1070 was repealed, the Federal laws that it employed verbatim aren’t going anywhere.

    Somos Republicans exposes its true un-Republican nature by its actions.

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