Protesters! Quick someone call the cops

McCain was in Tucson over the weekend with fellow Senator Scott Brown. There were about a dozen or so protesters outside the event at the Manning House. The easy political move is to ignore them, or better yet go out and shake their hands and talk with them. Instead, someone called the Tucson Police and reported that there was a fight. One of our readers in Tucson who was there sent this news report to us (thanks for the first-hand account.)


I’m not really sure who called the cops at the JOHN MCCAIN PROTEST: ROUND 2 organized by THE GOP PRECINCT COMMITTEEMEN AGAINST MCCAIN that was held on Saturday. I guess they thought a handful of peaceful protesters, including grandmothers and children, who were respectfully exercising their 1st Amendments rights posed such a danger that they had to call in backup. In fact, we were so respectful of Senator McCain’s rally, that even though I had been personally invited by FRIENDS OF JOHN MCCAIN via email to enter the rally, we chose to stand outside on the public sidewalk rather than entering the property. Here’s the invite:

McCain 2010

McCain 2010 Tucson Rally with
Senator Scott Brown!

There is no cost to attend this event!

The Manning House
450 West Paseo Redondo
Tucson, AZ 85701
Saturday, March 6, 2010
4:15 PM and goes until approximately 5:30 PM

Or maybe they felt the only way to level the playing field was to call in TPD since we were receiving more attention than McCain and Brown combined. Perhaps they didn’t like that we were interviewed by 3 out of the 4 local news channels. Or maybe it was because the JOHN MCCAIN PROTEST: ROUND2 was a statewide event that focused on protesting all three of Senator McCain’s campaign stops with fellow Senator Scott Brown – first at Montelucia Resort in Scottsdale, then the Arizona Inn in Tucson, and finally ending at the Manning House, also in Tucson. Perhaps it had something to do with McCain’s paid staff worker, Anthony Miller, also Chairman of LD20, who has recently been battling with a couple of the leaders of THE GOP PRECINCT COMMITTEEMEN AGAINST MCCAIN, who’s probably grouchy about these two recent stories:

And let’s not forget the original TUCSON PROTEST OF JOHN MCCAIN, when this story was written:

Maybe the McCain camp has finally reached the breaking point. The fact is that whoever called the police completely falsified their report. When the police came zipping around the corner and pulled up and asked me if we had seen a guy on a bicycle in a striped shirt fighting and yelling with people, we were shocked to say the least. Yes, one of us was on a quadcycle, but he wasn’t wearing a striped shirt or doing anything other than circling the Manning House loop with a sign that read: NO MORE MCCAIN. Hardly a reason to call the already understaffed TPD away from more important duties. In fact, 3 squad cars were called the first time. The second time, after the event had ended and McCain was outside being interviewed by the media, another squad car showed up within seconds after some of us were verbally voicing our 1st Amendment rights. Although this officer was very respectful and understanding of our rights, we were not able to continue exercising our rights because of this interference.

Was someone playing dirty politics here?


  1. Stephen Kohut says

    I was at the protest at the Montelucia Resort in Scottsdale. Unlike Tucson, there was no media outside to be seen. We were across the street on the public sidewalk from 9:00 until 10:30, about which time the stretch limo’s headed out.

    Am I surprised about what happening in Tucson? No. Not in the least. If anyone thinks that the RINO’s will rollover, it won’t happen. Folks better bone up on Alinsky’s 13 tactics for radicals and his ethics of means and ends because that is exactly how the RINO’s will play in this primary battle. This is a war for control of the GOP in AZ. Strategy and tactics in war apply regardless of the end you fight to achieve.

  2. Republican Lady says

    I knew McCain and his staff were playing dirty but this is even worse than I thought. Is this the same man who ran for President? Who couldn’t say a bad word about his opponent and who wouldn’t let anyone else say anything either? Even tho those “bad words” would have been the truth!! I guess we know who’s side he’s really on!

  3. The first round of police officers came looking for a man on a bicycle wearing stripped shirt, that was yelling and starting fights. Uh, no one by that description out with us. A lady from the event came out and told us that she wanted the truck with the horse trailer removed from out in front of the Manning House. It was long gone by the time the police showed up. Nice try with that one.

    It was great that the officer that arrived the 2nd time gave us a thumbs up and thanked us for doing what we were doing.

    Could it be that not everyone within the FOP is pleased with them endorsing McCain?

  4. No McCain says

    At both events in Tucson, McCain campaign people came out and were taking our pictures. Intimidation?

  5. Jeffrey Arizona says

    The horse and trailer were there FOR John McCain! The people in teh white t-shirts that were “McCain 2010” were ON the horse and getting their picures taken.

    I was there this entire time and I didn’t even know the polic were actually called. They never questioned me nor did I see any real interaction. In fact they were really nice and acutally supportive of US.

  6. SuzanneC says

    I was at a McCain rally here in Phoenix, I was on the protest side. One of his staff came out and started calling us names and threatened to call the police. I guess it is a McCain tactic for crowd control. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL, what a coward he is.


  7. I highly doubt it was the McCain camp that called the police. It seems more likely that police were already planning to be there based on two senators being there. John probably could care less about a few protestors. He’s probably more concerned about the two wars we’re in. This is silly, waste of time even contemplating. Protestors and Police….The police in that photo look real intimidating…It’s not like they were bashing protestors with clubs. They were probably directing them, nothing out of the unusual or oppressive. The police are an independent force far from the strings of any campaign.

  8. It appears to me we are dealing here with a small but loud mouthed bunch of rebels with no cause but rebelling for rebellion sake.
    By the looks of some of them they might well be angry at the Government for not having been granted P.T.S.S. with 125% early disability pay as a consequence of being shell shocked during the Grenada war.

  9. Amen Horst! 10 whole protestors? They make the Hayworth campaign look stupid!

  10. Stephen Kohut says

    We have our two McRINOacs. Jeff Vath (AKA TonyGOPrano) of paid shill/I never use my real name fame and clothing option resorter Horst. What a pair of supporters! With backers like those how can McRINO lose. He can hide behind Jeff and cover himself with Horst. Photo op!

    Here’s a question boys. Name the last time ANY Arizona Senator running for re-election faced ANY routine and ongoing protests from his party’s PC’s and members, faced a hotly contested primary, faced …. Good luck with finding anyone other than McRINO.

    Any by the way boys, I’m still waiting for your promised meetup with McRINO or can’t you produce what you promise? Gotta love those keyboard warriors that can type so well and acomplish soooo little.

  11. Why would Senator McCain want to meet with a nutcase like you Mr. Konut? You are a total embarassment to your cause. Keep it up Stevie…love watching you implode!

  12. JustAnotherAzPC says

    Clark T., at the Arizona Inn protest, not one LEO showed up. Someone from the Inn came out before McCain’s arrival and told us we were on private property and asked us to kindly get off. We respectfully moved on to the public sidewalk.

    If anyone called the cops on the McCain protestors, I would place a bet on Mike Hellon or Judi White. Mike Hellon is as ballistic as McCain and I wouldn’t put anything past him.

  13. Stephen Kohut says

    Jeffy Vath (AKA TonyGOPrano)!

    How is it running a .ning. site with over 600 made up people on it. Gotta be a bear coming up with that many fake names, etc. I would think McRINO would get better for his money but maybe falsehood is all he can get when it’s you at the keyboard.

    I’m having a grand time. Couple of new conservative PC’s recruited most weeks. Hot air let out of windbags like you that can’t back up their stuff. Meetings to work on. Candidates to vet. Primary GOTV to plan. McRINO running scared. How can it get any better when I get to poke at you and Horst? My god, what a comic twosome. You guys are a comics dream come true. The very best part is you didn’t answer my question of the last time a AZ Senator running for reelection was protested by his own party’s people in the primary. Kinda makes McRINO a “special” guy, doesn’t it?

  14. Stephen Kohut says

    One more thing Jeffy,

    You need a new photo old boy. What are you going to do when conservatives clean house in the leadership the AZ GOP? Go off into exile? Hide under a rock in LD-6? Ask Don Biven to take you under his wing in the Debtocratic Party? If you need Don’s cell number, I have it on speed dial. I don’t like his politics but Don is one heck on an attorney. I’d be more than happy to hook you up with Don and his donkey people since that looks to be your natural home. Unlike you or Horst with your claims about setting up meetings with McCain, I can deliver on my offers. Want to go donkey?

  15. Horst and Tony,

    I don’t recall meeting either of you there, so to try and smear people that you don’t even know is pretty stupid isn’t it? As for loud mouthed, the only time anyone even said anything loud was when I, personally, yelled at McCain and Brown that AZ deserved better than those RINOs.

    Someone is lying about why the cops were called. It is either the police or the people inside the Manning House. We’ll get it cleared up with a release of the 911 calls. I have video of a lady that came out saying that she wanted a truck and trailer moved. The vehicle had been moved long before the 3 cop cars came barreling into the loop. If she’s the one that called and said we were starting a fight, then I think she is the one with the egg on her face. If she did indeed call and say that she wanted the truck moved, then the cops will have the egg on their faces because they said they were looking for a guy on a bike wearing a stripped shirt that had been yelling at people and starting a fight. Not true. We’ll find out though.

  16. Radical American Patriot says

    Earlier TonyGOPrano (AKA Jeff Vath)Says:
    March 8th, 2010 at 4:32 pm
    Amen Horst! 10 whole protestors?

    According to news reports there were 150 or so people in attendance inside the meeting. THERE were MORE than that a JD’s Volunteer training. McCain doesn’t have volunteers, rather paid political pimps and ‘hos who are expecting handouts, favors and table scraps from the elitist snobs who bouth and paid for McCain many years ago. McCain is a Progressive liar. He is using his “Saddlesore Canyon” co-star Lindsey (recall Rush’s parody!?) as his front man for Amnesty.

    Horst, If you want to see a real protest, go to Searchlight on March 27th. Sarah will get an eyeful, as well as an earful for here obligatory support. After McCain’s friend and henchman Steve Schmidt viciously savaged Sarah during and after the campaign, Palin should have brought some polar bears with her to McCain’s Campaign HQ.

    We’ve GOT to reverse Progressives like McCain and Lindsey girl.

  17. Radical American Patriot says

    Jeff Vath’s name would indicate that he is the McCain’s knuckle dragging political (maybe physical?)knee-capper. There always has to be an accomplished pathological liar in any Progressive’s campaign. McCain’s ratings over the last 10 years by both American Conservative Union and the National Journal, show voting much closer to Ben Nelson, D-Nebraska, or or Maine sisters Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins. McCain is enemy to EVERYONE who believes in our National Sovereignty and secure borders.

  18. Oh my goodness! The fast and loose assumption that the police were called for protesters, even if it was just a piddly performance, were at the bequest or demand of McCain…?

    Y’all have lost it. That is an assumption on my part…that you ever had it at all!

  19. Valerie J. says

    Where do you sign up for GOP Precinct Committeemen against John McStain?

    Jeff Vath and Horst Kraus, Why don’t you find a party with a platform you agree with? GOP Platform is “no amnesty” and no sactuary city policies. Sanctity of Life and less government. Everything McRino is against.

  20. American Patriot
    Congratulation for picking the right adjective.
    Radical is very fitting and very Right.

  21. I’m sure the Boston Tea Party was considered radical. It was also a good thing. Radical is not always wrong. It just depends on how big a change is needed whether something is radical or not. When you have a Repubican senator voting for bailouts, cap and trade, supplement regulation, amnesty, etc. etc., radical change is needed.

  22. Stephen Kohut says

    Valarie J.,

    Contact me at and I’ll see where you are and who I can hook you up with.

  23. Cathy Motley says

    Horst commented, “It appears to me we are dealing here with a small but loud mouthed bunch of rebels with no cause but rebelling for rebellion sake.”

    As one of those who sacrificed a great proportion of my time Saturday afternoon to stand for my convictions I could just as well assume that you spew for spewings sake.

  24. Stephen Kohut says


    Notice that neither Horst nor Jeff Vath (AKA TonyGOPrano) ever answered my question of the last time an AZ Senator running for reelection was protested by his own party’s PC’s. Answer? Never that I have been able to find until McRINO.

  25. Jacklyn M. says

    I was in Tucson for this. I never even heard the police were there until reading this blog post.

    I thought everyone was quite cordial. The only thing I thought a little rude was when Senator McCain was talking to the news camera, there was a protester yelling something, but I was too far away to hear.

    I thought the people in the campaign were nice, and I thought the protesters were nice.

    God Bless America.

  26. Horst:

    In your universe anyone who has moral principles is a radical!

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