Protest against Obama organized for Wednesday in Mesa

From the Facebook Event Page:

President Obama will be in the Valley on Wednesday. Let’s welcome him into town with a nice protest in response to his signing of the enormous spending package he just pushed through congress. This bill was nearly 1,100 pages, and not one member of Congress read the bill before voting on it, and it wasn’t posted on the Internet, as promised by Obama on the campaign trail. So much for the era of change and transparency.

Our generation (and probably the next) will be paying for this for the rest of our lives. This is generational theft. Don’t sit back and let it continue.

Hundreds of That One’s followers will be making the pilgrimage so please carpool and arrive early!

We couldn’t stop this spending package, but we can help pin its effects on Obama and the Democrats.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009
8:00am – 1:00pm
Meet at the SE corner of Guadalupe and Dobson
1955 W Guadalupe Rd
Mesa, AZ

Click Here to RSVP for the Protest!

Sponsored by the Arizona College Republicans


  1. Basil St. John says

    Why didn’t the college Republicans worry about generational theft when the GOP was running up the deficit?

  2. “The One” is Jet Li–not President Obama.

  3. If we had been able to vote for Jet Li, there wouldn’t have been a problem. He could have taken care of North Korea and Iran with the help of Secretary of State Chuck Norris.

    Instead we got a Jimmy Carter who thinks he is Roosevelt.

  4. I know that I wasn’t a fan of when Bush was spending too much. Just like I am not a fan when Obama is spending even more.

    Selective outrage by the Left and Right is laughable.

  5. Veritas Vincit says


    Seems that all he can do is travel on Airforce One, talk then get on the plane and go somewhere else and talk, then get on the plane and go somewhere else and talk…

    He doesn’t know what he’s doing – his minions appointed by the Clinton’s are running the show and he’s just the poster boy.

  6. Basil St. John says

    Well, that’s not all he can do. He can get his stimulus plan through Congress in less than a month in office. Like it or not, that’s an accomplishment. It had been written off as dead last week.

  7. So, Veritas Vincit, you get the picture.
    BHO really likes his new toy, his new “spiffy ride”. In my view, he should sit himself down in the oval office and get to work. He is as you say still in campaign mode. Can you imagine how much it is costing each taxpayer every time those jets are fired up? Pelosi is bad enough flying back and to from D.C. to CA on her own plane, but with BHO, every time he goes anywhere, the secret service has to set up vast security measures which are added to the cost of fuel. Tell me how frugal we citizens must be again?

  8. Basil St. John & Adrock – For the record, College Republicans were NEVER happy about President Bush’s outrageous spending. It was often the topic of discussion in our meetings. Since we never demonstrated during a President Bush visit, do you suggest we just sit back while our future is stolen from us for the sake of a “rare” mouse in Nancy Pelosi’s district? We refuse to make that mistake again. If you disagree with our message, all I ask is that you support our right to a peaceful demonstration.

    ccburro- The message says “THAT One” not “THE One” 🙂

  9. “We refuse to make that mistake again.”

    Yeah. Mistake. That’s what it was.

  10. Veritas Vincit says

    In case Basil tries to baffle us again and, for the record – it was no big deal to get the Economic Stimulus ‘pelosi sandwich’ passed since the Dems in Congress wanted a blank check anyway to pay off campaign favors …

    I would have been a *real* accomplishment IF the Obamanation had been able to muster a truly bipartisan passage of the Crap Sandwich.

    Writing a blank check you don’t have to honor isn’t an accomplishment – its a disgrace.

  11. Basil St. John says

    Matt: So you talked about how you were unhappy with the GOP’s spending when Bush was in charge but decided against protesting because…it would have been disloyal? Or was there another reason?

    The mouse story, BTW, is bogus. Are you repeating it because (a) you believe it to be true or (b) because you know it’s not true, but it sounds good?

    You have every right to protest. I’d hope that you’d do it on principle and not partisan opportunity.

  12. Basil,

    “You have every right to protest. I’d hope that you’d do it on principle and not partisan opportunity.”

    I also hope that it rains gumdrops tomorrow. We both know that neither of those things will happen.

  13. The act was on both the senate and house web pages and can also be found here:

  14. Basil St. John says

    Klute: Yeah, I know it ain’t gonna happen. It just gets so tiresome listening to conservatives talk about the importance of their principles…when they clearly put party first, principles second and country third.

  15. Basil,

    I think you put the country to high on the list. I think it goes “Party First, Appearances Second, Pocketbook Third, Principles (Scold) Fourth, Country Fifth, Principles (Non-Scold) Sixth.”

    OH, and to Matt whatever, this:

    “We couldn’t stop this spending package, but we can help pin its effects on Obama and the Democrats.”

    Please? We’d really like a few more seats in the Senate in 2010.

  16. Klute and Basil,
    Do you really sit around all day and wait for a post on SA?

  17. Ronald,

    SA is just one of the many sites (liberal and conservative and other) I visit each day. SA just tends to provide the most grist for the mill. As a writer, I’m constantly looking for material, plus debating on SA keeps my rhetorical skills sharp.

  18. The Obumble can get his $800 billion through Congress in record time???

    Mickey Mouse and Barbie could do that just as easily when you don’t need any Republican votes to get it through. Not to mention voting on a bill that wasn’t even published and read by one single member of Congress!!!

    If you’re going to try and pump up your position, at least have an argument that isn’t a fishnet with as many holes in it…

  19. Basil St. John says

    Ronald: I’m mostly here just to see what Klute has to say. I appreciate DSW giving him a forum.

    Patriot: I don’t know if you were paying attention to the news before the stimulus was passed, but there were any number of reports saying it was in trouble.

    Here’s a Fox News link: It’s a fair and balanced report!

    And I don’t know if you noticed, but Obama did need to get some Republican votes in the Senate.

  20. Republicans were NOT happy about Bush’s spending BUT ALSO, keep in mind BUSH did NOT spend a trillion dollars in the very first month of office. Bush did not push an 800 billion dollar bill which did not allow for members of congress to read. Bush did not push for America to begin living off the Government, nor did he give speech after speech putting down those who have worked hard in this country. Also, Bush worked – Obama and Pelosi fly around on their jets giving speeches – basically doing nothing. Obama didn’t even write that porkulus he pushed through in a few days. And for those who think that bill is an accomplishment – well, I would love to hear from you in a few years when unemployment is higher and we have stagflation. Also, if the bill is such an accomplishment why are they now coming out saying the porkulus is only 30% stimulative and now must pass a REAL stimulus?? The bill he pushed through was nothing more than a power grab. Shame on Obama for shoving that down our throats and not allowing congress enough time to even read the bill. Also shame on his for once again lying to America about posting bills online for 5 days before voting on the bill – hmmmmmm I wonder what happened. Obama knew the more American knew about this porkulus stinker the worse it would be for him and his fellow power grabbers. ENOUGH OF OBAMA – HE WILL GO DOWN AS THE WORST PRESIDENT IN THE USA AND WILL BE A ONE TERMER. THANK GOD!

  21. Basil,

    If you’re being sincere, awww. You’re always welcome over at Upton Sinclair’s Nightmare Sausage ( It’s pretty much the same as here, but I use the words **** and ********* a lot more.

    If you’re not, funny. Heh.

  22. To all,

    By reading prior posts, it’s obvious that we all love our country and want her to succeed. However, I don’t think there are any means to obtain this goal that have been agreed upon. We don’t all have to approve what Obama has done so far, but I find it counterproductive to try to “help pin its effects on Obama and the Democrats”. It’s really a shame that our country has been torn right down the middle with all this “corrupt Republican, dumbo Democrat” talk, and if we all truly want America to succeed, we can’t have this mindset. Many of these posts seems to be written by extremely narrow-minded people, and I hope ALL of us will be able to at least listen and think about what each of us says, WITHOUT condemning.


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