Prop 480: A Billion Dollar Boondoggle

A $1.4 BILLION property tax increase. That is the one thing the proponents of Proposition 480 keep leaving off their talking points. Proposition 480 is a $1.4 Billion property tax increase to pay for a brand, spanking new Government County Hospital.

Keep in mind we already spent millions for hospitals expanding Medicaid and we haven’t even seen how much the increased revenue has been to the County Hospital yet. Plus, keep in mind you are already being taxed on your property tax bill for the County Hospital to the tune of $60 million a year. How much is enough for more government health care?

Clearly, the County Hospital wants to compete with the private sector hospitals which was not its original mission. In fact, it was to serve those that cannot be served by the private hospitals. So, let me get this right, they now want to use $1.4 billion of new tax money to compete with the private sector to provide EVEN MORE government healthcare. Who thinks that is a good idea?

Well, you won’t be surprised to learn that the same forces that rammed Medicaid expansion through the legislature are at it again. Insider, political operative, Chuck Coughlin is the head cheerleader for proposition 480 and he has put together a “who’s who” list of tax increase supporters like Ed Pastor, Mary Rose “Never met a tax I didn’t like” Wilcox, Rodney Glassman from (we can’t tax you enough, Pima County), and Michael “we need a bigger tax for light rail” Johnson. What’s $1.4 Billion to them, right?

And doesn’t anyone find it slightly curious that they are actually spending all this money to provide LESS beds? That’s right. We are spending over a BILLION dollars to make a SMALLER hospital with less beds. Only government works this effectively to produce less with more.

Don’t let this proposition sneak by because nobody knew it was over a BILLION dollars. E-mail your friends and neighbors to check out the website at and urge them to vote NO on Proportion 480 so all of us can avoid the 3rd largest tax increase in Arizona history, paid for by the citizens of only one county!

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