Promoting Non-Destructive Stem Cell Research


Here is a great ad put together by our friends at VirtueMedia that should have been used throughout Missouri by the pro-life movement.

Maybe Republicans will wise up someday and go on the offensive to promote adult stem cell research instead of destructive embryonic experimentation.

Click here to watch the ad.


  1. Jan Brewer for Governor in 2010 ????

  2. It _is_ a good add.

    Of course, like most adds on controversial topics, it’s got points
    which are disingenuous at best.

    Some examples:

    The statement ESCR has produced no cures is factually true. However,
    as I posted in some earlier thread a couple weeks ago, given the
    period of time we’ve been researching them, there is no chance
    whatsoever they would have produced a cure yet.

    She mentions non-destructive stem cells. It’s true some of these,
    which we’ve been researching for up to 40 years, have produced cures
    for various ailments. It’s also true those forms of stem cells
    emphatically do _not_ possess the capabilities of embryonic stem
    cells, which is why ESC’s are considered such a promising research area.

    Then there is the whole debate over whether a small clump of cells ==
    a person. I say no, so this entire argument on morality is simply
    misplaced to me — I consider it immoral to consider a small,
    unthinking clump of cells ahead of living, thinking, suffering human
    beings. However, for those who agree with the speaker, it’s a very
    persuasive argument.

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