Pro-McCain blog falsely accuses JD Hayworth campaign of filing FEC reports late

Another blog is falsely reporting that JD Hayworth 2010 filed his April 15th campaign finance report late.

In actuality, JD not only filed it timely, but was the only candidate in the race to file electronically, making his report available to everyone sooner, on April 15.

McCain, who has always filed electronically in the past, for some reason (didn’t want to be as transparent?) mailed his finance report in.

The following documents validate that JD Hayworth 2010 did indeed file campaign finance reports on time:


  1. McCain people used the same slimy tactics a few months ago against Randy Pullen and the Arizona Republican Party. With the same result.

  2. This is a UPS mailing receipt for a letter, not 350 pages of a finance report. That many pages must weigh 5+ lbs and wouldn’t fit into a UPS overnight letter envelope. Besides, UPS doesn’t offer a service that verifies whether or not a document was really sent via email or another secure site. If the report was sent “online” and on-time, it seems like it would not have been the last report posted on the FEC – one week after every other candidate.

    Kind of irrelevant considering that Arizona is otherwise getting torn apart. Let’s don’t focus on Wall Street’s Big Brown. Arizona has it’s own Big Brown issues to worry about.

  3. Leven Small says

    As if the unethical JD Hayworth has never had his baboons publish information that was incorrect? JD is so corrupt he cannot see. JD needs all the media attention he can get because his campaign runs on one thing, and that thing is slipping out of his fingers…

  4. Repub Irish Grl says

    Kudos to JD..if he could have only produced his donors list that efficiently! I would agree with Leven on the unethical part, corrupt part, media part…the one thing Leven left out was that JD LOST his seat to a democrat, and that is something as a Republican, I do NOT want to see happen again, JD is too big of a gamble!

  5. Repub Irish Grl,

    Are you serious under the delusion that a Democrat is going to win in Arizona in 2010?

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