Pro-Lifer Attacked in Flagstaff

Continuing the assault on pro-life protesters, two Flagstaff women attacked an elderly peaceful protester in Flagstaff yesterday. The man who regularly protests in front of Flagstaff city hall was carrying a sign of an aborted baby as a reminder of what always happens during an abortion. The two women flew into an outrage, began shouting profanities and attempted to destroy the sign. The 69-year old man tried to protect himself and the sign which led to a throwdown to the ground. The Arizona Daily Sun reports:

According to information from the Flagstaff Police Department, the 69-year-old victim was standing in front of City Hall with a graphic sign of an aborted fetus when he was approached by the two women. According to witnesses, the two women began to yell profanities at the victim. One woman kicked the sign and tried to take it. The victim tried to protect the sign and took the woman to the ground. While the two were on the ground fighting, the second woman joined the fray and tried to take the sign. The victim had to fight the other woman off as well.

Paramedics arrived on scene to treat minor injuries.

The two women, both 48, were cited and released on misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and criminal damage.

I have to wonder if the gentleman would have been attacked if he had been carrying a sign showing the open casket of Emmett Till?


  1. Veritas Vincit says

    Now is there any question when I refer to Obama supporters (which it is safe to say these women were) are Nazis and Obama is a tyrant-in-waiting?

    I hope this man files a Hate Crime complaint against these two woman. Simply put, his 1st Amendment was “thrown-down” by these two harpies.

    Has Hate Crime all over it.

  2. Yes it does, VV. Sad, very sad.

  3. very nice thank’s Smile

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