Pro-Immigrant Republicans React to AZ Election Results: AZ Turning Purple!

Phoenix, Arizona – National pro-immigration GOP group Cafe Con Leche Republicans today reacted to Arizona’s election results.

Nationally, the election results show the Republican Party needs to fundamentally change the way the GOP engages with Hispanics, who overwhelmingly voted for Obama, especially the tone on immigration. According to a Pew Research polls, 62% of Hispanics are center-right ideologically, yet Mitt Romney received 23%, barely one third of that. Just eight years ago President Bush received over 40% of the Hispanic vote.

Mitt Romney received bad advice and focused messaging to Hispanics on the economy and largely ignored immigration. However, as Marco Rubio said “It’s very hard to make the economic argument to people who think you want to deport their grandmother.

In 1994 California Gov. Pete Wilson jumped on the anti-illegal immigration Proposition 187 bandwagon to bolster his flagging reelection poll numbers. Proposition 187 drove legions of conservative Hispanics from the GOP, and the GOP has not been competitive in statewide races in California ever since.

Arizona has been the scene of some of the harshest rhetoric on immigration, and this week’s election results show many Arizonans, especially Hispanics, reject extremism on immigration, and while they want secure borders, they also want practical and humane solutions to our broken immigration system.

For a ‘deep red’ state, this week’s results show that extremism on immigration is hurting the Republican Party in Arizona. Normally Arizona’s U.S. Senate seats are ‘safe’ for Republicans because Arizona is a very conservative state, but Jeff Flake received a bare majority, just 50.01%, in his U.S. Senate race against a Democratic candidate with considerable personal baggage.

It is rare for Libertarian candidates anywhere to receive more than 1% of the vote, but in Arizona many Libertarian candidates received well over 1% in competitive three-way races, while the Libertarian presidential candidate received 1.29% in Arizona versus 0.9% nationally. Here are the Libertarian Party unofficial results in competitive three-way races in Arizona from the Arizona Secretary of State web site:

U.S. Senate 4.38%
Congressional District 1 – 5.88% (Republican Jonathon Paton lost to Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick, 48.49% – 45.54% due to Libertarian vote)
Congressional District 3 – 4.37%
Congressional District 4 – 3.7%
Congressional District 6 – 3.29%
Congressional District 9 – 6.35% (Republican Vernon Parker lost to Democrat Kyrsten Sinema, 47.81% – 45.71% due to Libertarian vote)
Legislative District 8 Senator – 4.9% (Republican Joe Ortiz lost to Democrat Barbara McGuire, 48.68% – 46.32% due to Libertarian vote)

Libertarian party values and positions are much closer to conservatives than liberals, and it is apparent many conservatives voted Libertarian in protest against the Arizona GOP’s heavy tilt into extremism in recent years. In Congressional districts one and nine, and senator from LD 8, it is apparent the Libertarian candidate siphoned enough votes away from the GOP candidate that the Democrat won the election!

It would be easy to attribute the Libertarian protest vote to other reasons, but in the 2010 election Libertarian Andrea Garcia won 9% of the vote against Russell Pearce, one of Arizona’s most notorious immigration extremists, the second highest ever for any Libertarian candidate in a competitive three-way race. Andrea Garcia was a GOP activist for many years, before moving to Mesa and finding an unwelcome climate in the GOP there, and switching to Libertarian.

Another Republican activist for many years, Blanca Guerra, left the GOP and ran as a Libertarian, in large measure due to the hostility she encountered. Blanca was one of Cafe Con Leche Republican’s founding members, and initially ran as a GOP candidate for CD 3 before leaving the GOP (and Cafe Con Leche Republicans) to run as a Libertarian. In reviewing election results for CD 3 over a period of years shows candidates with more extreme views on immigration lose by larger margins.

A welcome exception to Arizona’s trend towards purple is Bob Worsley’s election as Senator in LD 25. Bob Worsley is a conservative Mormon, who has been pastor in a predominately Hispanic Church, spent years overseas as a missionary in Latin America, and has sensible views on immigration and understands immigration and Hispanics. Not surprisingly, he won handily against his Democratic opponent, and also handily defeated Russell Pearce in the GOP primary.

It’s time for a wave of change in the Arizona GOP. Arizona is clearly turning purple, and a high percentage of Hispanics, Arizona’s fastest growing demographic is voting Democrat, despite generally conservative values. We’ve lately heard rumors that Russell Pearce may become Arizona’s next state chairman. In our opinion, electing Russell Pearce as Arizona GOP Chairman would be catastrophic for the GOP. If anything Pearce should step down as First Vice-Chair, as he is one of the most polarizing figures in Arizona politics today. It’s time to return the Arizona GOP to the Party of Lincoln, following Reagan’s “big tent” model rather than shrinking the GOP base into something more of a ‘pup tent.’


About Us – Cafe Con Leche Republicans is a national organization of Republicans who welcome “New Americans”, defined as immigrants and family of recent immigrants. Our mission is to make America and the GOP, more welcoming to “New Immigrants” through political activism, “in-reach” and education within the Republican Party, and lobbying government to adopt more immigrant friendly policies. We also seek to bring more conservative and moderate “New Americans” to the Republican Party. These efforts will strengthen the GOP, and lead more Republicans to embrace welcoming policies for immigrants and their families. We have members nationwide, with chapters in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, and California. Our members and leadership are predominantly Hispanic, though we define ourselves by mission and guiding principles, not ethnicity, and we welcome all who share our goals. Our leadership is 100% Republican.

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  1. Republicans??? How so???

    A very wise man once said, “If you have a dog, and you start calling his tail a leg, how many legs does the dog have?”

    Then he gave the answer: “Four legs – you can call the tail anything you want to, but it will still be a tail.”

    You can call these subversive leftists republicans all day & all night and they will still just be subversive leftists and not Republicans. Why shucks, just look at BlondBoy McFlake! …and good ol’ Marco Rubio, throwing the GOP under the Café Con Leche camion (bus).

    If you don’t like the Republican Party & Platform, then go somewhere else. Go suck up the kool-aid con leche in the DC welfare trough. Conservatives will continue to stand for the protection, preservation and prosperity of US.

    God bless America.

    • Cafe Con Leche says

      A majority of Republicans overall, including a 49/49% split of “staunch conservatives” support immigration reform including a path to legalization, according to a May 2011 study by Pew Research.

      Your comment “If you don’t like the Republican Party & Platform, then go somewhere else” is indeed unfortunate. Perhaps you need to reread that platform, as it calls for immigration reform. The platform reflects the deep divide on this issue within the Republican party, with some wanting an enforcement-only approach while others want broad reforms.

      • Veritas Vincit says

        A “path to legalization” can take many forms. Legal status; citizenship no… for that they need to go through the line just like everyone else.

        • Cafe Con Leche says

          Unless one is a family member of a citizen or a highly skilled professional, there is no line. There never was a line for most who came here illegally. Family members of citizens experience considerable delays. You can find out how much here. Some have waited their turn since March 1989 due to a 7% cap on any one nation. A few nations are subject to the 7% cap and that lengthens the wait time. A populous nation like China or India has the same cap as Greenland.

          Once an immigrant accumulates one year of unlawful presence, there’s a ten year bar to admissability (three year bar after six months)…in other words they would have to leave the U.S. for ten years, and then get into the line that doesn’t exist. The 3/10 year bar was passed in 1996 to stop illegal immigration. You can see how well that worked…bar someone from something they couldn’t obtain anyway, an immigrant visa.

          Some sensible solutions include: get rid of 7% cap; replace guest worker visas with a system that flexes with the economy’s needs for guest workers, allow unauthorized immigrants to stay on temporary status if they have no criminal background, accept responsibility, pay a fine and back taxes, and wait in the back of line behind legal immigrants who are still waiting (i.e. no ‘line cutting’).

    • Except in Arizona, where they are first in line for government handouts — alt fuels, and our tax supported stadiums come to mind — and the legislation was passed by conservative republican legislatures, and signed by a conservative republican governor.

  2. Why did you take down my post on the Libertarian vote if you have the same thing on the main article today?

    The only difference is I refuse ever to vote for these spoilers, why do they not go join the Democrats and mess their party up? They did the same thing in colorado, the druggie vote. What I do not understand is the Democrat Party wants to give them the drugs, keep them drugged up. The Democrats want to keept he borders opened, they take no pride in their heritage, the Libertarian platform calls for “Free Trade of Goods and Services”, that means open borders. The Libertarians are anarchist, they think they can control themselves without being told what to do, such as the use of drugs or prostitution, or gambling. I even agree certain people will always do what is right, but tell me about different cultures the Muslims believe raping 6 year olds is ok, does the rest of the world? Does that mean we need no laws against rape? Remember until the age of consent was written int he law, there was none, remember the murder of your wife for adultry was an excuse for murder not that, long ago.

    The Libertarians believe we stole votes from Ron Paul, that man could not win garbage collector, they try and start a revolt no matter where they go, and they wonder why we refuse to support their idiotic candidates. No it was the Libertarians who stole the election from us, I for one will never vote for any of their candidates. Even Wayne Allen Root knew Gary Johnson and Ron Paul could not win anything, he supported Mitt Romney.

    • Cafe Con Leche says

      We did not take down your post. We have posting privileges, but are not the admins for Sonoran Alliance.

      From what I’ve seen of Ron Paul supporters, some understand how our system works and backed the successful nominees, while others think they can force everyone else to accept their worldview. It’s no accident that every nation with a similar electoral system similar to ours has two major parties. Political scientists have studied this for decades and all the studies find the same thing. Voting for a third party candidate or Independent usually helps one of the two major parties, as the recent Libertarian vote in Arizona shows. The loss of two congressional races to Democrats in Arizona proves that point.

      • Jill Arizona says

        Cafe Con Leche needs to do some fact checking because below statement is DEAD WRONG…

        “Congressional District 1 – 5.88% (Republican Jonathon Paton lost to Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick, 48.49% – 45.54% due to Libertarian vote)”

        Here is the truth coming directly from the Paton campaign…

        Robert Mayer: Before this gets out of hand, let me point out that Ron Paul supporters all across CD1 stepped up and worked hard for Paton, ensuring both everyday as well as philosphically libertarian voters knew to vote for Paton. So for that we are totally thankful — along with all the other volunteers — for the extraordinary efforts!

        In my analysis of the numbers, the neither the LBT vote or Native American vote explains the difference. The Dems planted Kim Allen as a writein after the GOP successfully got the other plant, Anthony Prowell, kicked off the ballot. Kirkpatrick’s campaign was so negative that many voters registered a protest vote, which went to Kim Allen by default. It’s nothing to do with philosophy. You can tell this is the case when looking at the vote discrepancy between us and Romney… it’s all protest vote.

        Of course, if Kim Allen had not been able to switch over to CD1 and do his phony write-in campaign (I say phony because the guy is in no way LBT — he supports Obamacare but doesn’t think it goes far enough) then I think we would have won. We have to be even more vigilant for these shenanigans next time.

    • Jill Arizona says

      Hey CD9, you say “Even Wayne Allen Root knew Gary Johnson and Ron Paul could not win anything, he supported Mitt Romney”
      ….remind me again what Romney won???

      • Jill.

        Yes Romney lost, you can remind me just what the Libertarians won? Oh Pot in Colorado and Washington State, yes the pot head Libertarians. they won using pot which to many is a gatway drug to the harder cocain and heroin.

  3. I can’t believe no one here is talking about the DREAM Act.

    You’re new boyfriend, Marco Rubio, is going to be talking about the DREAM Act, I assure you.

    And how anyone can say that kids who were brought here by their parents, grew up here in the US, and worked hard enough to go to university don’t deserve a square deal from this country, well, be prepared for this to be to new rape baby.

    • Cafe Con Leche says

      The DREAM Act is more a ‘band aid’ approach that does nothing to address root causes of illegal immigration, such as guest worker programs that don’t meet our needs.

      A complete immigration overhaul will make the DREAM Act unnecessary.

  4. Just because these kids were brought here by their Illegal Parents does not give them the right to an education, healcare, food stamps, and or anything else. I feel for them, but the Parents are criminals, deport them. They are as much a leach on our society as the cronic unemployed who have illigitimate after illigitimate kid and collect welfare to support them. And please tell me just why should we give out VISA’s easier? We have unemployment by American’s at record numbers, they need to go home and change the policies of their own Country. Maybe you do not care about your heritage and your culture Cafe Con, but I for one do.

    I am tired of illegals voting and this administration allows it, and you are just saying “well ok”, they are here let them vote. I said over a year ago, similar to what Rush is saying now, ok, jobs after Americans first and never allowed to vote, he gives them 25 years before they can vote, but like all laws the democrats as soon as they are in power they change them to keep them in power instead of America. And the Libertarians are not much better, they vote for free drugs and yes they did by their drug vote give two Congressional seats to the Democrats, one an admitted socialist/bi-sexual. I guess that is how they will get their freedoms back, regulations and more regulations but they will get their drugs.

    • “I am tired of illegals voting and this administration allows it…”

      Where is one instance of this happening? I saw at least three instances of white Republican voter fraud, but there is no proof other than your “feelings”. Maybe you need to light some incense, get out your crystals, really focus on your chi and get those “feelings” in line with “reality”.

      “I said over a year ago, similar to what Rush is saying now, ok, jobs after Americans first and never allowed to vote, he gives them 25 years before they can vote, but like all laws the democrats as soon as they are in power they change them to keep them in power instead of America.”

      You know, I bet you believe in an “English-Only” Amendment to the Constitution. After reading that sentence, I think you need to brush up on the grammar rules of that language you love so very much.

      “I guess that is how they will get their freedoms back, regulations and more regulations but they will get their drugs.”

      Shorter CD9: “I’m for personal freedom, as long as it fits within the boundaries to those things I believe in!”

      “Maybe you do not care about your heritage and your culture Cafe Con, but I for one do.”

      I think someone needs to look at the names of the cities and areas to the South of Phoenix, and see what hertiage and culture exists there.

  5. Do we really have to be subjected to this crap on SA?

  6. Who’s crap, Klute’s, who thinks just because the illegals live in southern Arizona we should accept them as legal citizens? No, but Oh Klute I see you voted for the Liberals too, you wanted drugs so you got more regulations from obama, please tell me what you accompolished. libertarians are fools, they knew they could not win a damn thing, but they got their way in Colorado, Washington and Oregon, they can smoke POT as long as the Fed does not go after them, lol, but they got less freedoms from Obama. I I am trying to figure something I think is my right to do that will effect another, but guess what I can’t. And yes your drugs will eventually effect ofthers, Pot is a gateway drug for many who cant control their urges, prostitution can most certainly hurt the wife of the man hiring the pro if he gets a disease and passes it on to her. The Libertarians want free trade of goods and services, do you know what that means, it means open borders, so anybody can come here.

    I am not trying to start any argument. Again, I will never support a Libertarian, all they have accompolished is giving us a Totalatarian/Socialst Government. they stopped nothing and accompolished nothing.

    • Someone’s not been taking their meds…..

    • OK, first up, I think you need to dial back the crazy. I know you’re freaking out about Congresswoman Sinema and worried you’re gonna have to get gay married or something, but I assure you life in CD9 will soldier on as it has been.

      Secondly, this?

      “Who’s crap, Klute’s, who thinks just because the illegals live in southern Arizona we should accept them as legal citizens?”

      Was because you said this:

      “Maybe you do not care about your heritage and your culture…”

      Arizona’s heritage, especially Southern Arizona, has about 400 years of Spanish-Mexican heritage and culture behind it. So,when you say something like “heritage and culture”, I think “oh boy, here we go”.

      “No, but Oh Klute I see you voted for the Liberals too, you wanted drugs so you got more regulations from obama, please tell me what you accompolished.”

      Accomplishments: Lily Ledbetter, DADT overturned, PPACA, Iraq War ended, Bin Laden dead, GM alive, l’il DREAM Act, etc. etc. roll tape. Oh, and the Shark Conservation Act of 2009 signed (I know that last one’s obscure, but it was a big deal for me).

      As to all the pot things, I don’t partake. I support it, especially because when I get cancer, I’d like to be able to have the full range of treatments that my doctor and I decide work for me, not what some paranoid and priggish blue-nose thinks I should have available.

  7. Awww, Klute, of course I must be priggish becaue I respect the laws, Oh well. Pot in many cases is a gatway drug, even if you chose not to believe that. Then we all pay the price for their constantly wanting to feel good, and please do not tell me I know nothing about drugs.I worked in a drug rehab clinic, not vey long because I have no respect fot those people. Most there could not stop at Pot they moved on the the stronger drugs, then a life of crime. Awwwwwwww, they needed money to keep them in drugs.

    And yes I am alarmed that the Libertarians caused the election of 2 democrats, they are spoilers nothing more. they accompolished nothing but getting POT approved on the state level.

  8. “Awww, Klute, of course I must be priggish becaue I respect the laws, Oh well.”

    So, that must mean you respect Medical Marijuana law voted into law by a majority of your fellow Arizonans, right? After all, powers not specifically delegated to the Federal government revert to the states, and that is sacrosanct, right? You’re not a giant hypocrite, right?

    “Most there could not stop at Pot they moved on the the stronger drugs, then a life of crime. Awwwwwwww, they needed money to keep them in drugs.”

    Maybe you were just really bad at your job? Lack of empathy in rehabillitation situations (be they physical, mental, drug) can really screw up a patient’s treatment.

  9. Without actually talking to Libertarian voters (and we don’t really know who they are because ballots are secret), we will never really know why they got votes. We don’t know if those votes would have gone to the Republican candidate, gone to the Democrat, or simply not been cast. I would like to think that Republicans would have won close races if the Libertarian candidate had withdrawn from the race, but we don’t know that for sure. If those votes went Republican, that would have helped us. If they simply would not have been cast (because they were protest votes), it would not have mattered except that the Democrats would have been elected with an actual majority of the vote instead of just a plurality.

    The main post is taking some personal stories and expanding that into a more general story about why the electorate voted for Libertarians. There are no facts to prove or disprove the point of the post. We only know why Libertarians ran as Libertarians because of their public statements, but we don’t know why voters voted for them.

  10. Klute,

    Medical Marijuana is legal here, but it is still not legal in the Federal system. so which law do I respect? That is why we need to strengthen the 10th amendment. States rights is and should be the law, but at the time back in the 60’s we had many more Democrat Governors who gave their States rights to big daddy,to get the hand out of the bux in the state welfare system Big Daddy Johnson was giving out.. So please tell me what did the Libertarians accompolish,NOTHING, they gave their rights back to big daddy. They now have 68 new regulations a day, but they got the FREEDOMS, They allowed this to happen, by voting for lets see Gary Johnson, Ron Paul who still can not win dog catcher, or VanStynwick or the Lib in CD 9.

  11. I think it’s time for the dissolution of the Republican party.. I am socially liberal, and fiscally conservative, and, every time I go to the polls, the socially liberal trumps the fiscally conservative part (I’ don’t have enough money to buy 20 hookers for 3 months in bangkok (3000 bath/day * 30 / 25.00 bath/dollar))…. But, it’s tempting

  12. Shane,
    Let me know when you guys actually get serious about something… No Arpaio, honest numbers, etc.

  13. I guess you aren’t getting serious.. no reply is an affirmation that republicans aren’t anything but white bigots.

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