Air Force One Flyover – Priceless

The cost of an Air Force One flyover…


  1. Veritas Vincit says

    …. play it again!

    Hmmm… from a guy I know who used to be detailed to AF-1, he says the plane can’t leave the ground without the President knowing about it and approving of the move. AF-1 and its back up aircraft are very tightly controlled.

    So what does that make the POTUS?

  2. Classic. I love it.

    I was asking myself the photoshop question all day yesterday.

    The truth is that it’s all about HIM and what he wants. Doesn’t matter who it scares, how much it costs or who it inconveniences. Quite the ego.

    Kind of like the gift to Sidwell Friends for their charity auction of magazines, featuring him, signed by himself and the first lady. That’s good enough for charity.

  3. Will Robinson says

    I’m still trying to figure out exactly how the $328,000 cost was calculated. The pilots are salaried, the flying time is mandated by Air Force regs for pilot proficiency and the fuel is incidental to the flying time. How does flying over the Statue of Liberty differ from any other training flight?

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