Schweikert: Mitchell Getting Desperate

For Immediate Release: September 22, 2008                  
Contact: Lauren C. Barnett
Schweikert: Mitchell’s Tax Attack Reeks of Desperation

Scottsdale, AZ – Today, David Schweikert for Congress spokeswoman Lauren C. Barnett said, “Harry Mitchell is becoming nervous and attempting to hoodwink voters instead of having a conversation about America’s broken tax system.  Mitchell has resorted to grossly distorting David Schweikert’s tax policy.”

In the strongest terms, David Schweikert does not support eliminating the home mortgage tax deduction.  Schweikert stated, “That assertion is totally and completely false. I support the home mortgage tax deduction and understand the importance of real tax relief.  Voters have made that abundantly clear – I’ve heard that message – apparently, Harry has not.  That is why I recently proposed adding a home mortgage tax credit to help homeowners and stimulate our housing market,” he added.

Unlike Harry Mitchell, David Schweikert has experience managing billions of dollars as the Maricopa County Treasurer and supports comprehensive tax reform.  

Barnett added, “Perhaps we find ourselves in the current financial crisis because people like Harry Mitchell are satisfied with status quo.  In his patently false press release, Mitchell implied America’s tax code doesn’t need reform. How out-of-touch is Harry Mitchell to think our tax system doesn’t need reform?  Do Mitchell and Charlie Rangel share a tax adviser?” Barnett asked.

“This doesn’t distract voters from the fact that Harry Mitchell is a serial tax hiker and in 2005, even voted against property tax relief,” Barnett concluded.

On his tax policy, Schweikert said, “We need to seriously study and investigate options to reform our tax system and provide tax relief to the American family.  In Congress, I will work to make all existing tax cuts permanent.  I will push to reduce capital gains taxes so that people are encouraged to save and invest.  I will work to eliminate the incredibly unfair alternative minimum tax that is hitting far too many middle class families in our district.  In addition, I will work hard to eliminate the death tax in order to save small family businesses, farms and ranches.”


  1. Earlier this year when one of our Democrat supporters asked Harry Mitchell face-to-face about his position on the FairTax (H.R. 25 & S. 1025), Harry Mitchell said, “I’m not aware of it.” Still to this day, Harry Mitchell’s office has rebuffed multiple attempts by our supporters to meet with him and his staff to educate him on the FairTax and what it means for ALL Americans. We are apalled by the attack ads from the DCCC, Mitchell, Ann Kirkpatrick, and the Bob Lord campaigns that are blatant distortions of the FairTax. First and foremost, the FairTax, will REPLACE ALL FORMS OF INCOME TAXATION, including personal AND corporate income tax, payroll tax, capital gains tax, AMT, and inheritance (“death”) tax, with a federal consumption tax at the retail cash register and for services. THEREFORE, IF YOU HAVE NO INCOME TAX TO BE DEDUCTED FROM, THEN YOU WILL HAVE NO NEED FOR DEDUCTIONS, INCLUDING A MORTGAGE INTEREST DEDUCTION. The IRS ceases to exist as we know it, you will never have to fill out another tax return, and you will never have to save your receipts or track your mileage or account for all your home expenses in order to prove you don’t owe the IRS when you sell your home!

    Now before you freak out and fall for the garbage from the DCCC, there’s one more little fact about the FairTax that the DCCC doesn’t want you to know: The FairTax PREBATE. Under the FairTax, every household in America will receive a monthly PREBATE, based on the number of legal citizens, in the amount equal to what that household will have spent for food, shelter and clothing UP TO THE POVERTY LEVEL as set by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This means NO LEGAL CITIZEN at or below the poverty level will pay any federal income taxes whatsoever. ZIP, ZERO, NADA! The FairTax is the ONLY proposed tax plan that completely UNTAXES THE POOR. In fact, the poorest of the poor will literally receive income they never had before. A family of three (two adults, one child) would receive a monthly prebate in the amount of approximately $400.

    Under the FairTax, you will have NO income tax whatsoever. You will get to KEEP EVERY PENNY YOU EARN, including capital gains you earn on any investment from stocks to real estate, PLUS you’ll be refunded back any taxes you spend for food, shelter and clothing up to the poverty level. Only under the FairTax will you get to CHOOSE how you wish to spend your money FIRST, and when you pay taxes. You see, under the FairTax, only services and NEW items sold at RETAIL will be taxed. Anything that was preowned, including cars and homes, our largest investments by far, will have NO federal income tax taken from the sale!! Imagine being able to SAVE ALL OF YOUR money for a downpayment with PRETAX dollars! Everyone in America will be able to save that much faster for a down payment on a home or car.

    Under the FairTax, ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, TOURISTS and other visitors to our country will all contribute to our federal tax revenue. Today, illegal immigrants DRAIN our public services and they get away with paying little or no taxes.

    Last, because there will be no corporate income tax under the FairTax, and because there will be no need for the super wealthy to hide their earnings in off-shore bank accounts, there will be literally TRILLIONS in offshore dollars and jobs that will flood back to our country. Imagine if we’re the ONLY nation in the Western world to have NO CORPORATE INCOME TAX what that would do for jobs and our economy. Now imagine if another country passes the FairTax before we do–we’ll spend decades on end trying to catch up.

    The FairTax is not a miracle, it’s not a tax hike, and it’s not a tax reduction. The FairTax is a REVENUE NEUTRAL TAX REPLACEMENT, not just a meer bandaid “reform” measure. It is a sensible plan that is the result of $22M in research, embraced by economists across the nation, and based on surveys and interviews with thousands of Americans who were asked how would they like to see our currently bloated and unbelievable complicated tax system changed. The FairTax is for ALL Americans, no matter your socio-economic level, and no matter what political party you’re from.

    So don’t fall prey to shameless distortions from those who have NO plan to improve our tax system in America. It’s time to stop the lies. Learn about the FairTax now at and learn how you can become involved in Arizona at

    Greg Dutton
    Arizona VOLUNTEER State Director
    Americans For Fair Taxation

  2. The FairTax Hall of Shame:

    Learn what the FairTax can do for each industry at

    There you’ll find specific research for Agriculture and Ranching, Manufacturing, Small Business, Real Estate and more.

    To read the ACTUAL FairTax Bill for yourself, go to and search for Bill Number HR 25.

  3. About one in three taxpayers enjoys the mortgage interest deduction. It a small percentage off your taxes based on interest payments for housing debt. The FairTax let’s you keep your entire paycheck so it can be thought of as a super deduction, far more beneficial than the mortgage interest deduction and a tax break that every taxpayer will enjoy.

    Add to that huge advantage the monthly prebate mentioned above and falling retail prices of new goods (everything from milk to new home prices) as embedded income tax costs are eliminated and everyone does better. Right now up to 20% of the cost of everything we buy is a hidden income tax cost. Those embedded tax costs put American producers at a price disadvantage with foreign producers which is a big reason jobs go overseas.

    When you consider that 10-15 TRILLION dollars of foreign investment will flow into the US economy with enactment of the FairTax (according to scores of respected economists)you have to wonder why candidates attack the FairTax. Oh yeah, they like the power over the tax system and the profits from selling off pieces of tax code to favored contributors. Not a very good reason.

    Tax lobbyists like the income tax system, Congress likes it and everyone else, including almost every expert, say it is helping destroy the economy. Worse, some candidates distort the FairTax–making it even harder to climb out of the mess the income tax system has produced.

    We have a tax system that makes debt more favorable than wealth and which keeps the poor, poor and drives American jobs offshore. The fact that it is good for tax lobbyists and Members of Congress is just not good enough.

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