Press Release: Schweikert Calls Mitchell on Carpet

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Recognizing that Liberal Congressman Harry Mitchell has a legislative history of supporting tax increases and energy reductions that directly devastate consumers,  the DCCC has decided that an intentional pattern of falsehoods about Congressional Candidate David Schweikert’s proven fiscally conservative positions on energy and taxes will save their vulnerable out-of-touch ally in Congress.
In direct contradiction to a DCCC press release issued last week, David Schweikert does not propose a gas tax increase in addition to standing income taxes.  He proposes a fundamental overhaul of the tax structure including discussion and debate of all viable options – be it whatever vehicle is most likely to result in the greatest level of tax relief for the greatest number of Americans.

The DCCC’s failed attempt to tie Schweikert to a piece of legislation supported by some in the GOP shows three things:

1) The Mitchell – Pelosi anti-growth team has abjectly failed in their obligation to Americans to provide relief at the gas pump after being in the majority party for two years;
2) While Mitchell has problems breaking ties with his leadership, Schweikert is committed to support legislation that is in the best interests of the people here in Arizona, and
3) Liberal Democrats rejected from membership in the so-called “Blue Dog” moderate wing of their party are unable to conceive of reforming a tax code without simply adding to it.

It is curious that Mitchell and the DCCC would deliberately mislead voters on Schweikert’s tax views, all the while ignoring their own responsibility to bring solutions to the energy crisis.  The people want real results, not falsehoods and misrepresentations and that is why it is necessary to raise the issue of HR 5351. The only one who has a record on raising taxes on gas is Harry Mitchell.

Mitchell should to justify his vote on HR 5351, which would effectively raise gasoline taxes on the American people by $18 billion dollars and then explain why he would allow such an increase to be placed on the American people while providing a tax break to Dictator Hugo Chavez and Citgo.,chavez

“This is the first of many expected false attacks on the truth that will be spun by Mitchell and Nancy Pelosi”, said Michael Juel, Finance Director for Schweikert for Congress.  “As Mitchell and his cohorts know, David has never supported an increase in taxes under HR 25.  But when you have the abysmal record that Mitchell does on energy issues, you have to expect him to just make things up as he goes along”, added Juel.
Additionally, if Mitchell wanted to help the American people ease their pain at the gas pump, he would join Congressman John Shadegg and call for an end of the “Splash and Dash” bio-diesel subsidy to Europe.  “It is clear that the Mitchell-Pelosi group in Congress would rather play partisan politics than offer any solutions. I am curious as to why they would allow such a grievous abuse of this program.”  Juel said. “Surely, this is an issue that both sides should be able to agree upon.  I am sure that the American Long Haul Driver would like to see the price of Diesel Gas drop by a dollar a gallon.  Yet, Mitchell has been suspiciously quiet on this one.  It is incomprehensible that Mitchell would defer to Pelosi’s leadership and wouldn’t explore solutions with the Congressman next door.”  added Juel.  “It’s simple economics, that $300 million dollars could be used to help all Americans rather than allow Europeans to buy their fuel at below market costs.”,2933,366601,00.html

When asked for comment Schweikert said, “This obvious attempt to confuse the issues only confirms that it is time to change the way Washington does business.  Since Mitchell and Pelosi were elected to do so two years ago and continue to resort to distortions and mistruths, please step aside and allow me to reform Washington as I did the Arizona Legislature.”

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