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Press Release: Rob Haney Announces for Maricopa County Chairman

Press Release: Rob Haney Announces for Maricopa County Chairman

Our apologies to Rob Haney for missing his press release. Here is his announcement to seek the Maricopa County Chairman’s position:

Dear PCs and Activists,

You may have missed the press release announcing my candidacy for Chairman of the Maricopa County Republican Committee.  The press release and an auto dialer script which highlight my message are at www.trugop.org .  At the picture from The Planet of the Apes on the home page, scroll down for the messages.

I am running with an outstanding team of candidates for the county offices:

Chairman……………………..Rob        Haney
1st Vice Chair……………….Diane      Douglas
2nd Vice Chair………………Jeff          Greenspan
Treasurer……………………..George    Teegarden
Secretary……………………..Sandy     Doty

If you support our campaign to maintain a clear conservative message coming from our County Party Leadership, please return this email to me allowing us to use your name to endorse our slate of candidates.

Please see www.trugop.org for our campaign information web site.

Looking forward to working with you to return our Party to its Traditional Republican Brand based upon the Constitution and the Platform http://www.gop.com/2008Platform/ .

Best Regards,



  1. Haney’s campaign slogan — “Elect Haney and defeat Republicans!”

  2. American Citizen says

    AZGOP got it right, the Haney campaign slogan should be, “Elect Haney and defeat Republicans.” Haney and his blind followers have been attacking not just the RINO’s and moderates but also conservatives that agree with them. They have been attacking anyone who is not a Haney Kool-AId drinker, they have become a cult of idiots who stand for nothing accept gaining power. Their tactics are, their way or the highway, I say show them the highway. Enough of this divisivness. Rob Haney go away.

  3. My apologies to the guys over at Politico Mafioso, but I couldn’t help but roll over laughing the other day when I read this comment on a PM post about Jerry Brooks running against Rob Haney for the MCRC Chair.

    Boo said…

    There once was a Chairman named Brooks

    Who threw out the WACKOS and CROOKS

    He welcomed all people

    While all of the sheeple

    went back to the Border like KOOKS

    12:59 PM

    You gotta admit…….it is funny.

  4. Clever, but not funny. I’m tired of Chairmen who think its their job to throw out anyone. Whether its Brooks or Haney, their job is to GROW the party, and I’m not convinced that either knows how to do that job.

  5. Maricopa PC says

    Shouldn’t you just retire? Seriously. Go enjoy your family and stop trying to tear the Republican Party apart. Its your fault that you were too busy trying to excommunicate people from LD 11, instead of keeping onto your LD 11 seat. We need to WIN back more seats, not lose them.

  6. And the tally at 10 pm is:

    4 votes – Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Rob Haney has got to go

    1 vote – Water the flowers

  7. Antifederalist says

    Haney HAS grown the party. In years past, Rob walked door to door to find unregistered voters, and recruit registered Republicans to be PCs IF THEY WERE PRO-LIFE. How do you think he got elected to the Chairmanship of his LD initially? How do you think he got McLame censured and barred from speaking in his own LD? Granted, I’m not as up-to-date on what Rob has done recently. In the interest of full disclosure, I consider Rob a good friend and IMHO, the LD’s decision NOT to re-elect him as chairman is a grave mistake. Republicans are smarting from their losses due to the incompetence of moderates. I’ve said this before on SA and I’ll say it again: to save itself from further losses, the conservatives in the Republican party NEED to force the moderates into the back seat and beat them down. Rob’s work is much needed. I know he’s a die-hard and a tireless worker, and the party needs thousands more like him.

  8. Just try it says


    If you throw me in the back seat, I’ll kick you in the head while you’re driving and run that bad boy right off of the road. Besides, I’ve never seen a high school band tuba player or flag girl give someone a beat down. And you call yourself PRO-LIFE?? Yeah…..right.

    Your displaced rage and unfulfilled need to hurt something is part of the “job description” of many of the uber conservative “good Christians” I know. Doesn’t really seem right, does it?

  9. Antifederalist says

    Just Try It,
    If your response is literal it’s bewilderingly off base. I don’t know where you’re getting this stuff about tuba players and flag girls. Off your meds today?

    You misinterpreted my post…clearly. I was speaking metaphorically. Let me spell it out for you in terms a simpleton could understand. By putting moderates in the back seat, I meant that conservatives need to seize political power from the moderates. Look at my posts. I’ve consistently been harping on this theme. Whether it’s Bush, the RINOs in Congress, weenies like Bee, or losers like Hershberger, moderate rule has been an unmitigated DISASTER for the Republican Party, nationwide, and historically. I fervently believe that conservatives can reverse our fortunes.

    By beating moderates down, I meant that conservatives must constantly respond to the whines of RINOs/moderates/neo-cons by putting them in their place….rubbing their noses in their direct hand in our losses. Draw them a clear picture of how they’re responsible, show them the light of day and prove to them that their leadership is poison.

    I’m not talking about literally beating anyone. While that kind of rage sometimes wells up inside, I think I keep a pretty tight lid on it. And yeah, I’m pro-Life these days, but I’m not a 1-issue voter and the life issue isn’t as important to me as economic issues. I’m a rabid FISCAL and small-government conservative. I wouldn’t really classify myself as a social conservative despite the fact that I believe that Christ is the Son of God and is my savior. That means I believe I’m a sinner, Just, not a “good Christian.” I have very strong libertarian tendencies. I’m just not into having the state tell people what to do. That’s tyranny. However, I remind you that Christ exhibited righteous anger when he beat the daylights out of the merchants in the temple. It’s just that kind of righteous fury we true small-government conservatives need to take to the moderates in the political fight for control of the Party, both in Arizona, and nationwide.

    And if you were being metaphorical about moderates resisting in such a fight…first, I welcome the fight. The turncoat Tom DeLay (he who held the vote open and whipped Republicans to vote FOR the prescription drug benefit while he was Majority Leader) reminded us in his farewell speech that partisanship is good because it mobilizes the grassroots and gets the base interested in the fight. Please, RINOs/moderates/neo-cons, resist the conservatives. It will wake the conservative base out of their torpor and get them into the trenches. Second, I disagree that the moderates are going anywhere if conservatives wrest power from them. Dims flooded into the party when Reagan was the nominee (these people are now known as neo-cons). So, when conservatives are in power, moderates flock to them, and the party’s ranks swell and we win elections. But when moderates are in power, and there’s little difference between the rule of moderate Republicans and Demonrats, conservatives stay home and refuse to vote. So, the party does best when conservatives are in control and the moderates just shut up, sit down, and hang on for the ride.

  10. Just try it says


    I stopped reading your comeback after you wrote this: “I fervently believe that conservatives can reverse our fortunes.”

    I’m not even close to a simpleton but let me say this clearly: The reason that you uber conservatives cannot reverse your fortunes anymore is because the “house” will no longer spot you a marker.

    The historical problem with the Extreme Right is that your message has now COLLIDED with your actions. There are millions of “reformed” uber conservatives who have grown-up and are a little less angry and a little more wise. They don’t do something just because Mommy & Daddy did.

    Your group’s actions HAVE spoken louder than your words. Your actions stink. Your logic stinks. Your beloved talk-show hosts SHOUT too much and are obnoxious. Your humanity (except for one innocent group) is non-existent. Your President has mucked up our country & world for generations to come. You get stuck on a couple of issues and are irrelevant and/or silent on all of the others.

    It’s Groundhog Day w/ you guys. It has been impossible for your kind to move FORWARD in a way that will make a difference in a world that is completely different from Reagan’s world. It’s painful to watch your political self-destruction but at least you have your churches where you can organize and practice your social issue arguments. That’s the way it used to be, back when Republicans were civil to one another.

  11. Antifederalist says

    Just Try It,
    Clearly, you drink the kool-aid that the MSM feeds you. If you think Bush and most elected Republicans in Congress are the small-government conservatives I favor, you have no sense whatsoever of the political SPECTRUM. It’s largely due to what the MSM tells you….and you believe it. Let me be clear, Bush, McLame, Boehner, Blunt, all the Republican leadership in the House in teh 109th Congress, Jerry Lewis and the Republican appropriators, and most of the rest of the elected Republicans in Congress are the RINOs/moderates/neo-cons I’m complaining about. They are the LEFT wing of the Republican party. That’s right, those in the Republican party that Dims despise most look the most like the Dims. It is moderates that have betrayed bedrock Republican principles and have spent too much, borrowed too much, and have favored big government. If the moderates were ousted and replaced with small government conservatives like Ron Paul (yes, he can be nutty sometimes, but he is more often right than wrong), Jeff Flake (I STILL can’t explain his vote FOR ENDA), Jon Shadegg, and Mike Pence (granted, Pence has his flaws too, like backing Bouie and voting to end commerical horse slaughter), the Republican party would go a LOOOOOONG way to match it’s ideology with its actions. Until the moderates are ousted, Republicans will continue to look like hypocrites and the Dims will capitalize on it.

  12. Just try it says

    I don’t drink. Period. The MSM is a joke & has been for a long time. We all know that.

    I’ll spot you your position as a “small govt.” (R) but you have to confess that most of the Bush lovin’ (R)s in Congress painted themselves, when convenient and just for show, as chosen by the good Lord himself. If these boys were the Sunday morning heroes of many a pastor and church across the US.

    I also am a “small govt.” (R) but take issue with the extreme social conservatives that will not address the economic issues of our time. These “one issue cyclops” have been the face of the GOP in the eyes of the public. I don’t want them representing me anymore. I’ll be the first to say, “Represent your issue. I agree with you on your position.” But, do not represent the GOP, as a whole, when you really have an agenda to promote. We have to realize that there are people on the outside looking in – not just those of us who are looking out.

    For what it’s worth, I, like some of R. Paul’s ideas and philosophy but I only can tolerate 2 minutes around some of his “Patriots”. They know who they are. Flake is great, Shadegg too, Pence is a great leader, etc. We agree there. Obviously, there is a dialogue that is being missed by a mile. This is a fine example of “perception is not reality.”

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