Press Release: Napolitano Veto Could Increase Property Taxes

For Immediate Release: April 15, 2008
Contact: Tom Jenney, (602) 478-0146

Napolitano veto means likely increase in property taxes

PHOENIX—Governor Janet Napolitano’s veto today of House Bill 2220 will likely result in the return of a $250 million property tax, for an average property tax increase of $100 per year for the Arizona homeowner. Combined with likely increases by city, county, and local special taxing districts, the Governor’s tax increase may contribute to significant increases in the overall property tax bills of home and business owners.

There is still a small chance of repealing the $250 million state-imposed education equalization property tax, as a part of budget negotiations later in the legislative session. The Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity has vowed to keep up its fight on behalf of Arizona home and business owners. “We thank all of the taxpayer activists in Arizona who took the time to contact the Governor and the Legislature,” said AFP Arizona director Tom Jenney. “Unfortunately, we are going to have to double our efforts and keep fighting. If we quit now, we will get stuck with a huge tax increase.”

Although the Governor is reluctant to help Arizona property taxpayers, slim majorities in the Arizona House and Senate favor repealing the tax. In the House in March, 32 Arizona Representatives (31 Republicans and 1 Democrat) voted for the HB 2220 property tax relief bill. We have listed the names and districts of the Good Guys here.

At the same time, 28 Representatives (26 Democrats and 2 Republicans) voted against HB 2220. We have listed the names and districts of the Bad Guys here.

Last week, 16 Arizona Representatives (15 Republicans and 1 Democrat) voted for HB 2220. 14 Arizona Representatives (12 Democrats and 2 Republicans) failed to vote to protect property taxpayers. Here is the list of Good Guys and Bad Guys for the Senate.


  1. SonoranSam says

    Typical Republican borrow-and-spend economic illiteracy.

    When you can’t pay your bills you don’t give money away.

  2. GOP Boomer Gal says

    Letting me keep more of my hard earned money is not giving money away.
    Programs that support people who do nothing to help themselves is giving money away.

  3. Sonoran Sam says

    Yeah: let all those kids who need new classrooms sit under the shade of a saguaro….

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