Press Release: Lisa James Launches Campaign Website

Lisa James for Chairman

For Immediate Release: January 9, 2009

Lisa James launchesAZ GOP campaign Web site

PHOENIX (January 9, 2009) – Lisa James, elected state committeewoman from Legislative District 8, launched her campaign Web site for Arizona GOP Chairman this week. The campaign Web site,, features information about James, prominent endorsements and what others are saying.

“The leader of the Arizona Republican Party must be able to fulfill the duties of the job-register voters, train precinct committeemen and candidates, raise the money and get out the vote,” said James in an open letter on the Web site. “These tasks go hand in hand-all parts of a whole to ensure success at the ballot box.”

“I am prepared to be that leader,” James added.

James announced her candidacy for Arizona Republican Party Chairman at the Yavapai County Republican meeting on December 13, 2008, where she was invited to the stage and endorsed by Representatives Andy Tobin, Lucy Mason and Senator-Elect Steve Pierce. Yavapai County Republican Chairman Jan Smith has also endorsed Lisa.

“I am honored to have the support of grassroots leadership throughout Arizona,” said James. “I know with their vision and strong work ethic the future of the Arizona Republican Party is primed for success in 2010.”

To learn more about Lisa James, her goals for the Arizona Republican Party and view what others are saying, please visit the campaign Web site at


  1. You have my support, Lisa.

  2. Best of luck to Lisa! She’s the kind of leader we need.

  3. Lisa James? Rudy Giuliani’s Arizona Campaign Manager? No thanks. Randy Pullen is the dependable conservative. He will get our vote.

  4. had enough says

    I have to explain to my daughter what mas^*@bation is and then see the trash was paid for with money I donated. No thanks! Pullen is a disgrace and needs to go!!!

  5. She's got my vote says

    What’s not to like? She’ll raise more money, use it better (not on helping safe candidates so they’ll support her for chair), put more races in play, hire more and better staff, and do more to unite the party.

    Lisa is a solid conservative, and you would be hard pressed to explain why some of her most vocal supporters are with you if she were not.

  6. had,
    Yes. I had to explain to my daughter what “cross-dressing” is and why Lisa James wanted me to vote for one for POTUS. Lisa James and Rudy Giuliani can have each other. Meanwhile, Chairman Pullen will continue leading the AZ GOP and picking up seats in the AZ Legislature.

  7. had enough says

    If comedy, all in clean fun as performed by famous comics for generations is considered incendiary then I guess we are just way apart on this one. But to have such slimey filth broadcast on my TV during prime time…then to find out it was paid for by illegal contributions and all that money was basically wasted… NO THANK YOU!

    I’m a new PC and he is one of the main reasons I ran…to be able to vote, or support those who will, against such incompetence.

  8. Lisa James worked for the election of pro-choice Rudy Guiliani even against our own John McCain, an Arizona bona fide war hero! All state committeemen who supported McCain for President should be voting for the State Chairman choice who supported McCain-that would be Randy Pullen.

  9. Pullen won the races and he did it IN SPITE of Lisa James and her friends withholding their support and funds. I don’t want a sore loser in charge of our Party, I want someone who wants Republicans to win, even if they don’t get the glory. James lost two years ago and she disappeared. Some kind of “loyal Republican” she turned out to be. Go Pullen!

  10. No Red Dog Republicans says

    What I’m looking at is who Lisa James associates with and who and what she has supported in the past.

    She and her Hubby supported Prop 202, they list “Wake Up Arizona” and “Stop Illegal Hiring” as clients on their website. That right there is a show stopper for me.

    She also has connections to Nathan Sproul that she has yet to explain. While she talks about uniting the party, she hangs out with the biggest divider of the party there is.

    Nope, I’m sorry, I don’t want Sproul and the gang anywhere near the reigns of the AZ GOP.

    I’m saying no to the James’ Gang.

  11. CR for James says

    As a college Republican and someone who is dedicated to the Republican Party; Randy Pullen is a disgrace. He has no support amoung CR’s and the majority incuding myself are going behind his back to help Lisa. McCain also supports James as he nor any of our elected national officials can stand Pullen. Is she more moderate on the immigration issue yes… But as a party unless we begin to adopt an attitude differebt then the shoot em on the border racist mentality we will fail

  12. McCain supports James? Where do you see that CR? A Majority of CR’s are behind James? Then why is Randy Pullen’s Facebook fan page filled with CRs? Pullen has a “shoot em on the border racist mentality?” When has Randy Pullen advocated shooting anyone? It sounds like you are drinking some serious Kool-Aid CR. It sounds like you may be making some statements that cannot exactly back up with facts. Here’s a life lesson, credibility is everything and CR, you’ve just blown it.

  13. Time for a Change says

    We just lost big time with a slogan for change and nothing to back it up…now we need to learn from our mistakes(past) and make some changes with some substance to back it up. Lisa is the right person for this job.

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