Press Release: Hay Releases Energy Independence Plan

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sydney Hay Unveils Plan for Energy Independence

During Independence Day weekend while the Sydney Hay campaign covered events in seven counties, signs began going up across Congressional District One with the words, “Feeling the pain at the pump? Support Energy Independence! Support Sydney Hay for Congress.”

“Independence Day was the perfect time to unveil our plan for Energy Independence,” Sydney said. “Congress has failed us in the area of energy and has tied America’s hands when it comes to providing for our energy needs. This dependency must end. While we have elected some true statesmen who are fighting the good fight, our nation has been made vulnerable to the whims of foreign dictators by hyper-partisanship in Congress. This defies reason. This failure by elected representatives under Nancy Pelosi is another reason why my campaign for Congress is really a campaign against Congress,” Sydney concluded.

After 15 years of experience in the Arizona mining industry, an economic engine of Congressional Distirct One, Sydney Hay is uniquely qualified to lead on energy issues.

The plan contains the following points:

1. Increase Oil Exploration and Production:
Since 1994, the United States has been importing more oil than we produce domestically. Regulations and limits on production have put us in our current position with respect to rising fuel and food prices. Without commonsense solutions to the use of our domestic resources, we’ll continue on the path to unaffordable gas prices and exorbitant food prices. I propose to bring ANWR , Oil Shale and OCS deepwater exploration and drilling online immediately. It needn’t take ten years. It could be done in six months.

2. Increase and Improve Refining Capacity:
It’s been over thirty years since a refinery has been built in the United States. With refinery infrastructure showing its age and refining capacity already stretched to its limits, global market fluctuations make it increasingly difficult for current refineries to respond to market changes. New, cleaner technologies in the refining process must be taken advantage of and new refineries must be brought online to keep pace with demand.

3. Pursue Clean Coal Technology:
Today, coal provides most of our nation’s electricity. Our coal reserves are vast. As Senator John McCain has said, “Perhaps no advancement in energy technology could mean more to America than the clean burning of coal and the capture and storage of carbon-emissions.” An exciting new technology is beginning to be used to produce jet fuel from coal. The possibilities are many.

4. Step Up the Permitting of Nuclear Power Plants:
Nuclear power is essential to clean, efficient and affordable energy. It generates no air pollution, water pollution, or ground pollution.
The U.S. currently gets 50 percent of its electricity from coal and 20 percent from nuclear. Reversing these percentages through increased use of nuclear power should unite both climate change advocates and anyone who wants American energy independence. The resulting expanded electrical grid could also meet the needs of large numbers of electric or hydrogen cars.

The rest of the world is quickly heading toward nuclear power. France is not only meeting the majority of its electricity demand through its nuclear program, but they are also selling their technology to the developing world. The United States once dominated this technology. We are now being left behind. The main culprit is public fear. It is time to allay those fears and avail ourselves of this clean, safe and virtually-unlimited source of energy.

5. Provide across-the-board Carbon-Efficient Alternative Energy Development Tax Credits:
Companies that are willing to use their own capital to develop carbon-efficient energy sources should be rewarded with Carbon-Efficient Alternative Energy Development Tax Credits. Capital spent on testing, exploration and production of new carbon-efficient energy sources would be exempt from federal taxes for a minimum of 10 years. In this way, government will not pick winners and losers among alternative energy sources, but rather allow all potential solutions including wind, solar, hydrogen, bio-diesel, cellulosic ethanol, etc. to advance equally. In this way, Arizona could become the Saudi Arabia of solar energy.

The United States of America is the greatest nation in the history of the world. Surely we can make ourselves energy independent and create a cleaner environment at the same time. First, Congress needs to reverse the failed policies of the past and get government out of the way of the innovative power of the American entrepreneur.

The entire plan can be viewed under “Economic Issues” on the campaign website.

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