Press Release: Gorman Announces Exploratory Committee

Senator Pamela Gorman 

For Immediate Release: Thursday, February 14, 2008
Contact: Pamela Gorman

Senator Pamela Gorman to Form Exploratory Committee to Consider Race for Congress

Anthem, AZ – Today, State Senator Pamela Gorman announced that she will form an exploratory committee to consider the race for Congress in Arizona’s Third Congressional District.  Senator Gorman currently represents District 6 in the Arizona Legislature. She was first elected to the Arizona House of Representatives in 2004 after defeating 2 incumbents in the Republican primary.  She was subsequently elected to the Arizona State Senate in 2006 after winning her primary by nearly 30 percent. 

A strong conservative, Pamela Gorman was one of only two Republican senators to receive the “Hero of the Taxpayer” award from the Arizona Federation of Taxpayers.  Senator Gorman is chair of the Senate Financial Institutions, Insurance, and Retirement committee. 

“Congressman John Shadegg has done an excellent job representing AZ-03 in Congress,” said Senator Gorman.  “His principled leadership on issues like taxation, the elimination of earmarks, and reducing the size and cost of government, has been nothing short of exemplary.  I believe it’s vitally important that the next member of Congress from AZ-03 have the same commitment to fight for these important issues as Congressman Shadegg has. 

“Over the next couple of weeks, I look forward to meeting supporters all across the district as we make our decision on whether or not to run for Congress,” continued Gorman.  “I have been blessed with the privilege of representing many of the citizens of AZ-03 in the Legislature.  Now is the time to decide if running for Congress is the best way to continue my service to my constituents and the citizens of this Congressional district.


  1. NO CHANCE AT ALL. Don’t do it, Pam. I voted for you against Clancy Jayne because I thought you were a Christian conservative with a beautiful, happy family. It didn’t take long

    As an elected official, a candidate for Congress, and someone who ran so openly on family issues, your personal life is going to be relevant in this campaign. Why put yourself, your ex-husband, and your children through this?

    Even if the Republicans and the mainstream media don’t pick up on this, do you think the Democrats won’t? They love nothing better than a hypocritcal “family values” candidate. Republican primary voters think there’s nothing worse.

  2. Everytime somebody writes on this blog mentioning Gorman as a potential candidate, some anonymous person tries to smear her because she is no longer married. Whoever you work for, it ain’t gonna work. According to you, the field shakes out as follows: Gorman was married, Waring is a skirt-chaser, and May is gay. Is this all a plot to help the mayor of PV (I can’t remember his name, is that a bad sign?)

    It isn’t hypocritical to speak of family values and to want to promote them, even if your own family life isn’t perfect. There has only ever been one perfect man and He never ran for office.

  3. Best looking Congresswoman EVER!

    There, I said it. You were all thinking it, so I just said it for you.

    It doesn’t hurt that she’s awesomely conservative with a great voting record. You know, for you “Issue Voters”.

  4. I have no idea the where’s or why’s of her family life; but if a d-i-v-o-r-c-e is all it takes to be a non-contender, then the field just got real slim.

    I understand the feeling of being duped and I really don’t have a dog in this race, but has she lived up to what you expected in her voting record? Has she served in a way that meets the desired outcome of the election?

    I happen to be served by a person who uses their church membership and activities as a cover for their bad acts all the time. This person is not trustworthy, has a memory that serves only personal interests, and is the epitome’ of arrogant and rude. But, they are in a long marriage that by all appearances is happy.

    Oh yea, and their voting record is not so hot either.

  5. Just Win Baby says

    Arizona CC, you have just been nominated for ugliest post of the year. Ugh, what kind of gutter politics is that? You “thought” she was a Christian conservative with a beautiful happy family?

    So she’s not Christian anymore?
    Or is it that she’s not conservative anymore?
    Did her family suddenly get ugly?
    Is her family suddenly unhappy?

    Divorces happen, a lot, too much to be certain, but none of us know why it happened, so we can’t be the judge of any of it.

    I’ll bet she is still Christian (more than you, that’s for sure), her voting record is impeccably conservative, and while her family is probably dealing with a less than ideal situation, they’re probably still perfectly beautiful. I’m not in this district, but if you want to keep on attacking her like that, I’ll be happy to send her a check, and a large one at that, just to make up for you.

    Good luck with Steve May, he’ll be a great candidate for you. He doesn’t even pretend to be Christian or conservative and you don’t have to worry about him ever getting divorced.

  6. I guess Arizona CC will be voting for Hillary over McCain because Hillary is on her first “marriage”. Makes sense to me!

    As for Gorman’s voting record, it really is fantastic, if you like conservatives. On social and fiscal issues alike, she really is a great vote at the legislature.

    Sorry to hear about your district Ann. Your description only narrows the likely suspects to about 10-12. And that’s just in the House!

  7. Whether any of you thinks so or not, personal scandals hurt our party a great deal more than the other side. Say what you will about Steve May, or even John McCain, but I’m not sure either has ever pretended to be something other than what they are.

    As someone whose last job before retirement career was as a legislative staffer, I can attest to your “10 to 12” remark. At the end of the year party for my last session, I also witnessed a prospective candidate for Congress imbibing alcohol until they couldn’t stand anymore, and then heard them throw up in the bathroom stall next to me. If being against that makes me a prude, so be it.

    Just Win, the Bible says that “God hates divorce.” Jesus says that divorce is prohibited unless in the case of adultery (this does not mean you can cheat on someone and then have Biblical grounds for divorce, FYI). I would never hold myself out as a better Christian than anyone, but in 2004 this wasn’t what I thought I was voting for.

    I have no idea who I’ll support in this race.

  8. Arizona CC,

    Have the guts to post your smears under your real name. You attack her family? You should be ashamed of yourself. But then again, it appears everyone on this post sees you for what you are – a total jack***. What a fool. Come on show us your real name. But then again, I suspect you wouldn’t have the guts to post these kind of attacks under your real name now would you?


    *Please watch the language.

  9. CC,

    The “10 or 12” number certainly applies to your story, as well. At least 5 or 6, anyway.

    I understand your feelings and do not for one minute think grace is an excuse to sin, but it is also not to be held to our judgement.

    If anyone has proven themselves to be of poor character, I think it is fair game if they choose the public stage. Repeated behavior and poor judgment can and should be an indicator of overall ability as a leader.

    We all sin, we all fall, and we all have had that moment or choice where, if we could do anything to erase it from our reality, we would. The sea of forgetfulness is God’s and while we live in the world where even a poor choice in kindergarten is a possible public embarrassment years later, we do not have to be of that world. This world would tell us that we cannot be forgiven, that we are the sum total of our failings. I do not accept that but choose to believe we all have the ability to overcome and rise above our humanness.

    I encourage you to trust in yourself.

  10. CC, it takes more than a divorce to make a “scandal”. If you’ve got proof of a scandal, then by all means say so so that we can make good decisions as early as possible. But if all you’re going to do is to hint at scandal from behind a false name, then you’re a coward and you contribute nothing to this conversation, except maybe to turn Gorman into a victim and actually earn her some support.

  11. Arizona CC,

    Since most voters are either divorced or know a close friend or family member who is divorced I don’t think it will make a good attack issue against Gorman. Too many people can empathize with the tragedy of a family breakup.

  12. For those of you who are already speculating that the Arizona CC is a member of the Seel family. You are wrong. Carl and I wish nothing but the best for the Gorman Family. We hope that Pamela will be at peace with whatever decision she makes.

  13. nightcrawler says

    I can’t believe what I am reading here. I have never met the good senator. She seems to be intelligent, ambitious and is attractive. A dangerous cocktail. Her personal life is truly none of our business. My only input is to “own it”. If she chose to make a change, for whatever reason, “own it”, don’t apologize and conversely don’t run on family issues again. Be real and people will let it go.

  14. I would think enough is enough and this certainly looks like enough.

  15. GOP Precinct Committeeman says

    All the fun is over at “McCain Could Resign”
    (and ought to…from everything)

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