Press Release: Gibbons Takes Liquor Money

We’re not sure if this press release is that big of a deal but since Maricopa County Supervisor Fulton Brock always votes against issuing liquor licenses in Maricopa County based on religious grounds, we’d like to hear from some our our readers if this will make or break a race among East Valley voters

For Immediate Release: July 9, 2008
Contact: Matt Tolman, (602) 616-3749

District 18 Republican Senate Challenger Takes Liquor Donations:

District 18 Chairman Matt Tolman to Kevin Gibbons: “Give Back Liquor Money like You Gave Back the Democratic Chairman’s Money.”

(MESA) District 18 Senate Republican Candidate Kevin Gibbons is in hot water again. Less than a week after it was revealed that he took donations from former Democratic Party Chairman Jim Pederson, it has been announced that his campaign has received donations from prominent members of the liquor industry.

District 18 Republican Chairman Matt Tolman questioned whether Gibbons’ quest to raise big dollars has put his values at odds with those who he intends to represent. “It looks like Gibbons is willing to take money from just about anyone who will write a check,” said District 18 Republican Chairman Matt Tolman, “We need someone who represents the citizens of the district, not special interests.”

 In all, Gibbons has already received $1,950 in donations from prominent members of Arizona’s liquor industry. Donors Include: 

  • Bob Delgado, President, HENSLEY & COMPANY
  • Douglas Yonko, Principal, HENSLEY & COMPANY
  • Steven Barclay, Executive Director, BEER & WINE DISTRIBUTORS OF ARIZONA

 “We need a champion who will continue to fight for liquor control issues,” explained Tolman, “Someone who is committed to preventing underage drinking and supporting DUI laws. We need to know that the people who represent us at the legislature are not compromised because of deals they have cut for campaign donations.”

Kevin Gibbons is searching all over Arizona for donations to run against conservative Russell Pearce for State Senator in District 18. Pearce has been a strong voice on fiscal and immigration issues and is running as a clean elections candidate.

“District 18 already has a candidate for Senate who has been a supporter of family values and a friend to the taxpayer,” said Tolman, “He has the support of conservative groups and taxpayer organizations. Certainly more of a crowd that represents District 18 compared to Gibbons and his laundry list of liquor purveyors and democratic insiders.”

Tolman concluded, “If I were Kevin Gibbons, I would get out the checkbook again and return the money to the liquor industry like he did last week to Jim Pederson. And if he is set on donating it instead, perhaps he should give it to MADD.”




  1. Noze B. Brown says

    Cause it’s Tollman, Gibbons should contribute money to Mothers Against Midgets.

  2. Okay, that’s funny… But its Tolman, with one “L”… You might have been thinking about the cookie company?! Come on… That’s funny too!

  3. Jolly Green Giant says

    Brown you are funny, but don’t pick on my little friend *.

    *Please remember nothing that even sounds like at threat. Thanks.

  4. Noze B. Brown says

    John, sorry, it’s Trollman. By the way, why is Matt playing “water boy” to Russell? Could the “doomed to fail” Marriage Ammendment have anything to do with it?

  5. Whoever is running Gibbons’ campaign isn’t very smart. Refunding the money to Pedersen and the rest would be smart, but giving it to charity makes it an expenditure and triggers matching funds to Russell Pearce. What are they thinking?

  6. Tim- in addition, if you’re out bragging about how much money you’re collecting, why in the world are you risking anything by taking Democrat and liquor money in the primary? Not very smart and shows he definitely doesn’t have a handle on what’s going on.

  7. Roger-
    He’s not bragging. June 30th was a filing deadline and all candidates had to submit campaign finance reports. These reports include names of donors and amounts they have contributed. Maybe you should get a handle on the process before trying your hand at punditry.

  8. I am so relieved that my County Party is wasting all of their time attacking fellow Republicans rather than focusing on key races that we could actually lose to the Democrats this year! Now that’s what you call using your resources wisely…

  9. Jolly Green Giant says

    Dulce – Gibbons says he is a Republican but doesn’t act like one. We don’t need any more RHINOs,we need republicans.

  10. Giant-
    How is Gibbons a RINO? Have you checked out his viewpoints? I’m sure he would be a consistent conservative vote in the legislature.
    Just because he doesn’t associate with racist and neo-Nazi organizations (unlike his opponent), doesn’t mean he can’t be socially and fiscally conservative… AND steadfast against illegal immigration.
    Pearce has given Republicans a bad name.

  11. Giant – Gibbons is a conservative by any means in which you measure it. I’m sorry but that is a lame justification for the county party’s actions. The Republican Party is supposed to focus on electing Republican’s…they are clearly misguided.

  12. what a horribly written press release…

  13. What a joke…

    I guess we should condemn:
    Gorman, Waring, Reagan, Dean Martin, Jim Weiers, McComish, Leff, and Bee since they’ve all taken money from at least one of the people listed in this ridiculous press release. And to totally nullify the message, Waring is the KING of DUI law and thus a contribution from the liquor lobby does not mean that a candidate will bow down to the industry.

    I am begging the party to start focusing on electing R’s instead of internal bashing which will cost everyone!!!!!!!!!

  14. I’m just wondering if Tolman is suggesting that the fact that a large portion Mesa residents are Mormon means that those that are not shouldn’t be represented equally??
    No wonder Tolman lost his campaign for city council… What a ridiculous smear attempt.

  15. Well expert, juniper and dulce.

    If you had attended the debates tonights it would have been clear to you want Tolman is talking about.

    Who cares, you are all Gibbons supporters and proably and probably the ones who donated the money.

  16. Mesan- If you utilized your spell-check (or passed the 2nd grade), you wouldn’t seem like such an idiot, and “expert”, “Dulce”, and I would not be questioning your right to be a registered voter.

  17. I went to a public school and they didn’t teach me about spell check. I only heard Espanol.

  18. David John says

    Russell Pearce is poison for the state Republican party. The funny thing is people keep saying he is conservative. He advocates big government all the time. What could be bigger government than having the government take someone’s business from them? And we thought Bailey’s brake shop was bad! He also talks about the Constitution all the time, but I just wish he would stop misinterpreting it and start to follow it more.

    Pearce is even using government money to fund his campaign because he knows he doesn’t have enough support to raise money from his supposedly die hard constituents. He has been critical of “Clean Elections” in the past and now he relies on it. Not very conservative!

    Shrink government, elect Gibbons–he is the true conservative. And as an added bonus, he is not a racist.

    The whole spiel about giving back the liquor money is a joke. Does Tolman think everyone in District 18 is Mormon and opposed to drinking? Shouldn’t Gibbons represent everybody in the district? Good point about Waring being the biggest DUI advocate and still accepting money from some of those same people.

    Truth be told, Gibbons is a conservative and Pearce is a Populist.

  19. David John, you must not have been at the clean elections debate in LD18. Gibbons used what I thought was a pretty racial remark when talking about the little “Brown Kids”.

    It’s not about the money Gibbons receives but the perception it presents and who he will represent IF elected.

    It’s illegal to hire somebody that is here illegal and there is nothing wrong with punishing somebody who breaks the law. Be them (great grammer)illegal or the business owner who KNOWINGLY hires one them.

  20. David John says

    Regarding Gibbons referring to little “brown kids”, the important thing to note is that Gibbons respects them and treats them with the human dignity that these innocent little children merit. Often it is “how” you say something and note “what” you say.

    I didn’t realize my good friends on the right were so sensitive to “Political Correctness”.

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