Press Release: Crump to Bouie, Withdraw


State Rep. Sam Crump Calls on Tony Bouie to Withdraw from Race;
Endorses Carl Seel for Legislative District 6 House Seat

Anthem, AZ – Today Arizona State Representative Sam Crump (R-LD6) announced that he is endorsing fellow Republican candidate Carl Seel in his race for the State House of Representatives.  Crump’s announcement comes after news reports confirmed that the third candidate in the race, Tony Bouie, has lied on several occasions about his party registration.
“I endorse Carl Seel for the Arizona House of Representatives,” said Crump.  “Carl has demonstrated a solid commitment to conservative Republican values for many years and has been a tireless worker on behalf of the GOP.  I am confident that Carl will be a solid conservative vote when he is elected by the voters of Legislative District 6.”
Crump’s endorsement was announced the day after it was learned that Tony Bouie was caught lying about his past registration to two newspapers and a group of voters.  Bouie had been roundly criticized by Republican party members for having been a life-long Democrat until he registered as a Republican only five days before filing to run for State Representative.
Bouie had never denied his past registration as a Democrat until the last couple of weeks when he mysteriously began accusing others of distorting the truth and claiming he had previously been a Republican.
“My opponent will tell you that I’ve been a Democrat all my life, which is very untrue,” said Bouie at an August 12, 2008, candidate forum in Desert Hills.  “For nine years, over half my voting life, I’ve been a Republican — but he won’t tell you that.”
Bouie’s lies about his registration were not limited to that one instance.  The Arizona Capitol Times recently reported on this subject as follows:   “‘The fact is, I’ve been a Republican half of my voting life.  From 1995 until 2003,’ Bouie said, he was registered as a Republican.”
The most recent lie by Bouie was on August 14, 2008, in front of the editorial board of the Arizona Republic, the State’s largest newspaper.  At that interview, which Crump and Seel also attended, Bouie again stated that he had been a registered Republican in Hillsborough County, Florida, from 1995 to1999.   However, after investigating Bouie’s claim, the registrar of voters in Hillsborough County confirmed to the Republic that Tony Bouie had never been registered as a Republican, only as a Democrat.
In an effort to explain his lies, Tony Bouie issued a press release on August 18, 2008, stating that he never was a registered Republican. . . . “Unfortunately, I did not complete the voter registration paperwork to make this switch official,” Bouie stated. “I hope this clarifies any confusion about my party past.” 
Sam Crump stated that Bouie’s attempt to cover up his blatant lies is not acceptable.  “For some bizarre reason, Mr. Bouie has attempted to start his political career by lying to the voters,” said Crump.  “This demonstrates a serious character flaw that is unacceptable and I call on Mr. Bouie to immediately withdraw from this campaign.” 


  1. nightcrawler says

    Big mistake. What is Crump thinking ? He already had his slot in the primary locked in. Now what will he do if Bouie beats Seel ? Will he endorse the Democrat for the other seat ?
    He should have stayed silent. As an old Chinese proverb stated..” It is better to be thought of as a fool and remain silent than to speak up and remove all doubt”.

  2. Nightcrawler, you should take your own advice.

  3. Effective Conservative Leadership. That’s not just a logo for Rep. Crump. It’s the solid truth. Courageous for Rep. Crump to call for Bouie’s withdrawl and absolutely appropriate. That is real leadership. Thank you Rep. Sam Crump. Let’s hope Mr. Bouie heeds the call. It would be great if our two real Republican candidates could start focusing on the General Election.

  4. Prediction – Early ballots have been cast; Bowie wins. Crump has just thrown a fellow GOPer under the bus (not the first time that has happened). Dems seize opportunity.

  5. I wouldn’t mind if Crump endorsed Seel and criticized Bouie for lying, but to suggest he withdraw and deny voters a chance to make their own choice? Not good.

  6. Exactly. Crump went to far. Doesn’t he have Washington aspirations? What is he doing?

    If Bouie wins, then what? If Bouie wins and represents the district well, then what (I know you all don’t believe he will, but let’s just pretend for a moment, shall we?)? Does he then admit that he lied? Bouie isn’t so bad.

    Anyway, let’s allow the voters decide and see for ourselves. Isn’t that what democracy is all about?

  7. Rep. Crump’s credentials are impeccable. He is the right conservative in the right job. Rep. Crump does the entire Republican Party proud! He is a good man doing a great job. His reelection is all but guaranteed. He gets out and meets the voters and the voters like him. Rep. Crump is a man of principle and he has it exactly right on Bouie.

    Rep. Crump did not have to extend himself this way. He does not have to worry about winning in the primary. Rep. Crump is standing on principle and he’s got it right. All of LD-6, including 5 day Republican would do well to follow Rep. Crump’s leadership.

    Thank you Rep. Crump for leading the way AGAIN!

  8. Jake just proves the slimy things that Seel supporters will do. I thought that the SA was better than this. Calling Horst a “molester”. How pathetic can you get. Your making no friends like this….

  9. An earlier post by “Jake” was removed.

    Sonoran Alliance cannot tolerate comments that are libelous and slanderous. That earlier comment definitely fell into that description.

  10. Court Watch says

    Everyone knows Horst is no molester. Shame on anyone who suggests he is or was such. He did, however, speak as a character witness for a twice convicted child molester in Maricopa County Superior Court and was reported as being critical of the child that was molested in the new case. The defendant is in state prison for life for the offenses that happened at the nudist camp, despite Horst’s attempt to paint him as a good guy. Now, as a public figure, Horst wishes that bit of history would just disappear.

  11. Impeccable Credentials – Crump? Give me a break. This is a guy who in CA was one of the leaders of an effort to raise taxes. A guy who backed Clancy Jayne over Pamela Gorman in 2004. A guy who ripped Carl Seel in the paper in 2006. Sounds like real impeccable credentials.

  12. I'm In Trouble Now says

    If Carl Seel didn’t already live in D6 he’d move there now just run in 2010, for the 5th (?) time.

  13. Shane,
    Thank you for taking: “JAKE SAYS: AUGUST 19TH, 2008 AT 4:20 PM” off your blog.
    I appreciate that.
    Jeff Vath is right to the point when he states that “Seel Supporters are willing to stoop to libel in order to get their comrade elected.
    To Court Watch,
    I am glad you got half of the story straight after 11 years. If you had watched the court a little better you would have known that it was I who called the cops on the perpetrator and subsequently he was arrested.
    You should have also known that because I was the defendants landlord, I was called to testify by an officer of the court.
    As a duty bound citizen I followed that call to testify for the benefit of the court, the judge and the jury. Under oath I answered all questions posted to me truthfully. At no time during the proceedings was I introduced as a character witness. Both the defendants attorney and the prosecutor had unhindered access to me for questioning.
    History is always what it is. I can’t help that. As to your suggestion that I might wish for some bit of history to go away, where would I start? Perhaps in a warp of time reversal I could try to undo slavery, staring with the Jews and the Egyptians?, or undo the Spanish Inquisition?, the burning of the Mormon Farms in Illinois?, the Holocaust?, the Ku Klux Klan?, 9-11?
    This Blog has not enough room to list all past events I wish might never have happened.
    But in neither of the above mentioned cases, including the molestation did I have any ability to control or prevent. As I recognize my limitations, I find solace in the strength of the goodness of good men, and a curse onto the heads of those that are not.

  14. Court Watch says

    Horst –

    You know what you did in regards to the child molester. Spin now doesn’t stop the bad then.

    And, how about your nudist camp for teenagers without their parents present. You still think that is an educational and inspiring thing for children? I’m thinking it’s in very bad taste and not in keeping with the morals of our community. But, it is your nudist camp, isn’t it?

  15. Court Watch,
    Your obsession with family nudism in general and nude children in particular is frightening and it gives me and all family nudists great concern. You definitively fit the profile of those we have learned to watch like a hawk.
    You know, that now as we have Meghan’s Law on our side, we do background checks very effectively.
    The Western Civilized World, The US included, has millions of family nudists, practicing wholesome nude family living, when practical and especially within their private domains, nudist clubs and nudists resorts included.
    By comparison with the population at large, nudists have better and longer lasting marriages. Unwanted teenage pregnancies among children of nudists being raised in the family nudist environment is non-existing.
    Summer camps for the children of our families have been conducted for the past 75 years annually in conjunction with our [nudist] club’s conventions. The most current one just ended in Michigan last week.
    We do not force anyone to join, and do not look down on anyone that doesn’t.
    Never in its history have we had an incident of child molestation at any of our youth camps. So tell me, why do you have a bug up your ear about something that does not concern you at all and it certainly does not bother any of us nudists?
    Butt out of our lives, we haven’t ask your opinion and neither would we ever rely on it. We do not care what you think. We also don’t care about YOUR COMMUNITY MORALS.
    Ours are just fine for us. We do not have bankruptcies, wife beatings, spousal abuse, order of restraints and wrecked marriages and families in our past. Let me give you some free advise. It isn’t prudent to throw brick bats from inside a glass house.

  16. Conservatius Maximus says

    It appears that nudism cures all of the social ills of the world.

  17. C.M.(or any of your other monikers)
    You are very perceptive. But since we are not as audacious as you Maximus, we don’t say “All”.
    We say “Most” social ills of the world, especially sexism and racism, we still fine tune some of the rest of the issues.

  18. It would be very interesting if someone could do a comparison of the contributions to the committees in the contested Republican primaries as to whether the contributor resides in or out of the district, and as to party registration of the contributor.

    I confess that I don’t have the time to do this, but what I have seen from scanning the lists tells me that this could be very interesting reading.

    But then, I’m more concerned with facts than name-calling.

  19. whats the latest season?

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