Press Release: Congressman Franks Demands Vote on Energy Legislation

For Immediate Release: August 6, 2008
Contact: Bethany Barker, (202) 225-4576

Franks Announces Intention to Return to Congress, Join Republican Fight for a Fair Vote on Energy Legislation

August 6, 2008 – U.S. Congressman Trent Franks (AZ-02) announced his intention to return to Washington, D.C. the week of August 11th, 2008, and join House Republicans in taking to the House Floor to protest the reckless decision made by Democrat Leadership to force Congress to adjourn for the five-week summer recess without considering comprehensive energy legislation or even allowing an up-or-down vote on an “all of the above” energy bill that would truly help to lower gas prices for the American people.

“Once again Speaker Pelosi and Democrat leaders of Congress have broken trust with the American people and shown themselves to be completely indifferent to reality.  Over the past several months, the consequences of Democrat intransigence have been borne by literally hundreds of millions of Americans struggling to make ends meet through the summer months.  The impact of skyrocketing gas prices has been felt across the economic spectrum – from individuals who cannot afford to even drive to work, to small business having to scale back on employment to stay afloat, to charities, school buses, and law enforcement, all being forced to reduce the vital services they offer their communities.

“When three in four Americans believe that Congress should act NOW to increase our supply of American energy and eliminate our dependence on foreign, unstable sources of oil, it is unconscionable for Democrat leaders of the People’s House to continue ignoring and defying the will of those individuals we represent.  Not only is it a dereliction of duty, but it continues to jeopardize our national security and place us further in the grip of OPEC nations who have no compulsion to act in the best interest of American citizens.

“Republicans have offered bill after bill that would facilitate an ‘all of the above’ approach to America’s energy policy, and would begin to allow responsible drilling in America’s vast energy reserves currently being kept under federal lock and key.  I applaud the 17 Democrats who joined Republicans in voting against the Adjournment Resolution today and thereby calling on Democrat leadership to allow an up-or-down vote on legislation that would address the number one concern of the American people and actually help to bring down gas prices.

“I look forward to joining my colleagues who are choosing to stand firm and demand a fair vote on energy legislation on behalf of the American people.”

Congress narrowly passed an adjournment resolution on Friday, August 1st, by a vote of 213-212, without a single Republican voting in the affirmative, and 17 Democrats voting with Republicans to keep Congress in session until it helps to address the energy crisis being felt by hundreds of millions of hardworking Americans.

Congressman Franks is serving his third term in the U.S. House of Representatives, and is a member of the Committee on Armed Services, Strategic Forces Subcommittee, Military Readiness Subcommittee, Committee on the Judiciary, and is Ranking Member on the Constitution Subcommittee.


  1. Doesn’t Trent Franks own an oil company?

  2. SonoranSam says

    If Mr. Franks is going to whine about “deriliction of duty,” a couple of questions arise:

    1. Were the Senate Republicans “derilict” when they REPEATEDLY blocked votes on an energy bill? If Mr. Franks is so concerned about inaction, why did he support their obstructionism?

    2. If he’s following the Republican (I’m sorry; am I violating any copyrights?) line by demanding that Democrats immediately return to Washington, shouldn’t he be demanding that McCain return to the Senate Floor, where he hasn’t been seen since April, even though he’s collecting his Senate salary. By the way, I’m OK with him including Obama in such a call to action, and I think Obama would be too.

    What’s good for the Goose….

  3. taxkiller says

    No, he USED to own an oil drilling set up with his brother in Texas until they got sued and had an outstanding judgment against them. This goy couldn’t even get oil out of the ground when there was all you could throw your arms around.

    What exactly has he done for the cities of the west valley? Not much as far as I can see…

  4. Trent, your race has as much excitement as vegetable lasagna. Please don’t post anything else.

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