Press Release: Bouie Endorsed by Arizona Republic

For Immediate Release: August 30, 2008
Contact: Tony Bouie, (623) 551-7557

Arizona Republic Endorses Bouie

(Anthem, AZ) – The Arizona Republic, Arizona’s leading and most influential newspaper, has endorsed Tony Bouie for State Representative in District 6.

“The Republic recommends…Tony Bouie…as…most in tune with District 6 and traditional Republican values in the GOP primary on Tuesday.” (The Arizona Republic 8‐30‐08).

“The Arizona Republic is the newspaper everyone turns to for information,” said Bouie. “It is an honor to receive their endorsement. I am sure this will make a difference in the minds of voters in LD 6.”

Bouie is the Chairman and CEO of Halo Cups, Inc. He holds a MBA from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University, a bachelor’s in media arts and masters in Language Reading and Culture from the University of Arizona. He played football and baseball at the University of Arizona before he went on to play in the NFL for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for four seasons. He is married to a former school teacher, Allison, and they have two daughters, Natalie, 3 and Eboni, 1.

More information about Tony Bouie can be found at 


  1. GlendaleGOP says

    Typical of the Republic. They describe Bouie as “untruthful” and endorse him. I guess we know what they’re looking for in a candidate.

  2. The Republic is looking for open borders candidates. Nevermind this fraud has a $250,000+ bankruptcy amd a foreclosure to his (non)credit. I’m sure he appreciates SA’s continued support, however.

  3. Posting a press release does not constitute support nor opposition to a candidate.

  4. ConservativeOne says

    Keep kicking butt Bouie! In several days you will deal another defeat to the win-less Carl Seel.

  5. Double Decaf Latte says

    There has to bbe a district in rural South Dakota taht Carl Seel could move to and be elected. If not south Dakota…maybe North Dakota.

  6. The Arizona Republic endorses Sam Crump. Sam Crump endorses Carl Seel specifically because Tony Bouie is a liar. I think I will stick with the Sam Crump endorsement which came in much earlier and actually has credibility with conservative voters.

    The Republic knows Bouie, unlike Seel, actually has had a foreclosure with an accompanying quarter million dollar bankruptcy. I believe Seel will wear this Repulsive Bouie endorsement as another big badge of honor. Way to go Seel! The Republic is pushing a known liar and deadbeat in Bouie. See you victory night! Bouie has attended his second and last Republican district meeting. Where was Mrs. Bouie at LD-6 Candidate Forum night? Oh yeah, she stayed away in shame. Good idea.

  7. If Bouie is a known liar and the Republic still endorsed him over Seel, they must really think Seel is unworthy to be an elected official. Poor Seel!

  8. Regardless of what the repulsive thinks..bouie is out of our hair in 3 days.

    Why didn’t the rinos recruit a real candidate? How can you like his politics when he doesn’t have any? Why all the viriol over Mr. 11%? If a platform Republican, Seel, isn’t good enough for you, why not just stay neutral? Really.

  9. You may be right. We will see Tuesday night when the voters will have decided.

  10. Look at their overall endorsements. WakeUp supporters were almost unanimously endorsed. That should confirm where Bouie would be on the employer sanctions issue.

  11. Since Crump has received money from the open borders (LaVecke) croud and now he has been endorsed by the liberal Republic, that proves he is a RHINO!

  12. Crump endorsed Seel. They are now a team. Seel is a RHINO!

  13. Nice try Jaime! Bouie received those endorsements because those many organizations and elected officials think he is much more qualified than Mr. Seel. On Tuesday, I think the LD-6 voters will agree!

  14. makes me wish I was still living in LD6 – wait I own land up there – can I vote – I mean land ownership should be worth at least one vote – hahahahahahahah

  15. Clubbed Seel says

    Seel Fans, why are you knocking Bouie’s past domestic debts? Weren’t you the same crowd who forgave Pearce’s past domestic violence?

  16. It is philosophically, morally and spiritually impossible to be “Pro-Life” while simultaneously being a part of a discussion about an NRA SEEL supporter snuffing out the life of Bouie or one of his supporters.
    HERE IS AN EXAMPLE of the HATE-SPEAK that goes on in the SEEL camp.

    From the August 23 LIGHTHOUSE BLOG:

    Posted by: Barry R. | 23 August 2008 at 04:02 PM:

    Any word on Tony Bouie supporters challenging the National Rifle Association?

    Posted by: Lighthouse Keeper | 23 August 2008 at 04:32 PM:

    I am unaware of any challenge to the NRA, but Bouie’s supporters best not screw around with people who shoot things for fun. 🙂 ___________________________________________
    Sorry to catch you Barry R. – How many guys with your pseudonym have been recently posting on the I Hate Bouie blogs? The statistical probability is 0% chance that there are more “outraged” Barry R.s lurking around.

    As for the AZRTL insider that runs the Lighthouse Blog……even YOU don’t qualify to be considered “Pro-Life”. You’re advocating SHOOTING innocent people.

    How do you justify this kind of talk? It’s OK to talk about “MURDER” if it’s an abortion but violence/murder is “FAIR PLAY” if it keeps Bouie out of office?

    You make me sick.

  17. Precinct Committeeman says

    I guess you can be critical of one person making some stupid statements. But, when the Bouie camp calls all his opponents white supremacists or racists or crazies – then you have a real problem that has nothing to do with the NRA buddies, or lunatic fringe, or even the tongue-in-cheek comments – you have a racist motive for saying such things. Coming from the only minority in this contest, the racial overtones are serious issues to any thinking individual. That you don’t address them, tells us a lot about you.

  18. I understand that it is impossible for those within the SEEL camp to comprehend things that 99.9% of other people can….but just for a moment…..try.

    I can’t speak for the author of that letter (Tony Bouie’s wife) and I wouldn’t even try.

    I doubt any us know what venom, maybe even threats (see my post #16 above – threatening to shoot Bouie supporters), that came her way over the summer. Just like the owner of this blog has said, the “hate” had taken a turn for the worst. Just reading these blogs (SA is tame compared to others – thank you DSW) show what hatred/evil the SEEL camp is full of. The snakes were out in force, leading up to the LD-6 meeting last week. We all can stipulate that.

    All I can offer is what my family, friends and neighbors can agree to. It is this…..

    1. During this primary campaign, We’ve heard numerous references to slavery made by Carl SEEL – when talking about Tony Bouie. He has repeatedly likened illegal immigration to slavery and has completely ignored the horrible acts committed by slave owners – over hundreds of years! That is something my children wouldn’t do. They know better. In February, SEEL was even thrown off the AZ House floor because he ranted on and on about slavery and illegal immigrants. This shows that SEEL is either WOEFULLY un/under educated and/or he’s INTENTIONALLY distorting history to serve his selfish goals. We’ll bet it’s both.

    2. I listened to a Minuteman radio show less than a year ago – hosted by Carl Seel and Chris Simcox. They were talking and laughing about needing more “public lynchings”. I’ve never heard anyone else in my life laugh or talk about such things. When I told my friends they couldn’t believe it – but figured the Minuteman group was like that.

    3. We’ve received several racist mailers in the mailbox that were “Paid for by Carl Seel in o8”. My neighbors and friends were repulsed, like me. The fact that this, family man/minuteman/church guy does not have enough sense to stop his soul from crossing the “racist” lines speaks volumes about him.

    4. I am aware, as are my neighbors and friends, that the anti-immigration rallies and related organized groups harbor racist ideals and sentiment-although they deny that.

    5. They also frequently affiliate with known white supremacists – all in the name of securing the border. The White Knights are part of the “Close the border crowd” (ALL of the rest of us are the “Open Borders crowd in SEEL-speak) but are accepted to promote “the cause”. We don’t even need to get into the JT Ready (a Precinct Committeeman like you – from LD-18) Russell Pearce issue here. Give a point to us for the mention though.

    Ask yourself this……Would it be OK to spend night after night in a Strip Bar if there was a Bible study for the “ladies” after work to which the male patrons were also invited? Didn’t think so.

  19. Hello, PC?

  20. GlendaleGOP says

    Bob, you’re an ass. So if no one responds to you, its to their credit. Like pearls before swine it must be a sin to waste time on someone with your relative intellect.

  21. nightcrawler says


    Where is this Strip Bar ? Sounds like fun.
    Is Horst the proprietor ? (Just kidding Horst, don’t get excited, oops I mean angry).

  22. G-town GOP,

    Tell your other personality, PCman, hello.

    The only pearls I cast before the SA readers (they aren’t swine) are pearls of wisdom.

    I stand by the “issues” in my way too long post. I have company, lots of it.

    Too funny nightcrawler.

  23. Well I have to admit Bob in DV, you are a jerk, so please excuse me if I don’t respond to you. Like giving pearls to swine, it is a sin to waste time to even read your comments.


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