Press Release: Author Michael Zak to Speak at ASU

College Republicans at ASU to Host Nationally Renowned Republican Author and Historian Michael Zak

For Immediate Release: February 13, 2008
Contact: T.J. Shope, (520) 560-6541

Tempe, February 12, 2008- The Arizona Federation of College Republicans, in conjunction with the College Republicans at Arizona State University, is proud to present Republican author and historian Michael Zak at Arizona State University.

Michael Zak is the author of Back to Basics for the Republican Party, the acclaimed history of the GOP from the civil rights perspective.  Mr. Zak emphasizes the fact that the Grand Old Party was established by anti-slavery activists, to oppose the pro-slavery policies of the Democrats.

Mr. Zak will be speaking on Thursday, February 14th, at 5pm in Discovery Hall 250.  “It’s really great that he’ll be here to educate our organization,” said AZFCR Chairman T.J. Shope.  “I look forward to hearing what he has to say and learning more about who we are as Republicans.”

ABOUT US: The Arizona Federation of College Republicans have over 5,000 members state wide at chapters at Arizona State University-Tempe Campus, the University of Arizona, Northern Arizona University, Arizona State University-West Campus, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and Grand Canyon University.  For more information about meeting times at the various chapters please contact State Chairman T.J. Shope at


  1. Oh God, this hoary old tripe again? The parties of 1865 were not the same as the parties of 2008.

    I wonder if Mr. Zak will have an explanation on how the old Dixiecrats scuttled off to the Republican party when Kennedy and Johnson let them know they were no longer welcome.

  2. What Terrifies Michael Zak?

    Michael Zak, pseudo-”historian”, is afraid of a very simple question:

    In the context of 20th century US politics, what is the “southern strategy”, what was it used for, and which party employed it?

    Zak likes to reach back into 19th-century American history for examples of how Republicans are the friends and protectors of minorities. But he’s afraid to discuss the recent history of the Republican party — especially the southern strategy.

    How do I know he’s afraid of the question? Every time I post the question to Zak’s site, he deletes it. It’s obviously waaaaaaaaay too scary for him.

    Gotta wonder why. What kind of “historian” doesn’t want to talk about history?

  3. Maybe Zak will discuss Bill Clinton bringing the Democrat party back to its Southern Democrat roots. What Slick Willie said about Obama is a disgrace. Jim Crow seems alive and well and voting for Clinton.

    Our leftie friends will tell us its only racism when Republicans do it.

  4. So, just going to ignore all the segregationists heading over to the GOP, Chad?

    And I’ll go your comments about Clinton one further: what Shaheen in New Hampshire said about Obama was a disgrace, what Bob Kerrey said about Obama was a disgrace, and it’s why Obama’s going to win the primary and why he’s going to win the presidency (and why I’m not supporting the Clintons). The old way of doing things, of setting American against American is over.

    Obama’s going to be the one to make it happen.

  5. I just wanted to thank you guys for putting this on the blog. The event was great and Mr. Zak spoke for about 40 minutes on our nation’s founding and how we can keep our Republic as close to what it was intended to be as possible by promoting our Republican ideals. Thanks again.

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