Presidential election IS tightening

     Take a look at the Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll. The October 29th poll showed McCain within 3 points of Obama. Just 3 days before Obama was up by 8 points. Not predicting a win or anything but this election is not over.


  1. Until I see movement in the state polls I will still think this election is over.

    With Obama up big in NM, IA, and CO plus the Kerry states from 2004, that is enough to win the White House right there. So I am not holding my breath.
    Lets just focus on legislative house seats and making sure Shadegg doesn’t blow it

  2. SonoranSam says

    I hate to rub salt in wounds, but if you’re talk about “tightening polls,” you really ought to note that Obama is within two points of McCain in AZ, according to Bruce Merill…..

  3. It gets better Sam…

    McCain’s robocalling in Arizona! That is priceless.

    Go check the site Talking Points Memo – hilarity.

  4. SonoranSam says

    Actually I got the call, since I’m a registered independent. Obama “wants to give civil rights to terrorists.


  5. kralmajales says


    I am still making calls for Obama. If he wins this state, you all need to just shut down.

  6. GOP Boomer Gal says

    It’s the country that will be shutting down.

  7. GOP Boomer Gal Say–That is an inane comment.

  8. Dream on, boys…. dream on.

  9. Antifederalist says

    Historically, polls seem to tighten as the election date nears. This is nothing new. A better indication of how the election will turn out is earlier polls. Those show Obama up over McCain. I’ve been saying for months that NObama would win. I’ve also said that NObamas win is because McLame is a moderate who can’t inspire the party. In contrast, NObama is an extreme liberal who DOES excite his base. This was the key to Reagan’s victory as well. We need to deep 6 the moderates in the Republican Party because they’ll vote for a hard core conservative and so will moderate Dims. Until we throw the moderates out of leadership, we’ll continue to lose, just like we did in `06, just like we will in `08.

  10. Anti,
    Your comment flies in the face of history and has no credibility. Look carefully at the politics of those Republican Candidates that lost Republican dominated Districts in 2006. Randy Graf comes to mind along with a few others.

  11. I now remember why I stop reading the comments on this blog…and then stopped reading the blog itself.

  12. Antifederalist says

    I like Randy Graf. I donated to his campaign. However, Graf was criticized for being a 1-issue candidate, and I don’t think his campaign manager’s past helped Randy’s cause. Randy’s election alone doesn’t make your point, but Reagan’s blowout certainly makes mine. Also, witness the Republicans loss of control of the New Jersey legislature. The Republicans were criticized as actng just like Democrats, so, the voters tossed them out and hired REAL Dims. Behold Congress’ dismal approval ratings in `06. The Republicans acted like moderates, spending WORSE than drunken sailors. The voters didn’t like the luke-warm “conservatism” and threw them out. Republicans did not come out fighting after their loss in `06. In fact, Congressional Republicans put the usual suspects right back into leadership positions and they even did their best to stiffle their fellow conservative critics. Now, Republicans are going to get their little rear ends beat BADLY because of their milquetoast dedication to conservative principles.

    Sorry, Dolly, it’s YOU who can’t make your case. YOU have no credibility. YOU do not have history on your side. I’ve provided more examples than you have. I accept the challenge. Throw more examples at me.

    Here’s more:
    I worked on Mike Sodrel’s campaign in `06. He’s a decent conservative, RSC member, and was endorsed by Mike Pence (I can’t explain Rep. Pence’s crazy endorsement of Tony Bouie, please, forgive him). Sadly, Sodrel too lost. I think Chris Chocola, another good conservative, lost too. I agree with you, voters did take their aggression out on some of the wrong targets, while certifiable moderate idiots, like former Approps Chairm Jerry Lewis, the guy who OK’d all of the moderates’ spending, got reelected. No one ever accused the masses of brilliance. Yet some of the freshmen winners in `06 were Bill Sali and Michelle Bachman, again, decent conservatives. It’s not merely the conservatism of an individual candidate that will save the candidate or the party. Rather, it is the bent of the Party that will save individual candidates, if the candidates also adhere to party principles. Hence, I reiterate, when moderates are in control of the party, conservatives lose interest and stay home.

    At the state level, I clearly remember Deb Gullet (a McLame tool), RINO scum, exclaiming, when she thought she lost her race, “I guess I was too liberal”. And we just saw a post on SA heralding all the wins by conservatives in the primary. Again, moderates generate no excitement. Conservatives do, just like extreme liberals do. If we want to save this party, we have to shove the moderates into the back seat and tell them to shut up, sit down, and enjoy the ride. If we don’t, the Republican Party won’t last much longer.

    PLEASE, Dolly, prove me wrong. Tell me something that I haven’t heard before. Hey, if I’m under a false impression, I’d rather be rid of it…but I seriously doubt that I am.

  13. Antifederalist,

    I would think that Palin *does* appeal to conservatives and that would excite them to vote for her and McCain.

    BTW, today’s Rasmussen has the gap at 5 points again. I don’t think either of these moves is meaningful. If you go to Rasmussen’s site, one of the things they say is remarkable is how stable this race has been over the past month, unlike previous presidential elections which showed greater swings.

    I would think that most, if not nearly all, white undecided voters would go for McCain. But that still may only move him up 2 points because there aren’t many of them left.

    We have neither peace or prosperity. I don’t think there’s anyone who would dispute that. It would be very hard for any incumbent party to win.

  14. Um, Reagan’s “blowout” (two, I’d say) were 24 and 28 years ago. So it doesn’t prove anything now. This is a completely different world.

    You conservatives are so much like liberals in the late ’60s and 1970s. You can’t see how much everything has changed and that the old coalition is dead.

    The more liberals clung to the past and moved left, the worse they did with the electorate. Like you, they believed their problem was they were too moderate. They refused to face the facts that it was no longer 1940 or 1960.

    Reagan didn’t repeal the liberal New Deal or even the Great Society; he merely stopped it from expanding. (Even after decades of conservative Republican dominance, we still have Medicare and Medicaid from 1965.)

    If Obama is elected, he will not roll back the Reagan revolution any more than Reagan rolled back FDR’s revolution.

    Part of the problem with being a conservative today is that Reagan’s revolution was successful and it’s ingrained in the system.

    It’s time for a change – again.

    It’s the end of an era. You can see it every day in the economic statistics and news.

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