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It’s becoming quite clear where the 2008 Presidential Election is going at this time. Now that the GOP has all but made it official that the nominee will be Senator John McCain, I’m really going to go out on the proverbial limb and predict that the next President will be Barak Obama.

Now before you go criticizing me for trying to start a rainstorm on the McCain parade, let me ask you if you’ve been watching the Obama rallies? There is more excitement, inspiration, motivation, energy and overall resolve on behalf of the Democrats to elect someone completely new and outside the Potomac beltway. The first term-senator from Illinois represents this not just to the Dems but to those wanting something other than another 4-8 years of Clinton. (Americans are tired of the 20 years of Bush-Clinton-Bush.)

That’s not to say that Clinton doesn’t hold the admiration of longtime Dems. I predicted some time ago that she’ll be on the ticket just not as President. Hillary is straining to make campaign budget comittments and major donors are pulling out as they see the writing on the wall but they’ll keep her in the game because they believe she deserves some proximity to the Executive branch. But ultimately, they want a new beginning and the only way they can get there is by electing someone who represents new energy and charisma.

Just like in 1996, the head of the Republican ticket is settled and the perception is not just that the GOP is nominating someone who knows the ropes – a real insider – but someone who has fractured and de-energized the party. This will be the fatal flaw for Senator McCain as someone from the past meets someone for the future. Its a hard sale for the GOP to contrast the “wise elder” against the energy of a Kennedy’esque candidate like Obama. John McCain has found himself in the most critical battle of his political life and many will wonder if he can endure. I don’t think he can and the polls reflect that.

As the economy continues to decline, be prepared to revisit shades of the ’92 slogan, “It’s the economy stupid” as Americans continue to lose hope that anyone representing the past can really solve their troubled times. Much of Mike Huckabee’s message of economic populism has hit home with these voters – a preclude to times ahead? Economic stimulus rebate checks will hit soon but it won’t be enough to make a difference and many voters will see it as a buy-off by a Congress and President approaching single-digit approval ratings.

This fall, Americans will choose between a party divider and a party uniter, old blood vs new blood, aged vs. energy, cynicism vs. inspiration. Republicans have all but made their choice official while Democrats close in on combining their ticket. Yes, I’ll be voting for the GOP nominee like many of you but I’m afraid our vote won’t be enough to overcome the momentum building among people who believe this is their time especially during times like these.


  1. I don’t deny there is a definite movement. We should all be prepared to work, and work hard, to overcome what could be the most liberal of Senators in the White House.

    Obama does well in the caucus states and not as well in the primary states. The Bradley effect could be part of it, but I think it is something more. It is very cool to be an Obama supporter, kind of exhilarating. So when people are looking, go Obama. It is a vote for a possibility not a reality. When it is the real deal, in the privacy of the voting booth, will the novelty be enough?

    How long before a critical mass of voters ask, change to what?

  2. Just to nitpick (sorry): It’s “Barack” not “Barak.” Just thought you should know how to spell the probable president’s first name 😉

  3. I keep hoping that Obama will be forced to talk about what he would actually do as President. I think that would be a reality check for a lot of people.

    Also, there is the “born alive abortion” controversy from the IL Senate that obviously won’t surface in the Dem debates, but will have to be discussed at some point in the general campaign. I think even a lot of pro-choicers would be horrified. Then again, I think McCain has pledged not to go negative vs. Obama.

  4. Ann I agree with you. The only time you’ll get a more confused look than when you ask an Obama supporter where their candidate stands on the issues is when you ask Senator Clinton to name one accomplishment for each year she has been in politics (if her math is correct, that’s 35 things she should be able to rattle off).
    Hopefully voters will start asking some questions. When they get answers, even though they may not like them, at least they will no its truthful, unlike anything that comes from the dem party.

  5. nightcrawler says

    I envision a Clintonian theft of the Democratic nomination by the backdoor hijack of super delegates from Florida and Michigan. The result will be an anti-Hillary backlash in which droves of disenfranchised black and young voters cross over to vote for McCain in protest.
    Slick Willie is in the shadows at work as I type.

  6. I posted at length about the blue meltdown scenario nightcrawler describes which has very real possibilities. Sometimes the Democrats are the GOP’s best friends as they cut their own heads off.

    DSW’s post is excellent. The election has been laid at the Dems feet gift wrapped for the taking. If they nominate Obama, DSW is right and this thing is over. McCain has no chance against Obama.

    However, this super delegate bull**** allows the blue machine to usurp the will of its people and ram a candidate down their throats. If they do, the outrage will rip the party to pieces. McCain waltzes into office.

    I would anticipate those at this blog experience at least some relief from the developments. Hillary does not win this thing. She loses. The Dems choose whether she falls in September or November.

    If the Democrats lose in November, they deserve to lose.

    Not sure about the confusion over Obama’s positions and platform. His web site has content devoted to over a dozen issues as well as a 64 page document that can be downloaded for free. It offers more detail than what I’ve seen from anyone else running.

  7. Arizona’s premier conservative political blog. Ae you kiddimg me with titles like this??? Do you hate McCain so bad you are supporting Obama now? Since you seem to be so wise in this situation, I would think you and all the other R’s like you would see that you need to stop McCain bashing get behind him and help build this party. They are getting excited and we’re fighting amounst ourselves. Maybe the pundits should give it a rest

  8. Bad prediction. Obama is still a kid, wet behind the ears, and he has avoided taking positions on lots of stuff. You don’t get to do that as the nominee. I think he will be tougher to beat than Clinton, but McCain beats both of them. Just talking about hope and change and change and hope might fool Democrat primary voters for a while, but not a whole country for a year.

  9. Tim S.

    Your blindness is staggering. You have no grasp of what DSW sees.

    Just bury your head in the sand and pretend he has no web site, no 64 page blueprint, and no momentum. You dismiss a force now eating Hillary Clinton for breakfast. If Dems grant permission to dine, McCain is dinner.

  10. Whether it is Hillary or Obama, the Republican wins. fro all the allure that Obama brings to the Democratic presidential primary race, the reality is that both of the candidates have very similar positions. Compare and contrast with the major issues and the reality factor will set in. Obama as the commander in Chief – I don’t think so. Obama standing up against Iran and Al quaida – I don’t think so.
    While the press may not want to present the realities of the world and its dangers, this contest will.

    Then there is the issue of the Supreme Court. The next president will select at least one if not there new justices. all we need to do is remind people that Obama supports partial birth abortion, opposed the born-alive infants protection act, and we may once again energize the base.

    Finally do not discount that fact that the Latino population is not going to be excited about Obama. Reaching out to Latino voters and reminding them that the Republican party promotes family and economic values will be attractive to them, if done properly. After all they share a lot more with the values of the Republican plank than with the Democrats. They simply need to be reminded.

    Finally those conservatives who simply hate McCain have to ask if allowing the Democrat to pick one, two or three justices which will further erode our constitutional protections is a fair trade for not supporting McCain. Can we look at the unborn children and tell them that we sat out this election and let the slaughter continue because we had some issues with the Republican nominee who wasn’t perfect. I remember last year when everyone was telling me that it would be Giuliani against Hillary. Thy told me that it was all over. I told them that they were wrong an that the Republican nominee would be a committed pro-life candidate.
    Now I will agree that McCain has his work cut out for him. It will be a contest. But on the issues, we win. On the experience, we win. On the commander-in-chief issue, we win. Obamma is beating Hillary because on the Democratic sider, it is about fluff and dreams, and feelings. he reminds me of the pie in the sky philosophy student who buys into Berkeley and Hume. That is until the teacher drops the book on his hand or closes the door in his face.

    so get ready for an interesting year.

  11. gone fishin' says

    Amnesty McCain is hell bent on creating 15 million new democrats. If Barak is murder, mccain is suicide. Shadegg can’t have all the marbles so he quits. The Party is fine, it’s those we work to elect that keep screwing us.

  12. John Jakubczyk said:

    “Finally do not discount that fact that the Latino population is not going to be excited about Obama. Reaching out to Latino voters and reminding them that the Republican party promotes family and economic values will be attractive to them, if done properly. After all they share a lot more with the values of the Republican plank than with the Democrats. They simply need to be reminded.”

    I doubt that very much. Latinos are trending Democratic, not because of our candidates, but because of the rhetoric of many Republicans about immigration. Now McCain is moderate on immigration, and may appeal to some Latinos, but other Republicans will be making noise about immigration and building walls and deporting workers and punishing good Samaritans. That will turn Latinos off.

    And I reject the premise Latinos will not vote for a black man. There are several black Congressman from New Jersey, New York, and California that depend on Latino constituencies to get elected. And Obama carried a majority of Latinos in Virginia.

  13. ld6grassroot says

    Deport Illegals! Build the fence! Punish good samaritan illegals! Take back our sovereignty! If the feds. won’t do it, then accomplish all we can state by state!!

  14. They tooook our jobs!!

    *rolls eyes*


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