Prescott update.

Bruce Ash won the election for Republican National Committeeman from Arizona. 

State Executive Meeting update – The diner last night was very low-key. No long speeches but a nice toast to Randy for his service as committeeman over the past few years. The two candidates for committeeman were there but were not actively campaigning. 

The meeting starts at 9:00 am and should be over by noon. We will post results as soon as possible. The meeting is expected to be pretty quiet. Some people are waiting for a push against Randy’s leadership but I do not expect that will get very far and will probably not even happen. Randy enjoys strong support from his staff and from the other officers of the state party. Stay tuned.


  1. What was the final tally?

  2. Strong support from the staff? I see that from Mecum and the other guy… they follow him around like lost puppies.

    The Yellow Sheet reported that the finance director just quit. Hopefully Ash will be able to bring in someone to take her place.

  3. They don’t need Ash to do their work. It is interesting to listen to the rumor mill salted with info from the McSprouls.

    Don’t forget that their fundraising is more than was raised during the same time period two years ago and their small donor contributions has quadrupled in the last few weeks. THe only problem was their beginning balance – obviously not their fault – and the unwillingness of the Congressional Delegation to do fundraising for the Party. And they’re still ahead of normal.

    The Repugnant and the Spitoon are not to be believed in any area. If you have questions, call McCaffrey and ask him. He actually shows up at the office and is working for the Party, not spending his time selling out to the Governor while only looking out for his own personal future like we had last year.

    PS: Remember that the last guy who sold us out was personally hand-picked by our U.S. Senators.

  4. Congratulations to Bruce Ash; this is GREAT news. He is a great Republican and will do a wonderful job for our party and our state.

  5. Congratulations to our new National Committeeman, Bruce Ash. (3 to 1 margin of victory). Thank you, as well to Bill Bridwell, a perfect gentleman and gracious runner-up.
    Linda White, Secretary, AZGOP

  6. I heard that Bridwell was funny and a real class act. Good to hear that! It will be nice to have Goldwater, Ash and Bridwell all on board the team!

  7. It’s no rumor, GOP PK. The Finance Director really did quit. There’s a Help Wanted sign posted on the door of AZGOP. Seriously.

    I’m not sure what rumors you’re thinking of in your post. Care to explain?

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