Pregnant women in AZ making 133% of the federal poverty level get free healthcare

This is ridiculous. Current AZ law provides that pregnant women who earn up to 133% of the federal poverty level receive free healthcare for their pregnancies – paid for by the rest of us taxpayers. That’s right, if you make $18,200/yr, you can get pregnant and require everyone else to pay for the costs of having a baby.

Now Republican state senator Barbara Leff wants to increase that limit to 185% of the federal poverty level! And an editorial in the AZ Daily Star criticizes the state legislature for trying to keep this increase down to 150% of the federal poverty level:

“The Legislature and Governor Napolitano must realize how vital this coverage is to our state and raise the income limit as high as possible.”

Huh? Why not just raise the income limit to infinity? That’s what they want, socialized medicine. Whatever happened to responsibility? You get pregnant, you take care of yourself and your family. Apparently now you don’t even need to be “poor” anymore to force taxpayers to pay for your pregnancy. Republicans should not be supporting an increase to force taxpayers to pay for middle class pregnancies. This is socialism at its worst.


  1. Now Sen. Leff isn’t pure enough for you guys. We already have Mark DeSimone, a D in LD11… Do you ever contact people to try to find out what they are thinking when they make a proposal like this before you post or do you just make your interpretation and let it ride?

  2. Ted – Do you realize how absurdly low the ‘federal poverty level’ is set?

    Maybe you don’t think that a family income of $18,200 is low, even for a family of 2 (mom and child).

    Try living on that while paying for healthcare for even a simple, no-complications, pregnancy (estimated at more than $6800).

    Better taxpayer funded insurance and care during the pregnancy, ensuring a healthy baby and mother, than taxpayer-funded desperate ER care afterward.

    BTW – How old are you? $18,200 per year hasn’t been ‘middle class’ for many decades. LOL

  3. Frank Soto says

    This was satire, right? Do you have any idea how much MORE it will cost tax payers to NOT provide health care for this baby and it’s mother?

    I love the “take responsibility” argument here. How exactly can the baby take responsibility? Isn’t it innocent?

    This is the most near sided uninformed argument I have seen on this site. For people that claim to believe in supply side/”trickle down” economics, you have totally missed the boat on this one.

  4. Just Curious says

    I have to agree with all of the previous comments on this one.

  5. SonoranSam says

    Have no fear, people….there will be a health care on the 2008 ballot designed to provide affordable healthcare to all children.

  6. I don’t understand why the taxpayer has to foot the WHOLE bill. Everybody should have to pay SOMETHING, even if it’s $1 an office visit, and some part of the hospital bill, so there will be some sense of responsibility.

    I’ve seen moms on AHCCSS who have cell phones, and get picked up by their boyfriends in their SUVs to leave the hospital; bring in the most fancy clothes and toys for their babies, etc.

    Helping is one thing; taking away every shred of responsibility is another. I’ve seen moms at age 23 with their 5th pregancy; 5th father, and the taxpayers footing the bill. Sorry, this is wrong.

  7. Frank Soto says

    I think the response Donna is that it’s not about the parent’s responsibility, it’s about the CHILD. The parent’s are absolutely irresponsible a lot of times, but that does not mean that the child should be punished. A lot of these parents just don’t “get it” (ask any CPS caseworker), and I think sometimes we just have to be pragmatic and say while it is bad to basically allow the parents to get away with being irresponsible, society cares more about these children and attempting to mitigate any future health problems that the state will have to pay for in the future because they received poor health care as well.

  8. Donna paints a picture that is too often true. In my former life I had patients who did not have the 50 cents for the AHCCCS co-pay, but bought a soda and bag of chips from the vending machine in the lobby. Very young women with multiple pregnancies who, when asked, said because welfare doesn’t pay for abortions. The depths of that answer cannot possibly be addressed in this forum. Yes, it is very wrong.

    There are women who obviously become pregnant under less than perfect circumstances. But as a solid pro-life believer I cannot object to helping care for the unborn child whose birth mother may have poor judgment but the child had no choice. The long term health of the child, the intellectual development, all of this will be our bigger burden if the mother does not receive care. The premise of the post is incorrect, while the pregnant woman is receiving care it is for the benefit of the child that it is needed. I, for one, am willing to have my tax dollars care for the child in spite of the mother.

    A question that should be asked is where is the father? The woman carries the child but it takes more than an egg to produce a baby. Paternity acknowledgment would not be such a bad idea. The mother cannot hide her part but the man hides behind his gender based ability to be a silent partner.

  9. Ann:

    We really do pay attention to you.

    That’s why I have to wonder if you’ve had more lives than a cat. You have said on various posts that you have been in the upper echelons of politics, in the media, and are knowledgeable regarding professional makeup application. I’ve been hoping you worked with Julia Child or Martha Stewart, since chef and decorating skills would give you just the right balance. Now it turns out that you’ve kept the best part of your resume tucked away all along until revealing (above) in your “former life” you’ve “had patients!”

    Dr. Ann….I’m proud to know you–and you—and you–and you.

  10. Oh Ajo, since my out of town trip was delayed a bit, I will respond. Perhaps I’m just old….but the truth is many of the things you recall are not a mix of separate events or experiences but a result of the whole. It is amazing the amount of experience one can get if they ever leave their computer desk!

    You really haven’t paid as close attention as you think or you would have known of my medical experience from other Right to Life posts. Retired after 20 years, thank you. But, I am quite a cook and am told my home is lovely, and my flower arrangements can be very nice, too. So, I guess I am balanced after all. Did I tell you I can change my own oil?

    Nice to know you, too Joe.

  11. And I mix up a near prize winning kettle of true Texas chili. Simmer my own dry beans, stir up the best spice mixture west of the Pecos and use cubed sirloin instead of ground beef! Even put out red and white checkered paper napkins. One thing I won’t touch is an iron!

    Not knocking you, Annie. Just wondered how you could accomplish so much in one lifetime.


  12. Your chili sound great! I guess I just am blessed to have had some real adventures and probably said yes sometimes when I should have said no.

    I’ll be out now for a few days, so carry on!

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