Predictions 2010

I love watching the predictions heading into the new year. For you Horizon watchers, here is the video clip of predictions by local political reporters that aired on December 18th.

Here are my quick picks for 2010:

  1. JD Hayworth enters the race against John McCain and stuns the establishment with his ability to raise money.
  2. Janet Napolitano “resigns” before January 20th.
  3. The two traditionally financed gubernatorial candidates drop out of the race when Dean Martin finally enters the race and begins to “suck the oxygen out of the room.”

Now, it’s your turn to agree, disagree or make your own!


  1. 1. With your first one…JD is more likely in my opinion to jump into the house race against mitchell. JD still has old campaign debt and 8 months to raise cash to compete against mccain who has $20 million on hand. I know everyone here says money doesn’t win elections or it isn’t everything and it isn’t everything but it is important and 2 mill for jd won’t do much anything against mccain…

    2. With J-No I guess we will find out in 3 weeks..I would say in the next year she resigns but she isn’t going anywhere for a while…

    3.I think martin jumps in the race and people like Parker and Munger get out but Brewer isn’t going anywhere… I think dean martin can win the nomination and the governors race against goddard.

  2. When the traditionally funded candidates can’t raise money, they will switch to Clean Elections. Except Munger, who may decide not to eat crow and just drop out.

    Be careful what you wish for, you might get it.

  3. JD won’t get in because of the money. Money he’ll lose in his job and money he’d be behind McCain.

    Nappy will be gone but not in January. Her gaffes are typical with her now but on this, the system worked how it is set up to. A pat down wouldn’t have found anything. She’ll rebound by mandating the see through xray machines in all major airports.

    Martin gets in but his age and lack of plan will show quickly and won’t be a major factor by summer. Parker won’t get enough $5 to qualify.

  4. 1. JD Hayworth has never been anti-establishment only anti-Obama/anti-Democrat. He will tease anti-McCain republicans until closer to August and then will throw his support to Chris Simcox.

    2. I think Janet Napolitano will keep her position until the end of 2010.

    3. While I think Dean Martin is the best of all Republican candidates due to his proven history of truth telling (and of course his lack of cheer leading for higher taxes like a certain other presumed Republican candidate) the other Republican candidates will stay in the race for several more months.

  5. 1. JD will make a big SPLASH entering the race a destroy McCain.
    2. Who cares as long as she stays out of AZ
    3. Hell yes!

  6. I hope you can see the future. I like all of your predictions.

  7. Sarka Scarpulla says

    1.JD Hayworth enters the race.. I hope so. Then we can all be reminded of the Foghorn Leghorn blowhard, no substance, talking point wanna-be populist tea bagger he really is (in his own mind.
    2.Janet Napolitano “resigns” …. don’t think so. Obama won’t ask her to go, he hasn’t forgotten her early support and won’t yank the rug.
    3.The two traditionally financed gubernatorial candidates drop out… I hope not. We don’t need an jug headed neo-con neophyte leading our State now.

    I have to give Martin a measure of credit though. If I had lost my wife and newborn mid-year, I would still be a basket case. He went back to work after a week. Methinks there will be a price to pay for that. Or he will re-marry before the primary; ya know, family values and all that.

  8. 2010 Prediction. The UAW will Bankrupt Ford, just like the did GM and Chrysler.

  9. The GOP loses seats in both the state house and senate.

  10. As to DSW

    1. JD will not enter the race.
    2. Napolitano will last out the year at the very least.
    3. Either Jordan or Munger will stay in the race if Martin enters. If Martin wins the nomination he will lose the general.

  11. More predictions:

    The Governor and the Legislature will not fix the 2010 state budget problem, nor will they fix the impending 2011 state budget problem.
    Almost all of the incumbents in the Legisature will get reelected.

  12. 1. J.D. enters the race, wins the primary, and McCain pulls a Joe Lieberman and runs either as an Independent.

    2. Nappy might “hang on” due to her personal credentials but she’ll be in the same “limbo” as Joe Biden and others will in effect, run her office.

    3. Martin, due to his experience and ability to competently handle a several diverse offices, should be a favorite to obtain the gubernatorial nomination, but one never knows!

    I’ll go out on a limb and predict Dean goes as Steve Berman would say “All the Waaaaaay!”

  13. Political Novice says

    1. J.D. will continue to bellow.

    2. Napolitano is out, it’s only a matter of time.

    3. Martin learns early on that he is going to be a loser by running on tradition funds. The people in the meantime get turned off by Martin’s repeated “I know a lot of stuff” sound bytes and realize that the dough boy has no real solutions for Arizona’s budget deficit.

  14. Political Novice:

    From what I gather, Martin is advocated the primary use of spending cuts for the budget.

    Given his past record, he just might take that approach when in office (although I must concede that this is a rarity with establishment GOPPERS at any level of government)

    What would be your solution?

    Begging the Feds for stimulus money and raising sales and property taxes?

    We’ve already saddled with a ninth floor mentality trodding down those avenues!

  15. Carlist,

    Don’t pay attention to Political Novice if you look at their posts on the recent Vernon Parker press release its quite obvious that they work for Brewer. Not even worth your time.

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