Predict the Republic’s Next Headline

Looking back over the last week, readers of The Arizona Republic will find an assortment of headlines predicting the end of life as we know it here in Arizona. Apparently The Republic believes that a Governor Brewer will usher in the Dark Ages as Republicans take complete control of the state.

Here are the headlines and links as they have appeared over the last few days:

Wednesday, November 26th – “Governor change could shift state’s climate policies”

Tuesday, November 25th – “Uneasiness grows over how Brewer might cut budget”

Monday, November 24th – “School-funding setbacks feared if gov. leaves.” [Changed to] “Napolitano advanced cause of education: Some foresee political setbacks for school funding if governor leaves”

Sunday, November 23rd – “With possible departure, Brewer in spotlight Expected to become governor, she has charted conservative, practical course”

We want to open it up to our readers to predict The Republic’s next headlines.


  1. Thanksgiving Day headline:

    “Republican becomes governor. Women and children hit hardest.”

  2. “Jan Brewer Named Luxembourg Ambassador”

  3. Feds fear new US-Mexico border fence will trap pollutants in Arizona

  4. Thank God Napolitano is outta here says

    “Incoming Brewer administration: vital services stripped to poor and helpless”

  5. “Jan Brewer will cancel Christmas: Legislature searching Donner’s cave for Rudolph”

  6. Budget suddenly in huge mess. Republicans cut funding for poor and Republicans spend too much!

    If only our beloved Janet were here, this would not be happening!

  7. Ouija Board Shows Natural Disasters Will Result From Brewer’s Sudden Switch To Right.

  8. James Davidson says

    Governor goes to Washington: Building boom starts, State takes bids on 50-feet fence, outlaws 51-feet ladders, Capitol Mall commissions pro-America 9/11 memorial

  9. “I Can See Mexico From My House!” Napolitano Touts Qualifications

  10. Clay Milfeld says

    Republicans decide to buy their way out of budget crisis

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